The Three Sisters: Like Fudge

This story is a sequel to The Three Sisters: Extended Family

A story of The Three Sisters Universe

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~ Unknown Author
Chrysalis' daughters are serving their community service in Ponyville. Nothing can go wrong. Right?
Unless they all have their own agenda, and surprises keep piling up, complicating matters further. But anything to broker peace between the Changeling Nation and Equestria... right?


5. What you think you know

Thysa, in her disguise as a young pegasus, approached the bench where Silver Spoon sat, watching morosely as ponies passed by.

The filly in question did not react to her presence, looking rather lost in thought; her eyebrows twitching from time to time as her thoughts continued in a presumably dark path.

Finally, Thysa couldn’t wait anymore to ask. “Hey, Silver Spoon. Why did you lie to Sweetie Belle and the others?”

That snapped said filly out of her thoughts. She stared at Thysa as if she had grown another head; it was the exact same panicked and morbidly fascinated face Sweetie Belle had made when Thysa had grown another head.

Silver Spoon’s face, however pretty quickly settled on panicked. “W-what do you mean?”

Thysa tilted her head. “You know, about bullying them?”

“I did not!” Silver Spoon hissed, looking around. “I told you what happened!”

Thysa nodded. “Yep! You did! But you didn’t say that you also enjoyed bullying them.”

Silver Spoon jumped off the bench and started walking away. Thysa didn’t even miss a beat before she started following her.

“Come on,” Thysa insisted, flying until she had caught up with Silver Spoon, who didn’t look at her. “Those in power taunt the weak, it used to be like that for centuries in changeling tradition.” Her smile disappeared. “Of course that ended up with a rebellion and most of the court murdered in cold blood by ‘the weak’,  but good things came out of it too!”

When they were away from most other ponies, Silver Spoon whirled around. “Why are you following me, changeling? Don’t you get that I am already getting over it? I’m glad the cat’s out of the bag, I don’t have to be mean to them anymore.”

Thysa blinked. “But you don’t want to stop. I can tell. You like taunting and making fun of others, and you like that Diamond Tiara will do it with you.”

Silver Spoon gritted her teeth. “You want me to admit to Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom that I genuinely insulted them? That I made fun of their misery? Or that I felt good about it? I hated it!”

“And you loved it,” Thysa said, shrugging. “I was there plenty of times. I could taste it.”

“It doesn’t make it right! I’m not a bad pony!”

Thysa turned to look at the passing clouds for a moment before looking back at Silver Spoon. “What does feeling happy about making ponies sad or unhappy make you then?”

Silver Spoon looked away and sat down on the floor. “It makes me a horrible pony.” She looked at Thysa. “I can’t help it! Every time I teased them I hated it, but I also felt so good being… being superior!” She stood up and started pacing around Thysa. “If Diamond Tiara were to appear right now next to them and started teasing them, I would join her. I know it’s bad, and wrong and that I shouldn’t, but I’d want to!”

“Then why don’t you change?”

Silver Spoon snorted. “Ponies don’t change just like that. You cannot simply decide that you don’t like something you always have. You can force yourself away from it, but it’s still going to be something you know you’ll enjoy if you do it again!”

Thysa nodded. “But, now that they are your friends, hasn’t that changed? You wouldn’t tease Diamond Tiara because she’s your friend, right?”

Silver Spoon’s eyes lowered.

“You would.” Thysa sighed.

“Tell them that I’m not their friend,” Silver Spoon said, turning around and walking away. “That my apology means nothing.”

“But it did,” Thysa spoke up as the other filly walked away, making her stop in her tracks. “You really regretted that you couldn’t be friends, and when you told them the story, you genuinely wished things could have been different.”

Silver Spoon’s shoulders sagged as she spoke in just a whisper…

“It’s just… wishful thinking.”




“It’s just wishful thinking,” Spike sighed, holding a picture of Rarity up and carefully placing it next to his bed. He yawned and stretched, being able to stay in bed a little later—okay, much later—thanks to Acari moving in as a library assistant-trainee under his immediate supervision.

He heard the bell below announce the arrival of somepony to the library, and soon the familiar voice of Roseluck drifted up to him. She was already talking to Acari about something. Probably plants.

He heard his name once, and his interest was piqued. Slowly, he slid out of bed and pressed his ear against the door.

“Spike is an amazing dragon,” Acari’s voice, making him blush and push against the door trying to hear more, but this had the added effect of pushing the door open and him being clearly visible to both, the pony and the changeling.

        “Um… did somepony mention my name?” he asked, pretending to not have been eavesdropping and slowly making his way down.

He saw Acari whisper something to Rose, and then turn to face him. He felt an imminent yawn approaching. How could anyone be sleepy after sleeping? It didn’t make sense! He struggled to keep it in.

“Spike, I am discussing the Bregier period with Roseluck…” Acari said, motioning with her hoof at Roseluck. “I’m telling her that Grand Ferris was responsible for the first wave of attacks, but she insists that it was actually General Assistant Fire Emblem who set the villages aflame.”

Spike lost the battle and yawned, his mind barely registering the question and yet reminding him of so many nights going over factoids like this with Twilight. “Nah,” He  waved his claw dismissively. “It was Admiral Truffle Sauce of the thirteenth naval fleet of the Minotaur Empire. You’re confusing the time-period with the rise of the Burgess, in which case you would be right and Grand Ferris would have been the first to draw blood.”

Ugh, I’m so hungry. He thought, scratching an itch as he made his way to the kitchen. I wonder if Twilight left any rubies?

He rummaged about, occassionally pausing to listen to what the two ponies outside were saying. Am I really that smart? Or important? he wondered. And then a horrible thing occurred to him.

Eyes wide, he went and listened to the pair talking.

“Well, I have to go, but I’m sure he will find a good partner, Rarity or not.” He heard Roseluck say followed by her hooves on the wood. He thought the conversation over, but then heard Acari speak up.

“He will. Maybe one that’s already nearby,” she whispered almost wistfully.

Oh, no.

“We just need to point him in the right direction.”

Oh, ponyfeathers! It was clear as day, now! Acari had a crush on him!

“W-what do I do?” He whispered. Then he felt the pressure in his chest as a flaming message was sent through the magical fire Celestia had given him.

With a loud burp, the scroll fell to the floor and he picked it up, scanning its contents quickly before going out and handing it to Acari, without meeting her eyes. “For you, from Twilight,” He explained briefly, while she gazed at it. “She wants you to meet her at the train station in an hour. And she said to pack. You’re going with her to the Crystal Empire.

Acari’s head snapped up and she gave him a very intense look.

Spike’s face grew red. “W-what?”

Acari shook her head. “Nothing! Nothing. I need to, uh… run. Organize things. Make sure I have everything I need!”

And then she galloped out of the library, clearly agitated.

Spike groaned and smacked his head against the side of a bookshelf. “Dammit, Spike! Why do you have to be so ruggedly handsome?! What are you supposed to do now?!”


o.0.o End Chapter 5 o.0.o  


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