Lost Boy |C.H |

----SEQUEL TO 30 DAYS ----
After Calum realizes that what he's really wanted leaves him, he knows there's something to be done. He needs to find her and prove to her that she's all he really wanted. Will Calum be able to gain her trust back or is he too late?


1. Authors Note


Hellooo everybody! Welcome to...... LOST BOY! Sequel to 30 Days, I knew for awhile even when I was writing the story that I wanted to do a sequel so, here it is! For those of you who have read 30 Days, I wanna thank you! Seriously, that story is my pride and joy, I really hope you still like reading it. Anywaaay, I hope you'll like this one when I actually post a chapter, which will be coming. If you haven't read 30 Days, you might want to read it before you read this one, just saying. Not sure when the first chapter will be up but it will be happening soon.


Now, before the first chapter goes up. What do you think will happen? Will she trust Calum again or will she eliminate both Calum AND the rest of the boys from her life all the together? I wanna know your thoughts, I'm overall so curious, even though I roughly know. What do YOU think? Let me know what you think and I'll see ya when I post the first chapter, love you all! <3









































































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