A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


17. 17

Later that night, at Goon Industries Headquarters, Kendrick walked inside and past the reception desk as a guard looked up, noticed Kendrick before snapping to attention and said, “Evening sir.” Kendrick nodded grimly and gave a grunt as he continued till he reached one of the elevators, pressed the up button and when the doors opened he boarded.  The elevator went up till it reached the 15th floor and stopped and a female voice said, “Retinal scan to proceed.” A small glass appeared on the elevator number panel and Kendrick bent over and looked at it with his right eye, as it is scanned, and the same female voice said, “Thank You Lt. Colonel Kendrick, have a nice day.” Kendrick stood and continued to look grimly as the elevator continued moving up till it reached the 35th floor.  The elevator doors opened and Kendrick stepped out, past an empty desk and went up a spiral staircase till he reached the top and transformed into the lizard form of Knowna.  As she entered an office that read, “Aldrich Goon-CEO.” Gabriel’s voice came through an earpiece in Knowna’s right ear and he spoke, “You’re all clear.  Try not to make too much noise.” Knowna sighed and rolled her eyes before she went behind Goon’s desk and began looking through all the drawers and files within.  Knowna said, “Nothing in the drawers.” She checked the various papers on his desk and after a few moments said, “Nothing.” Gabriel calmly spoke, “Then there has to be a hidden vault.” Knowna looked around and noticed a large painting on the wall behind the desk that depicted Goon standing upright with his hands on his hips and looking up to his right with a look of confidence and Gabriel stated, “He definitely loves himself.” Knowna pulled the left corner of the painting’s frame and the painting swung open to reveal a fingerprint reader behind it.  Knowna put her thumb on the fingerprint reader, as it transformed into Goon’s thumb, and the hidden vault size door swung open.


    Knowna stepped inside and opened the first slide out board in the vault to reveal blueprints of a UAV.  Knowna spoke, “It looks like they are also trying to develop an unmanned drone that can deliver chemical and biological weapons without being detected.” Gabriel spoke, “It seems Kendrick has stepped up from counter espionage to bio-terrorism.” Knowna pulled out an earpiece from her left ear and faced it at the blueprints before pressing a small button on the side to take pictures.  Knowna stated, “Tell Toads if he made this camera any smaller I wouldn’t be able to take ANY pictures.” Gabriel replied, “I’ll be sure to tell him that.” She closed the slide and opened another slide out board to show files in see-through holders labeled Weapons Test and Experimental Research as well as blueprints for the CSD (Counter Spy Device).  She pulled out the Weapons Test folder and set it on the small table to the side and took pictures of each page before putting it back and she repeated to the Experimental Research folder before putting it away and closing the slide out board.  She then transformed back into Kendrick and walked out of the vault and closed it before leaving Goon’s office and, like walking into the building, she left without anyone stopping her.  Kendrick turned left and continued walking till he reached the parking lot and saw Gabriel and Toads were standing next to a car, waiting for him, and he approached.  Toads spoke first as he asked, “Did you get everything?” Kendrick transformed into the human form of Knowna and replied, “Yes, and more.” Gabriel spoke, “Then before we begin may I suggest we leave before their security sees us.” Knowna replied, “Couldn’t agree more.” They all got in the car and drove off into the darkness as Goon Headquarters remained undisturbed as if they did not suffered a security breach.

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