A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


15. 15

It was dead silent as Knowna kept pointing Kendrick’s gun at Troka’s face, as he tried to keep a calm and cool demeanor, as he stared back at her.  It lasted only for a few moments when suddenly a middle aged man wearing  a dark purple body armor, cape and helmet appeared through the doorway, before Knowna’s eyes, and she looked up in shock and said, “Trevor?” Suddenly he stretched out his hand and the gun, Knowna was holding, yanked from her grasp and into Trevor’s as he pointed it directly at Knowna and spoke, “I’m sorry Knowna, but as long as you exist, no one is safe.” Knonwa looked shocked as Trevor pulled the trigger.  The gun exploded in Trevor’s hands, as an armor piercing bullet ripped through it, and Trevor held his trigger hand as  he yelped in pain and felt a hard pinching sensation.  A male voice yelled  in Knowna’s earpiece, loud enough to make her cringe, “MOVE!” And Knowna immediately began running down the full length of the conference table towards the window, where she sat in front of, that has only the hole where the bullet came through and blasted apart Trevor’s gun that he took from her.


    Gabriel pulled back the bolt and discharged the used round and immediately reloaded as he watched the window when suddenly he saw Knowna jumped and smashed through the window with her arms shielding her face and her legs and feet up as she fell.  Gabriel said to himself, “Shit!” And as soon as she smashed through the window and started to fall he saw a bolt of red light strike at Knowna’s right calf and she broke her stance as she fell and quickly pulled her arms up and landed hard on the stone pavement below.  Gabriel gripped the rifle so tight that the stock in his grip cracked as he watched Knowna lying on the ground motionless.  Gabriel whispered to himself with growing anger and anxiety, “Come on Knowna.  Get up!”  He starred down his scope as Knowna continued to lie still when miraculously she began to move as she struggled to get up on her feet, leaning her body towards her left.  Gabriel spoke firmly, “Knowna you need to get out of there now!”  Knowna looked about her and saw everyone was looking at her with shock and fear.  Knowna looked at a woman, close to her, with long blond hair and she transformed into the woman’s mirror image and the people surrounding her stood back from the metal, barrier fence gasping in shock.  Knowna then proceeded to limp away, not seeing Trevor gliding down behind her, as everyone behind the fence stepped back, gasped and pointed in shock while others yelled out incoherent languages when suddenly Knowna was pulled by an invisible force from her feet and fell to the ground as she yelped in pain.  Knowna tried to claw her way forward only to be dragged back as she yelped in pain and she turned and saw Trevor with his hand out towards her as she continued to cry out in pain while holding onto her wounded calf that is pulled up towards Trevor’s raised right hand.  Knowna accidentally transformed into her lizard like form and when she stopped sliding towards Trevor she grasped her leg and screamed as a red glow of energy came out of her wound and reformed into a shape of a small of bolt of red energy and hovered in front of her and Trevor.  Trevor spoke, “Sorry Knowna.  I am not the man you once knew. I am and will always be Metallica, the God of Metal and Silicon.” Knowna looked up at him with a pleading expression and pleaded, “Trevor, please.”


    Suddenly something struck Metallica and he smashed into the right entrance of the building the peace summit was held.  Knowna stood up as she and everyone else around the barrier fence looked on in shock as they saw Gabriel (wearing his blue body suit) standing before them looking in Magneto’s direction with a firm expression.  Gabriel asked, “Are you all right?” Silence and he glanced back and asked, “Knowna?” Knowna nodded her head as she came to her senses and replied, “Ye..Yes.  How....” One of the guard rails flew and struck Gabriel across the right side of his face as he cringed but stood his ground.  A metal beam then flew and smashed through the front doors and headed straight at Gabriel, only for Gabriel to stop it with his hands as the head of the beam bent in his grasp and he threw it to the side, not seeing Metallica as he flew out of the building towards Gabriel as he screamed in anger and punched Gabriel across the face knocking Gabriel to the ground.  Gabriel then punched Metallica across the face before grasping him and they both flew into the building, smashing through the interior and threw/slammed Metallica against the wall so hard that part of the stone wall collapsed around him.  A metal bench next to Metallica flew and struck Gabriel and it bent to form a semi-cage around his arms as Metallica charged/flew at Gabriel and smashed through more of the interior furniture and walls till he slammed Gabriel’s back against the far left wall of the building, breaking parts of the plaster about him.  Metallica cringed in anger and asked, “You think you can stop me?” Gabriel cringed in anger as well and yelled as the semi-cage about him blew apart from his arms and he charged/punched Metallica as he flew outside and slammed his back against the fountain (smashing it apart in the process) and slammed his back at the bottom of the fountain pool creating cracks that appeared from Metallica’s back as Gabriel held him under the water.  Metallica thrashed beneath Gabriel’s grip and tried to pull his hands away from his throat to no avail as Gabriel held Metallica down tightly till metal frame bars (where the fountain statue once stood) grabbed Gabriel around the shoulders and arms and pulled him back to his surprise.  Once the metal bars pulled him back  Metallica appeared from the pool water gasping for air before he cringed in anger and punched Gabriel in the chest and smashed through the guard rails before slamming Gabriel’s back into the side of a black cab, smashing its side doors in, as the pedestrians around them ran away from them screaming in the process.


    The metal frames and body of the car peeled out and held Gabriel’s shoulders and arms back as Metallica began punching him in the face and ribs as Gabriel grunted and cringed in pain.  When Metallica punched him again in the face, Gabriel looked unfazed and Metallica pulled his right hand back and cradled it as he yelped in pain.  In an instant, Gabriel ripped his arms free from the car and grabbed/shoved Metallica back as he flew towards the back center of the courtyard.  He then lifted Metallica into the air with his right hand and slammed his back to the stone ground, making cracks appear where Metallica hit, as Metallica gave a short cry in pain.  Gabriel screamed in anger as he brought his fist down, but Metallica flew back (between Gabriel’s feet) and Gabriel smashed his fist into the stoney ground.  Gabriel stood up and turned in Metallica’s direction and Metallica said, “If you think your brute strength and speed are a match against me, think again.” He raised both his hands and the vehicles surrounding the courtyard rose into the air and in one thrust of Magneto’s right hand (as if punching Gabriel), as he yelled in anger, the cars flew straight at Gabriel (as he stood his ground) and smashed into him forming a metal scrap ball around where he stood.  Knowna screamed, “GABRIEL!” Metallica looked disappointed before looking at Metallica and said, “You have poor choice of new friends Knowna.” Knowna looked at Metallica with a firm expression as she stood ready to fight Metallica as Metallica turned towards her and took a step towards her when all of a sudden there was a loud angry cry and Metallica looked back in amazement (as well as Knowna and everyone else) just as the metal junk ball exploded apart as Gabriel flexed his arms out.  Suddenly Gabriel charged/flew at him, grabbed hold of Metallica in the chest and flew high up into the air towards the clouds (creating a sonic boom as he flew) as the people surrounding the courtyard and buildings and Knowna looked up in amazement.  As they flew up in the air Metallica tried to break from Gabriel’s grasp as he tried to punch and kick him and Gabriel yelled (through the rushing air about them), “Let’s see how you fare against my slam dunk.” Metallica looked at him with puzzlement when suddenly he was thrusted downward and he and Gabriel began hurtling/flying straight down to the ground below. 


    Knowna raised her hand to cover her eyes from the sun as Gabriel and Metallica continued to fly higher and higher till she saw them coming straight down, making another sonic boom, with Gabriel still holding onto Metallica’s chest with Metallica’s back facing down and his cape pinned to his back or whipping towards Gabriel.  As they got closer and closer to the ground Gabriel and Metallica screamed in anger when suddenly Metallica’s back slammed into the center of the fountain, blowing the water over the edges and sending tiled and stone pieces of the bottom of the fountain flying out as the people around screamed in fright or took cover from the debris.  Knowna and the people stood in shock as some of the them began to whisper when Gabriel stood up in the center of the fountain and Knowna took a step back with a look of bewilderment.  Gabriel breathed heavily as he looked at Knowna and said, “It’s okay.” Then multiple police officers appeared from the crowd and surrounded the circle where Raven and Gabriel stood with their guns drawn and pointed at them.  Gabriel put his hand out in a stopping motion and stated calmly, “Wait.” One of the policemen behind Knowna stepped on a piece of glass and it made a loud snap noise that caused Knowna to suddenly turn in his direction and kick a piece of rubble that flew and struck the policeman’s face causing the others to open fire on Knowna.  In a blink of an eye Gabriel flew at Knowna’s direction and embraced her as he protected Knowna and the energy blasts either struck Gabriel’s back with no effect or harmlessly bounced off him as Knowna cringed in Gabriel’s embracement.  Some of the policemen ceased firing as they looked in shock and awe as the rest continued firing when the guardrails and vehicles surrounding them began to shake, move or lean towards them and everyone around the vicinity started screaming and running away as the policemen ceased firing and looked about them with bewilderment.  Gabriel then let go of Knowna as she looked up at him in shock as she saw Gabriel’s body appeared to be untouched  and Gabriel exclaimed, “Time to go!” He grabbed her and pulled her up against his side as she said (with a hint of satisfaction), “Ohh!” And Gabriel raised his right fist and looked up at the sky when he flew straight up into the air and flew away at high speed as some of the policemen and pedestrians around them gasped and looked up in shock just as Metallica rose from the waterless water fountain with his hands raised out to his sides.  As the police and other various vehicles reached the circle, including the guard rails, Metallica glided out of the fountain and landed on the ground in front of it.  He then looked about him as he searched for Knowna and Gabriel and when the police approached him with their guns raised, Metallica waved his right hand at a group of them and they were thrown off their feet and landed on the grass outside the circle as Metallica continued to walk slowly and looked about him till he stopped and sighed in disappointment.

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