A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


2. 2

That night the ramp closed as Gabriel walked up, carrying a large crate over his right shoulder and set it down just as the ramp closed.  He then grabbed a towel that laid on a metal fuel drum and dabbed his hair and face, not noticing a female shaped dark figure with yellow eyes hidden behind a pile of grey plastic crates.  Gabriel grabbed a bottle of water next to him and began to drink as the female, with yellow eyes, black short cropped hair, and dark green scaled skin, approached Gabriel from behind silently as she revealed a dagger from behind her back.  She continued to creep up behind Gabriel as he drank and relaxed and just when she was directly behind him she gripped the dagger tightly and suddenly raised the dagger (silently) and thrusted it down towards the small of Gabriel’s back.


    Just as she thrusted the dagger down her hand was grabbed from the front and stopped her as she looked shocked and noticed in a blink of an eye, Gabriel is looking and facing directly at her.  She tried to resist his grip but found (to her hidden shock) that she could not break her hand free and felt as if it was being clutched by a hand of stone statue.  Gabriel smirked as she grunted trying to break free and he said, “Now that’s not honorable, stabbing someone in the back.” The female replied (as she still tried to break free), “Says the military leader of the Valkyrie Empire!” Gabriel frowns and says, “Yes, that was once who I was.  I suggest you leave before...” There was a sound of door to his right opening and heard a husky male voice said aloud, “Well look at this couple!  Are they a perfect pair!” Gabriel and the female looked and saw the same three large men from earlier appearing and stood in front of the doorway with the one in the middle holding an energy based pistol while the two on the sides carrying what appears to be cattle prods.  The lead man said, “Well honey, if you are here to kill him and collect the bounty then you are wrong because he is ours and we can do whatever we want till the price is right.” The female said, “I’m not doing it for the bounty, I’m doing this because I have no choice.” The lead man replied as he aimed his pistol at her, “Then you understand I have no choice either.” To the woman’s shock Gabriel let her go and stood in front of her with his hands open in a welcoming manner as he looked extremely calm and said, “Captain Von, let her leave peacefully.  If you kill her then what is to say no one will come to find her and me.” The woman held a firm grip on the dagger as she held it to her right side when Von replied angrily, “You fool I’m the captain of this ship and I....” In a blink of an eye the two men with cattle prods were thrown back and struck the bulkhead behind the captain as they slumped onto the deck, knocked out, and Gabriel is right in front of the woman again but this time holding both the cattle prods before dropping them onto the deck.


    Captain Von and the woman looked at Gabriel shocked as they couldn’t believe what has just happened.  Gabriel looked sternly at Von and said, “Captain, there are some things I have been keeping from you since I woke up from coma.  One of them is I am able to move faster than the speed of light.” Von looked at Gabriel now terrified as he shook where he stood and Gabriel continued, “If you wish to keep your dignity intact not see what else I can do I suggest you let us both go and be on our way.” Von is so shell shocked that he did not reply immediately as Gabriel smirked at him while the woman behind Gabriel was also stunned and she let her dagger clattered onto the deck as she let go.

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