A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


21. 21

Gabriel landed in an alleyway and both Knowna and Toads tried to catch their breath and while Knowna recovered quickly, Toads had to hold himself up on the edge of a dumpster and looked up at Gabriel (with dread) and panted, “Don’ that....again.” Knowa tried to suppress herself from laughing as Gabriel rolled his shoulders, looked innocent and replied, “Sorry.” When Toads recovered he stood up, straightened his jacket and said, “Now if you excuse me, I’m going to try to get us a hotel room without hacking into their computer system.” Knowna spoke, “We will wait here, take all the time you need.” Gabriel looked a little puzzled (as well as Toads) as Toads turned and left the alley.  Knowna immediately reached out to the files Gabriel is holding, but Gabriel is faster and pulled them away from her grasp and asked, “Why so eager?” Knowna looked frustrated and replied, “That may hold the answers to who my parents were moron.  Now give me the files!” She reached for them again but Gabriel pulled them over his head and Knowna tried to jump up and grab them, only they were to far from her reach and she yelped angrily, “Hey!  Give them to me!” Gabriel smirked and said, “I think it is wiser if you don’t jump up and down like a child.” Knowna glared at him and he looked from her to the outside of the alley and when she looked in his direction she noticed some people were looking at them either with puzzled expressions or confusion.  Knowna yelled, “What are you looking at!” The pedestrians scattered and continued with their business while Knowna looked back at Gabriel and transformed into the human version of herself in street clothes.  Gabriel spoke, “Maybe it will be better if I read them.” Knowna continued to glare at him and stated, “You either give me those files, or....” Gabriel looked somber and cut in, “Knowna please....” Suddenly Knowna shoved Gabriel’s back to the wall and grasped the front of his suit and yelled, “Gabriel!  If you love me you will give me those files, now!” Gabriel replied, “As I was going to say.  Let us wait till we get a room first.” Knowna looked frustrated till she glanced around and noticed her surroundings.  Knowna then stood back and straightened herself to look presentable, as well as Gabriel, when Toads reappeared and said (while controlling his anxiety), “I got us the rooms.” He looked at both of them with an odd expression and asked, “Have I missed something?” Knowna and Gabriel looked at him coldly as Gabriel replied, “No.” And in a flash, Gabriel wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt and gave his suit to Toads before walking out of the alley way.


    The door opened in a decent hotel room and Gabriel and Knowna walked in as Gabriel looked satisfied while Knowna looked disgusted.  Toads rolled his eyes and sighed, “Now what.” Knowna replied, “There are no lights.  How are we supposed to see at night?” Gabriel replied, “I guess we will have to go to bed earlier than normal.” Toads looked frustrated (nonetheless) and spoke, “It's the cheapest one around and inconspicuous.  Otherwise it is back in the alley way.” Before Knowna can speak Gabriel waved his hand and said, “Its fine Toads, we’ll make do till tomorrow.” Toads made a single nod before closing the door behind him as he left.  Knowna turned to Gabriel and glared at him as Gabriel looked disappointed and sighed.  Knowna broke the short silence when she said, “Now, give me...” Gabriel tossed the tied up files at her and Knowna barely caught them, as she was caught off guard, and Gabriel spoke, “Here, since there is no way of stopping you from getting them I might as well give them to you.” Knowna ran a hand across the top of the dark brown colored folder and looked as if she longed for it and Gabriel said, “I will leave you alone while I go clean myself up.  Take your time.” He grabbed a small suitcase Toads left behind, before he left, and went into the small bathroom before closing the door leaving Knowna alone in the small living room.  The room is deathly quiet as Knowna stood there for a few moments till, without leaving her eyes from the files, she sat in the chair closest to her and set the bundle of files on the table in front of her before pulling out the rubber band holding them together.  The silence is broken by the sound of the shower, in the bathroom, but the sound did not pull Knowna’s attention away as she took a deep breath and pulled the top file folder closest to her before pulling the folder cover away to reveal the first, loose page inside.


    Gabriel exited the bathroom with a dark blue robe on, as he finished showering, and saw Knowna silently sitting at the table as the sun began to set.  Gabriel looked at her with a worried expression as Knowna continued to stare on the last page of the last file and he asked, “Did you find what you are looking for?” Knowna continued to stare at the same page and Gabriel stepped towards her and asked, “Knowna?” Knowna replied somberly, “Yes.  You knew, didn’t you?” Gabriel remained calm and replied, “I looked through them using my vision, before I snatched them away from Kendrick.” Knowna looked frustrated and Gabriel prepared himself for Knowna going to yell at him, but instead she gave a deep sigh and said, “Thank You, for not telling me.” Gabriel was able to cover his surprise to Knowna’s reaction and asked, “Do you know who your parents are?” Knowna replied (still somber), “Yes.  I also know once the woman gave birth to me, she and my FATHER experimented on me like a fucking lab rat and did this.” Gabriel asked, “Are you sure you are ready to confront them?” Knowna looked at him, as if he is stupid, and asked, “You really want to ask me that?” Gabriel looked at her, innocently, and replied with his hands raised, “Just making sure you know what you are getting yourself into.” Knowna looked away and scowled as Gabriel continued, “What do you want to do about them?” Knowna kept looking away (as if lost in thought) for a few moments and Gabriel asked again, “Knowna?” Knowna replied in a monotone voice, “We’ll talk about it in the morning.” Gabriel opened the door to the bedroom and said, “Whenever you are ready.  I am going to bed.” In the same tone Knowna replied, “I will be there.” Gabriel looked concerned but went to bed, nonetheless, where after he fell sound asleep, Knowna came to the bedroom, went to bed as well, and curled up as she faced away from Gabriel concealing her eyes as veins appeared within them due to her shear anger towards her parents.

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