A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


18. 18

“Bull crap!” They were all in a hotel room as Toads looked at Gabriel, shocked, as Knowna looked at him angrily and she said, “My thought exactly.” Gabriel lowered his hands, as if to calm them down, and he replied, “I know it sounds unorthodox, but if they are using the same devices that were able to detect Knowna, then she cannot be alone.” Knowna spoke through her gritted teeth, “I can take care of myself.” Gabriel replied, “I know, but we must be prepared.  I’m sure, by now, Kendrick is taking all the necessary precautions in case you show up again.” Toads sighed and said, “I think he does have a point.” Gabriel smirked at Toads and said, “Thank You.” Toads glared at him and replied, “Only because we have no other choice.” Gabriel looked at Knowna and asked, “Well?” Knowna took a deep breath, as she still looks upset, and replied, “Fine.  What will you be doing in the meantime?” Gabriel replied, “Same as before, only this time I will not be able to give you proper cover with a rifle due to the flammable materials surrounding the place.  Instead I will just watch you and fly in if you are both cornered.” Knowna looked at him now with ease and said, “At least something we can both agree on.” Toads spoke, “I’ll get the car ready.” He walked out of the room, leaving both Knowna and Gabriel alone, and when he closed the door behind him Knowna immediately walked up to Gabriel and forced a kiss, as Gabriel let her have her way, and he wrapped his arms around her and embraced Knowna as she held his head with both her hands and Gabriel began to French kiss as well.  


    Knowna moaned as she cringed (as if in pain) and Gabriel stopped kissing her and looked concerned and asked, “Is something wrong?” Knowna breathed heavily and replied, “You control....your urges.  I could.....barely....breath.” Gabriel gave a sorrowful look as he looked away from Knowna’s face and said, “Sorry, sometimes it’s very difficult.” Knowna replied, “I know that feeling.  Hey?” She touched his left cheek and he looked back at her, as she tried to comfort him, and said, “That is why we need to stick together.” Gabriel asked, “So you agree with me that we should be together?” Knowna replied, “After what happened at the conference, yes.  You need someone to watch over you, because people like us tend to lose their way and either get caught or worst, killed.  Plus, we are now fugitives according to the eyes of the Zhargosia Republic.  That is why we must stick together, in order to survive.” Gabriel asked, “What about Toads?” Knowna replied, “Toads can carry his own weight.  I know.” Gabriel spoke, “Then lets find out, before he decides to leave without us.” They broke their embrace and Knowna transformed from her lizard form to an older blond woman, wearing a black and white fur coat, as she and Gabriel let their hotel room and as they walked Gabriel asked, “Since you agree with me that we should stick together, will you m....” Knowna looked over her left shoulder with an angry expression and cut Gabriel off, “No!” Before looking back ahead and Gabriel smirked as he followed her into the elevator.

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