A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


20. 20

Gabriel flew low till they reached their destination and set Knowna down on a catwalk over open tanks with different colored liquids bubbling beneath them.  They looked ahead and saw a mobile office building with a figure rummaging through a desk and Knowna and Gabriel approached the building quickly but quietly.  They reached the door to the building as the figure still rummaged through the desk and Gabriel stood before the door when suddenly it flew open and a soldier in black body armor appeared right in front of him with his rifle drawn.  On instinct, Gabriel grabbed the soldier’s hand and rifle with one hand and yanked the soldier out as he flew and landed hard on the catwalk behind Gabriel as he screamed when suddenly Toads landed and crushed the soldier’s skull beneath his feet and there was uttered silence.  There was a smash sound and when Gabriel looked inside he saw part of the wall behind the desk blown out and Kendrick started running away.  Before Kendrick knew it he was kicked in the back, by Knowna, knocking him flat on the catwalk as the tied up file folder flew and landed in front of him.  Kendrick cringed in anger as he looked back at Knowna and said, “You know Knowna I was starting to like you, ever since you became the perfect spy!” Knowna replied (with furious anger), “You’re demented Kendrick.  What do you know about my parents?” Kendrick pulled out his side arm, hidden beneath his uniform, as a blue bolt of energy flew at Knowna.  Gabriel immediately stood right in front of Knowna, as the bolt of energy bounced off him, and Toads tongue wrapped around Kendrick’s side arm and yanked it from his hand and  let it fall into one of the open chemical tanks below.  Gabriel then grabbed Kendrick by the collar and lifted him up with only his right hand till Kendrick surprised Gabriel by pulling out a pepper spy right in front of Gabriel’s eyes and shot a jet of that liquid at point blank range as Gabriel screamed in agony and let Kendrick go as he turned away and kneeled.  Knowna and Toads rushed at Kendrick, only for Kendrick to cover his mouth and closed his eyes before smashing the device that sprayed the pepper spray and created a fog like cloud around them.  As Knowna and Toads coughed and their eyes watered Kendrick immediately grabbed the file and continued to run away. 


    Knowna stumbled out of the fog and whipped her eyes (as her vision is blurry) till her eyes cleared normally and she saw Kendrick running towards a jet powered vehicle angling towards the sky.  Once she regained her breath she started running after Kendrick with Toads following behind her (once he cleared the pepper spray fog as well) and she yelled, “Give me that file!” Kendrick pulled out a small, round, metal device from his belt and he turned and threw it straight at Knowna (as if it were a baseball) and she saw it flying straight towards her with a red light flashing on top and she dodged to the left only for it to explode and shine a bright, white light that blinded her while Toads continued running, as if it did not affect him, and ran past Knowna.  Before Kendrick could react, Toads jumped and kicked Kendrick in the chest, sending him flying and falling onto his back as he lost his grip on the files he had on his hands and they fell on the walkway behind him.  When the light vanished, Knowna opened her eyes and saw Toads standing before Kendrick as Kendrick stood up, smiled and said, “Looks like I...” Suddenly he was hit by a bolt of blue light and he stumbled back as he was repeatedly hit to Toads surprise.  Knowna ran towards Kendrick as she fired a side arm (that looks just like Kendrick’s) but is having little affect on Kendrick as he stumbled back from the hits till after four shots Knowna threw the pistol away to her right and slid on the walkway between Kendrick’s feet while grabbing onto his left leg as he tried to punch her and she spun around and pulled his leg from beneath him, forcing him to fall forward onto the walkway.  Kendrick then flipped over (as he grabbed the file on the walkway at the same time) and kicked Knowna across the face, forcing her to fall on her back, as Kendrick quickly stood up and brought his right boot down towards Knowna’s face.  Knowna immediately rolled to her right and Kendrick’s boot slammed onto the walkway, creating a metal footprint dent where his boot struck, as Knowna rolled up onto her feet as she crouched ready to fight.  Kendrick cringed in anger and asked, “You think you can defeat me woman?” Knowna glanced to her left and saw Toads leaning against the railing and she asked, “Are you going to join in?” Toads pulled out a green apple and replied, “No, I think you can handle this.” He then began to eat the apple as Kendrick smirked and said, “Unfortunately I have more important matters to attend to you freaks.” He crossed his hands in front of him and pressed something hidden beneath his left cufflink of his jacket and dematerialized when suddenly someone flew right past him from behind and the file that was in Kendrick’s hands disappeared and he looked shocked as he saw Gabriel standing behind Raven with the file in his left hand as he waved it at him, smirking, and Kendrick screamed, “NOOOOO!” In anger till he disappeared.  Once Kendrick disappeared Gabriel looked at the file curiously and said, “I guess something in here must be important since he is angry that I took it from him.” Knowna looked at him as if he was stupid and replied to his comment, “No kidding Sherlock.”  She then looked at the chemical tanks below her with disgust and said, “Let’s get out of here before I end up puking in one them.” She then looked up at Toads, as he continued to eat his apple, and spoke aloud, “And stop eating!” Toads sarcastically flapped his lips (as if he is speaking) as Knowna glared at him and he tossed what’s left of his apple behind him as it fell into one of the tanks below.  Gabriel smirked and he spoke, “Couldn’t agree with you more.  After all it is unhealthy to spend too much time around these toxins.” And in a blink of an eye he grabbed both Knowna and Toads and flew straight up into the air.

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