A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


1. 1

A large metal crate slammed onto the sandy ground just past a lowered ramp of a large, box shaped ship as a tall, white, dark brown haired and bearded man dropped another large crate next to it while a handful of muscular, bearded men stood on the sidelines.  One made a short laugh and said aloud, “Come on Gabriel! You had more than enough time to recover since we’ve found you!” Another said, “Yeah!  Even with your escape pod leaking the air you breath, you are still able to survive despite your hallucinations while you are in coma!” In a darkened corner, between two containers on Gabriel’s left and behind, a slim figure with yellow eyes piercing through the darkness watched Gabriel as he kept unloading various sized large crates and containers from the ship and set them outside with the sun beating down on top of him but not a single drop of sweat appeared on his face, body or ragged clothes.  From the darkness the figure stepped out only to appear as an old lady with matted grey hair and a cane as she hunched over and started walking in Gabriel’s direction.


    Gabriel walked back inside the ship, lifted up another crate and walked back down the ramp, casually, without showing any signs of fatigue.  One of the burly men yelled, “Hey, get a move on!  We don’t have all day!” An old woman was passing Gabriel as he was setting the crate down when suddenly one of the crates to his right fell from on top of another and Gabriel backed away (not seeing the old woman behind him) and accidentally ran over the woman and they both fell, just as the crate made a dull metallic thump noise as it hit the ground.  He got up and looked about him till he saw the old lady on the ground, struggling to get up (as she mumbled to herself), and Gabriel reached down and helped the old lady up and asked, “Are you okay ma’m?” The old lady looked at him, with almost glaring eyes, as she got up and replied, “I’m fine, thank you.” The old lady saw a metal pipe flew in the air towards the back of Gabriel’s head but just before she could warn him it struck the back of his head and fell to the ground.


    Gabriel lowered his head and cringed in pain as he put his left hand where the pipe struck as the old woman looked up at him and tried to contain her shock when she heard the group of men behind Gabriel laughed heartedly and one of them called out, “Get moving you idiot or else I’ll throw something that is harder!” The old woman got up, hurriedly, and walked as fast as she could away on her cane till she was out of view and hidden between two other large containers in the busy marketplace just beyond Gabriel and the others view.  She watched as Gabriel went back up the ramp and a young female voice said, “Got him.”

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