A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


14. 14

The next morning, Knowna (disguised as the military officer from the night before) adjusted her tie as Gabriel appeared behind her, wearing a jump suit, and set a rifle case on the table, opened it and examined the large rifle inside and asked, “Are you ready Colonel Markov?” Knowna replied firmly, “Ready.  Does the rifle satisfy your needs in case we need to go to plan B?” Gabriel replied (with a weak chuckle), “Most definitely.” Knowna and Gabriel turned to each other and Knowna said, “Then for once Toads will be happy and we can rest from his complaining for a short while.” Gabriel smirked and replied, “We can both agree to that.” Knowna asked, “You are fully aware of the plan right?” Gabriel replied firmly, “Both the primary and secondary.” He then held both her shoulders, as if ready to embrace her, and said, “Good luck.” Knowna replied flatly, “Please, I’m use to this.” She then turned and walked towards the front door (as Gabriel closed the replaced doors behind her) and walked out as two soldiers in dress uniforms followed closely behind.  Toads appeared from below and landed onto the balcony, before walking inside, and asked, “Does that action bolt .50 Cal satisfy your needs?” Gabriel turned to him as he smirked and replied, “Perfectly.  I appreciate all the hard  work you’ve done for both of us and I’m...” Toads waved him off as he interrupted, “Don’t, please.  To me this is better than cooking burgers at the back of a food truck.” Gabriel commented, “Can’t argue with that.” He closed and picked up the rifle case and asked, “Are you ready?” Toads replied, “Yeah.” As they both stepped onto the balcony, Gabriel flew away in a blink of an eye while Toads jumped high onto the roof of the hotel and watched the motorcade below and outside the entrance.


    Knowna (disguised as Colonel Markov) followed the rest of other high ranking military officials and dignitaries downstairs and through the hotel lobby to the motorcade, entered her assigned vehicle (where one of the lower rank officers held the door open), waited silently as the other officers entered their designated vehicles and they drove off.  As they were driven to their destination, Gabriel flew to the rooftop of a building that is five blocks away from where the peace summit is being held and opened his rifle case and began assembling it.  When he finished assembling the rifle he set the ammo to his left and right as he took position behind the ledge in the prone position.  He looked through the scope and saw the motorcade arrive and Gabriel said, “In position, still a green light.” He watched through the scope as a number of dignitaries and military officials walking past the cheering crowd and into the building and Gabriel saw Knowna as Colonel Markov and he said, “Have you in my sights, 16 blocks behind you.  You are good to go.” As they all went inside, Gabriel waited till he saw them again as they entered a large room and sat around a large table with Knowna sitting at the very end with her back to him.  Gabriel said, “Clear line of sight, except the entrance and the top half of the table.” Knowna watched and contained her anxiety as she saw Lt. Colonel Kendrick entering the room as he followed a short, old person with long grey hair and greasy, brown, wrinkled skin in a military uniform and they both stood at the head of the table as two, grey, balding, young officers set up a portable projector from a briefcase and the short, old troll began to speak.


    Gabriel watched through his scope silently as he heard Chancellor Troka (short person) speak, “Gentlemen, I have brought a solution to end your problems of espionage and conspiracy within your own private military organizations.  It will also keep your own governments from attempting to spy on you as you can see.” There was a click sound and Gabriel heard a few short gasps and agreeable hums from the room as the Chancellor continued, “This device I hold here is one of many that you and anyone within your own organizations can carry to ensure no one from the outside will infiltrate or compromise your...” Suddenly there was a beeping sound and it was dead silent within the room with the exception of the double beeping sound and the short silence in between.  Gabriel looked concerned and asked, “Knowna, what’s going on?” Knowna tried to keep her calm demeanor as she spoke, “This has to be a mistake.” Gabriel heard Chancellor Troka reply, “My technology does not make mistakes Colonel.” And there was a sound of movement as two guards within the room moved towards Colonel Markov as he stood up and said calmly, “I assure you, I am no spy.” Then the two men moved towards her as the other people stood up from their seats and Gabriel asked (in a worried tone), “Knowna?” The guards grabbed hold of both of Colonel Markov’s arms and the military officials and dignitaries near her spoke angrily at each other and at the guards.  Gabriel tightened his grip on the trigger guard of his rifle and asked, “Permission to fire?” Knowna then said (with a hint of satisfaction), “I got this.” He then saw her hands transform to herself and Gabriel smirked and replied, “Affirmative.” She then kicked the guards and grabbed one of them as she transformed to her green self and Gabriel watched as she knocked the guard out and kicked two more guards as she stood on her hands on the table as everyone else ran away except Lt. Colonel Kendrick and Chancellor Troka.  She took cover behind a guard as Lt. Colonel Kendrick drew his sidearm as six more guards entered the room and ran towards Knowna.  As they approached her they yelped in pain as they were all shot in the legs as Gabriel looked down his scope and fired a single shot each time and quickly reloaded the action bolt rifle making precision shots each time he fired till all six guards are down and he said, “Got them.” She then flipped and kicked the guard (she was hiding behind) across the table, blocking the Lt. Colonel Kendrick’s view, as she slid beneath the table towards him and kicked Kendrick off his feet and snatched his sidearm as he fell and as she flipped over and landed on top of the table, she pointed her gun directly at Chancellor Troka.

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