A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


19. 19

In an almost desert like landscape, there is a series of manufacturing plants and warehouses that are teaming with workers, forklifts and large container trucks driving from and to the mini city except one portion of this small city is deserted.  In this deserted part of the manufacturing/warehouse city, A hispanic female maintenance worker, in blue coveralls, walked up to a large warehouse with the number 275 labeled on the top wall before walking over to the left side of the warehouse and climbed up a set of stairs to look through one of the side windows.  As the maintenance worker looked through the window she saw an assembly line of unmanned drones being produced and a small group of men stood at the end, as if waiting, till a tall man with jet black hair and wearing a black uniform appeared and the group of men stood at attention as one of them called out, “Evening Lt. Colonel Kendrick!” The maintenance worker looked a little surprised as she watched and listened through her right earpiece as Kendrick spoke, “Evening gentlemen.  It has been a pleasure doing business with all of you!” A grey, furry faced officer spoke in a threatening tone, “These drones better be reliable.” Kendrick glared at him and replied, “I assure you they are Major Flar.  When was the last time the weapons I have provided with all of you were not reliable?” There was dead silence as the maintenance worker continued to listen through the open window when a voice called out, “Hey!  What are you doing up here?” The maintenance worker looked to her left and saw a black body armored soldier with an assault rifle aiming at the maintenance worker and she stepped back with her hands raised as she looked frightened and yelped, “Woo!  I’m here to fix one of the overhead lights!  I’m not armed! Please don’t....” The worker began to cry and the soldier looked both irritated and ashamed and said, “Alright, alright, come here so I can search you!” The worker walked over with her hands raised as her body shivered with fear (while in the meantime, Lt. Colonel Kendrick and the others were looking up at her) and when she stood in front of the soldier she smiled as he bent over to search and kneed him in the face.  She then flipped him over onto his back and kicked him in the face (knocking him out) and all of a sudden Kendrick pointed at her yelled, “KILL HER!” The maintenance worker looked at Lt. Colonel Kendrick as she transformed into the lizard like version of Knowna as the officers (attending the meeting with Kendrick) drew their side arms.  She then begins running down the catwalk as the officers fired after her, blowing apart the windows behind and around her, as she covered her face as glass rained down on top and around her till it stopped and she looked up she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a soldier standing in front of her with an automatic rifle pointing directly at her face.


    A long gated tongue wrapped around the soldier’s throat, as the soldier grabbed it, and the soldier is throttled back and thrown overhead of Toads as the he released his tongue and the soldier fell away from the walkway.  Lt. Colonel Kendrick  cringed in anger and screamed, “KNOWNA!” Knowna and Toads turned to see the colonel and the other officers pointing their side arms at them and the colonel yelled, “Any last words?” Toads yelled back, “Yeah!  You’re fucked!” At that moment there was a large explosion as the energy cells (for the drones) behind the two rolls of assembly lines behind the colonel exploded.    The six men raised their hands before the blue and yellow light as they screamed only to vanish in the explosions multi-colored flames and debris as Kendrick hit the deck hard on his chest.  In unison, the machines and energy cells (that the machines were installing on the drones) began exploding along both the assembly lines as Kendrick looked back with an angry expression on his face and said, “Damn.” He ran towards the back as Knowna chased after him (ignoring Toads as she shoved past him) and snatched the machine gun (that the previous soldier dropped as he was thrown back by Toads) and began firing after Kendrick through the windows, sending glass flying into the burning/exploding assembly building/warehouse.  As she fired, though, she either missed or Kendrick dodged her fire when suddenly she heard the sound of boot falls on the grates and she stopped firing and looked ahead to see more black clad armored soldiers blocking her way with their automatic rifles pointed at her.  Kendrick stopped running and looked up at Knowna with a furious rage and he screamed, “KILL HER, NOW!” Suddenly a blast of water struck the soldiers and were either thrown on their backs or fell of the walkway to the concrete ground below and Knowna looked back to see Toads shooting water from a firehose at the soldiers and he began laughing.  Knowna began to laugh as well only to be cut short when there is a series of explosions from the front of the building and working its way back as the drones began to explode and the walkway shook from the repeated violent explosions.  Knowna, the remaining soldiers on the walkway and Toads (as he was also trying to maintain control of the fire hose) grabbed onto the railing to keep steady as the walkway wavered and shook from the explosions.  As Kendrick covered his head and ducked from the flying/falling debris there was a large explosion and part of the walkway fell apart and four soldiers fell three stories to the concrete ground below screaming all the way down.  The rest of the soldiers fell against the building brick wall as well as Toads (as the fire hose fell from his grip as the water was cut off and dangled against the side of the building) while Knowna fell against the railing to her left and the railing broke away (to her surprise) and she fell. 


    At the last moment she grabbed the edge of the walkway and dangled in the air.  She struggled to pull herself up and she looked in Kendrick’s direction and saw him exiting the back of the building.  As Knowna struggled to maintain her hold Toads tried to reach out to her and he yelled, “Grab hold!” Knowna reached out to him when all of a sudden a metal pole fell on her finger tips and her hands accidentally let go and she fell as she gasped in shock.  Suddenly something grabbed her and snatched her away as she fell and she wrapped her arms around the person’s shoulders holding on.  When she looked at who it was she saw Gabriel in his suit ( he wore when he saved her from Metallica) and Gabriel smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry Knowna, I got you.” Knowna looked at him irritated and said, “I’m getting tired of you rescuing me all the time.” Gabriel laughed as he flew down while all around them workers from nearby construction yards gathered and one of the large, tall cranes, close to the burning building, broke apart and began to fall towards Knowna and Gabriel as one of the support beams melted from the intense heat.


    Gabriel and Knowna looked up and saw the crane falling down towards them as Knowna looked surprised and Gabriel changed direction and flew straight up and caught the falling crane with his right hand while holding Knowna with his left around her waist.  The workers below them clapped and cheered as Gabriel moved the crane away from them to them to the right effortlessly as Knowna looked down then at him with irritation and said, “Show off.” As Gabriel smirked.  He gently lowered the crane down to the ground as he set Knowna down when all of a sudden a soldier pointed an automatic rifle at the back of his head and yelled, “Don’t move big boy!” Five more soldiers appeared from the crowd of workers as they shouted and stood back as they were forced or moved away with Kendrick walking ahead of the soldiers and stopped before Gabriel and Knowna.  He smirked at them as Knowna glared at him with her hands raised while Gabriel stood and looked back at him expressionless and Kendrick exclaimed, “I have to say you do possess the power of the gods!  Only your weakness is you care about these people that are beneath you!” Gabriel smirked and said, “Says a talking Cherry top.” Kendrick’s face grew red as he cringed in anger and yelled, “Idiot!  Let’s see if you could withstand a full burst of bullets at the back of your head!  Kill him!”  Before the soldier could pull the trigger, a long gated tongue wrapped around the soldier’s rifle and ripped it out of his hands as the soldiers looked back and saw the rifle fly away as the tongue retracted back to Toads mouth.  Gabriel turned and kicked the unsuspected soldier in the mid-section and he flew and smashed through a crate before his back slammed up against the metal wall of one of the buildings and bounced off unconscious as he yelped in shock.  The soldiers tried to take aim at both Gabriel, Toads and Knowna as some of them began shooting at Gabriel, but Gabriel dodged the incoming bullets in lightening speed and ran up to one soldier, knocked the rifle out of his hands and kicked him across the face knocking him out and kicked another in the mid-section sending him flying back as he screamed and bounced off the metal wall of another building before falling to the ground unconscious.  As the soldiers fired at Toads he jumped off the railing of the walkway and kicked two soldiers in the chest as he landed on top of them, threw out his tongue, grabbed one soldier by the throat and threw to the right, knocking another soldier down to the ground.  In the meantime Gabriel Continued to run at lightening speed and he punched another soldier in the face and knocked him out before kicking the rifle of another soldier’s hands so hard that it shattered to pieces right before their eyes and Gabriel punched the same soldier in the throat, making him gasp for air, as he grabbed his own throat before Gabriel kicked him in the groin and flew high up in the air.  The last soldier aimed at Gabriel’s back but before he knew it Knowna was right behind him and kicked the soldier in the back, forcing him to fall (as Knowna grabbed onto his shoulders), flipped over him and just as he was about to hit the ground Knowna spun around and kicked him in the face, sending him sprawling onto his back unconscious.  Gabriel turned to face Kendrick (as the soldier that flew into the air fell and smashed through a crate behind him and made a groaning sound as he laid motionless) and saw a large handgun with a blue energy cartridge pointed directly at his face.   Kendrick looked on at him angrily and asked, “You don’t know when to give up do you?” Gabriel replied blatantly, “No.” Kendrick fired his gun but in a flash Gabriel dodged the shot and kicked Kendrick in the chest and flew back losing the grip on his gun as he fell on the ground hard. 


    Kendrick groaned as he tried to get up and Gabriel asked, “Ready for a world of pain?” Kendrick replied (grudgingly), “Not yet.” He pulled back the sleeve over his right wrist revealing a small wrist band with a single button on it and Kendrick pressed it and before Gabriel’s eyes Kendrick dematerialized.  Gabriel sighed and said, “Damn.” The workers around Gabriel looked around in shock and awe till someone clapped and Gabriel looked back to see Knowna leaning against the wrecked crane as she clapped and said, “Nice performance.” Gabriel smirked and said, “At least I left some for both of you.” Toads stood by him and spoke sarcastically, “Which is very curtesy of you.” Knowna added, “Even though you can obviously take care of them yourself.” Toads asked, “Can you see where Kendrick disappeared to?” Gabriel looked around, using his X-ray vision, till he stopped as he looked past Knowna’s left shoulder and said, “He’s not too far from us, about five miles away.” Gabriel then looked at Knowna, smirked, and asked, “Mind if I carry you again?” Knowna sighed and asked, “Do I have a choice?” Gabriel glanced at Toads and replied, “Or Toads can carry you.” Toads gave a nerdy smile at Knowna but she gave a disgusted look at him and she immediately went to Gabriel and wrapped her arms around him and replied, “You carry me.” Toads gave a sarcastic hurtful expression and Gabriel picked her up and flew away as Toads began making high leaps in their direction leaving the workers and local police looking up at them in awe.

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