A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


12. 12

Knowna nodded awake and when she opened her eyes she saw Gabriel standing over her and smiling when he said, “Knowna, I am glad you are....” A punch in the jaw from Knowna’s fist threw him back as he looked surprised.  Knowna then jumped out of her bed as she kicked Gabriel in the chest and knocked him flat on his back as Knowna landed on his chest, grabbed Gabriel by the throat and she screamed in his face sending spittle flying onto Gabriel’s face as he cringed, “WHY DID YOU TAKE ME?” Gabriel replied calmly, “You were not yourself.  It was either this or be killed by Kendrick’s goons.” Knowna scowled at him before she got off and Gabriel stood up and whipped the spittle from his face with a handkerchief.  There was a thud sound on the balcony and Knowna immediately turned with her fists clinched till she saw Toads stumbling inside and spoke (while taking deep breaths), “” Knowna sarcastically replied, “Nice to see you to.  Why are you out of breath?” Toads scowled at her and once he regained his breath he replied, “Your boyfriend chose a hotel on the other side of the territory as a meeting place.” Gabriel spoke, “I had to improvise since half the base is blown up and the authorities are swarming the area.” Toads then reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a thumb drive and said, “Anyway, while your girlfriend was keeping Kendrick busy I was looking through the database and found out that Kendrick is not the only person we should be worried about.” Knowna rolled her eyes as she hung her head back, slapped her sides and sighed before turning her attention back on Toads and asked (depressingly), “Who else this time?” Toads looked frustrated at her but replied, “The Secretary of War has issued a secret meeting with representatives from other provinces around the world at the Merit Hotel on the other side of the city and Lt. Colonel Kendrick will be there as well.” Gabriel looked grimed as he crossed his arms and asked, “Is there anything else?” Toads looked at him as if he is withholding his anger and replied, “Only that this meeting is taking place tomorrow and it is by invitation only.” Knowna asked, “Do you happen to know where the representatives are staying?” Toads smirked and replied, “Lucky for you two, one of those representatives is staying at this very hotel and more than likely he will be at the party that is going on down in the club on the first floor.” Gabriel smirked as he looked at Knowna (which she does not looked amused) and said, “Well Knowna, it looks like you may get your second chance at Kendrick.” Knowna pointed at him and replied angrily, “This time I will be taking point again, BUT.” She then poked  his chest as she spoke, “Do not interfere again.” Gabriel made an innocent look as he raised his hands and replied, “I will, honest!” She sighed frustratingly as she rolled her eyes and transformed into her human form.  In her transformation she had short blond hair, a black dress that exposed her back, arms and the center of her chest, an open fur coat and high black heels and she said, “Okay, lets get this over with.” Gabriel stated, “We’ll join you shortly and keep our distance while you do your work.” Knowna gave a satisfactory look and replied, “Good.” And she walked out of the room leaving Gabriel and Toads behind and Toads looked at him and asked, “Great, how are we going to dress up?” Gabriel smirked and replied, “I think I have something.”


    Inside the club, people were either dancing and drinking while at the far end there is a group of people in military uniforms celebrating with girls around them.  Gabriel sat at the bar in a tuxedo next to Knowna in her non-mutant form and Gabriel leaned over to her and whispered, “You look lovely.” Knowna pretended he was not there and whispered back, “You look revolting.” Gabriel stifled a laugh as he looked at the mirror behind the bartender and said, “Looks like they are running out of alcohol, and it seems our friend is more than obliged to get more.” Through an ear piece, in Gabriel’s left ear, Toads spoke in relief, “Thank God, I already got people looking at me funny because I can’t drink.” Knowna whispered, “He should be easy.” Gabriel smirked and whispered, “For you I wouldn’t doubt it.” He got up with his drink and left as Knowna looked over her shoulder and the person they are after moved towards her.  Just as he approached she looked away and Gabriel sat at a table at the far end and looked away and the military man came up to the bar and bumped Knowna lightly on the right shoulder and Knowna intentionally spilt her drink before she turned to the military man and spoke in his native language.  Gabriel looked out the corner of his eye as he listened to their conversation from a distance till the military man grabbed the bottle of wine and they both stood up from the bar with the military man wrapping his left arm around Raven’s waist and entered the nearest elevator.  Just as a couple were about to enter, the military man turned at them and yelled what Gabriel believed to be a curse word in his native language and the couple backed away with disgusted looks as Knowna smiled innocently.  Gabriel continued watching using his x-ray vision till they got off the elevator on the 12th floor and reached the military officer’s quarters, where two guards stood outside, and patted Knowna down as the military officer complained and allowed her to enter the military officer’s quarters.  Gabriel spoke, “Room 1216, two guards guarding the front door.” He was about to get up till he heard Toads asked, “Are you sure?  There could be more guards inside.” Gabriel stopped himself and looked again and as he looked past the guards and door he saw two more guards in another, separate room and Gabriel said, “Two guards inside as well but separated from you.  I’m on my way.” He got up from the table and moved towards the stairs.  Toads looked up with an alert expression and asked, “Hey, what about me?” Gabriel began walking up the stairs as he replied, “Keep an eye on his colleagues in case they decide to rain on Knowna’s parade.” Toads looked down at the bar table with a frustrated look on his face and replied grudgingly, “Fine.”

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