A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


16. 16

Outside the same apartment they left earlier, Gabriel landed on the balcony and set Knowna down as she stood back to catch her breath.  Gabriel asked calmly, “Who was that, your old boyfriend?” Knowna transformed to her human form wearing street clothes as she looked up at Gabriel and scowled at him as she replied, “Yes as a matter of fact he was pretty boy.  I don’t know why Trevor Latter was their, but at least he is not in league with Kendrick or Troka.” Gabriel looked a little confused and asked, “Who is Troka?” Knowna replied, “The Chancellor.  He and Kendrick are selling devices that could detect spies within other peoples private military organizations and according to the schematics he showed on the slideshow, they are virtually foolproof and cannot be manufactured by anyone else besides Kendrick.  If these devices were ever to reach into the hands of corrupt private military or black ops organizations their respective governments and the United Star Systems would have no way of knowing what’s going on, nor what they are planning to do in the near future.” Gabriel asked, “Do you have the location of where they are building and stocking these devices?” Knowna replied, “No, but I got the location of Goon Industries Headquarters, as they are the suppliers.” Gabriel sighed and said, “Well that’s a start.” He and Knowna went inside as Knowna closed the patio doors behind her as Gabriel  picked up the phone and asked, “Room Service?” Suddenly the doors bursted open and two men in suits entered the room with their guns drawn and pointed at both Gabriel and Knowna as one of them yelled, “Put the phone down!  Hands up where we can see them!” Gabriel hung up the phone, gently, and he and Knowna raised their hands.  One of the suited men looked behind them with eyes wide open when he said, “What the...” The patio glass doors behind Knowna and Gabriel smashed inwards and Gabriel and Knowna ducked from the flying glass as Toads flew in the room (with his feet out) and kicked both the suited men hard in the chests as Toads slammed both of them onto their backs, as he landed, and knocked both of the suited men out.  


    Gabriel and Knowna looked back up and Gabriel smirked and spoke as if greeting Toads, “Toads, nice of you to join us!” Toads looked at Gabriel, scowled at him and replied, “Took me longer than expected to follow you since you fly like a bullet.” He then looked back down at the unconscious men and said, “I’ll take care of these two.  In the meantime I suggest you two get ready for our next mission, whatever it is.” Knowna looked at him, as if he is crazy, and spoke aloud, “Toads this room is still under the officer we apprehended last night!  More of those men are probably in the hotel and on their way up here at this very moment!” Toads gathered the two men on both of his shoulders and replied, “Don’t worry, while your boyfriend was saving your ass I watched as this Kendrick and Troka people leave in a hurry and hacked into the security detail’s radios to find out they are not interested on coming back to find both of you for now.  Unfortunately for these two they were not told of what happened at the conference today.” He then handed one of the security men’s wallets to Gabriel and said, “Use his ID to order anything you want to eat.  I’ll stay in the next room.” He began walking out when Gabriel called out, “Hey Toads!” Toads looked back as Gabriel continued, “Thanks.” Toads smirked and replied, “No problem.  From now on I have to get use to cleaning up you two’s mess after all.” He opened the front door and looked both sides of the hallway before he left and closed the door behind him.  Gabriel turned back to the phone, picked it up and asked, “Room Service?” Knowna was about to speak till Gabriel held up a finger and continued, “This is room 1216.  I want a Dio Quiote and two wine glasses please.  This is Captain Trill, Colonel Min’s chief security detail.  Just bring up the wine and two glasses, Thank You.” He hung up and said (as Knowna looked at him a little impressed), “I need a drink, especially what we went through today.” He and Knowna sat in a pair of soft chairs and Gabriel leaned back and closed his eyes while Knowna grabbed the remote, next to her, and turned on the tv to watch the news.  A few minutes later there is a knock on the door outside and Gabriel got up and answered it while Knowna stood up stayed away from view till Gabriel came back and closed the doors behind him as he held a bottle of wine and two glasses.  He popped the wine bottle with ease and poured himself and Knowna a glass before handing it to her and she asked (with a hint of frustration), “Now what should we drink to?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “How about still being alive?” Knowna looked as if she ignored his comment and said, “I’ll drink to that.” They toasted and Knowna (to Gabriel’s surprise as he drank with ease) downed her drink in one gulp and sat the glass down and said, “I’m taking a shower.” She walked away and transformed into her lizard form as Gabriel watched with a smirk on his face as he continued to drink the wine from his glass as he stood relaxed when he heard the shower starting.  After a few moments Knowna yelled out, “Are you going to join me or sit there sipping on your wine?” Gabriel smirked again and set his glass down before heading towards the bathroom and removing his top before he opened and the closed the bathroom door behind him.

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