A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


11. 11

There was a distinct sound of gunfire from a gatling gun (when one of the towering machines fired on the Knowna Subjects) and adding with the sounds of fire alarms the intruder alarm went off and military and mercenary soldiers began loading up their gear in one of the adjacent buildings and ran towards the man facility with one group passing a maintenance van in the back of the building and noticed the back doors were open and no one is inside.  One of the soldiers pulled out a radio and spoke, “Found the van, but no one is here!” Suddenly the soldier behind him was crushed onto the ground (making a distinct “crunch” sound) as Toads landed directly on top of him and just as the other soldier turned around, with his rifle drawn, Toads stuck out his tongue and pulled the pin from the hand grenade that is on the soldier’s vest.  The soldier looked shocked and immediately tried to pull the grenade away only to have Toads kick him in the chest and sending him falling/flying back into the van before it exploded (incinerating the soldier and turning the van into a burning cinder) and the other two soldiers behind Toads had their guns trained on him but before they knew it they were immediately throttled to the right (as if tackled) by an invisible force and when they struggled to get up Gabriel appeared before them (wearing cape and suit), grabbed them by their collars (as they pointed their guns at him) and threw him so high up into the air that they landed onto the roof hard.  Gabriel turned to Toads, with a concerned expression on his face, and spoke firmly, “You did not have to kill them.” Toads looked grim and replied, “Not all of us are invincible pretty boy.” Gabriel spoke, “I’m not trying to tell you what to do, just don’t kill anyone when you can easily avoid it like me.” Toads smirked and replied, “I’ll try to remember that.” And he crossed his fingers before him.  Gabriel made a short disappointed sigh, as he looked grim, before looking back at the building before them and said (over the alarm noises), “It looks like Knowna needs some help after all.” Toads said, “Good thing you are here after all.  I will set the EMP explosive while you bring the roof down and pull her out of there.” Gabriel looked back, smirked and replied, “Couldn’t agree with you more.” He looked serious and stated, “Remember the rendezvous point.  With all this commotion and security I believe getting out of here is going to be interesting.” Toads slung a backpack over his shoulder as he looked serious and said, “Maybe for you, but not for me.” And in one jump he disappeared into the air as Gabriel looked up after him, with a grim expression, and shook his head before looking up towards the building and flew up into the air till he is over the building where Knowna is located.  He heard the sound of shouting as the soldiers took notice of him and began yelling commands to fire as Gabriel quickly scanned the roof and saw what appears to be a power generator directly in the middle of the roof of the building Knowna is in and he spoke to himself with a hint of satisfaction, “There’s the power cell.” And he fired laser beams from his eyes towards the generator.  Just as the beams struck the generator it exploded, creating a ball of fire, and forced Gabriel to raise his hands to cover his eyes as he looked away, briefly.  He then heard a grown sound before he looked back and saw the burning roof collapsing before him, sending metal and other burning debris falling into the building beneath it.  Gabriel’s body tensed and was about to fly into the burning chaos till he saw Knowna was safe, but as she started to climb out she looked up towards an office and Gabriel her angered expression and he looked concerned as she screamed, “KENDRICK!”


    Kendrick ran down a set of stairs from the room where he escaped from above and there was a lot of yelling and he ran into a security guard.  The guard yelled (over the commotion), “Sorry sir!” Kendrick grabbed the guard on the shoulder and yanked him to where he faced Kendrick and Kendrick yelled, “Gather as many security personnel you can find and tell them to wear the negative shields and capture Knowna!  I want her alive!” The guard replied, “Yes sir!” He pulled out his radio and started talking as Kendrick ran down the hallway shoving through scientists and various personnel that are escaping till he kicked open a broken door that said, “SUBJECT ONE” When he entered he saw a frozen young boy with one blue and one green eye sitting in a wheel chair in a glass box surrounded by three scientists as they rigged the box onto a flat bed wheeled cart.  Kendrick asked, “What’s the subject’s status?” A female scientist said, “Stable sir, but I recommend we move him out...” The room exploded and Kendrick was thrown back and out of the room hitting the wall outside.  When he got up he saw the lab was covered with various flaming debris and he ran inside to see one scientist speared with a metal beam while another is buried beneath debris but a river of blood ran out with only the female scientist standing up next to the container and Kendrick ran up to it and looked around to see it was still completely intact to his amazement.  Kendrick grabbed the female scientist by the arm and he yelled, “We are locating to site B at once!” A dozen technicians and emergency crews came in and Kendrick directed them to the container and they began wheeling it out.


    Gabriel watched as Knowna ran towards the wall (beneath the doorway Kendrick escaped) and over the sounds of the roaring flames, yelling and various fire and security alarms he yelled, “KNOWNA!” She immediately stopped and looked about her (not knowing where the sound is coming from) till she looked up and saw Gabriel looking down at her.  Gabriel flew down and ran up before Knowna and looked at her with both concern and impatience and said, “Knowna we have to leave now!” Knowna looked at him with growing anger and she stated loudly and firmly, “No, we are not leaving without Kendrick!” Gabriel breathed deeply as he knew that she will not give up and he said, “Then you leave me no choice.” In a blink of an eye he rushed at her, scooped her up in both arms and flew away faster than a bullet from a gun before firemen and private security rushed into the wrecked room.  There was a sound of an approaching helicopter and a CH-47 landed on a large platform on top of the building and dropped its rear ramp before Kendrick, two scientists and a block of ice (with someone frozen inside) carted up as they walked towards the helicopter and boarded it as Kendrick waited outside, took a long look around the wrecked and chaotic scene of his once secret base, turned around and entered the helicopter as the ramp closed behind him.  The large, grey, helicopter lifted off as police and firetrucks (from the nearest town) entered the facility and Kendrick’s getaway flew into the night sky leaving only it’s running lights visible in the darkness till the helicopter completely disappeared once it flew too far for the naked eye to see.

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