The Three Sisters: Like Fudge

This story is a sequel to The Three Sisters: Extended Family

A story of The Three Sisters Universe

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~ Unknown Author
Chrysalis' daughters are serving their community service in Ponyville. Nothing can go wrong. Right?
Unless they all have their own agenda, and surprises keep piling up, complicating matters further. But anything to broker peace between the Changeling Nation and Equestria... right?


3. In retrospect...

It was a very bewildered, silent and contemplative Silver Spoon that walked back home through the busy streets of Ponyville. It was a completely different situation than earlier, when the Crusader’s confession about the identity of the ‘Diamond Tiara’ with them had thrown her into a fit of hysterical scrambling for the nearest guard.

Finally she stopped for a moment, staring at nothing before deciding to search for a bench and sit down. She observed the ponies passing her by and thought back on the discussion she’d had earlier with the crusaders.


o.0.o FLASHBACK o.0.o


“This is really difficult to explain, but… since you sorta confessed that you really didn’t mean us any harm…” Sweetie Belle said, looking a bit uncomfortable.

Silver Spoon blinked in confusion, looking from her to Diamond Tiara, who looked at the floor uncharacteristically guiltily and back to Sweetie. “W-what do you mean?”

“First of all, Ah have to ask…” Apple Bloom spoke up just when it seemed Sweetie Belle had mustered the strength to speak again. “Just how long have y’all wanted to be our friend?”

“W-well.” Silver Spoon looked uneasily at Diamond Tiara, relaxing slightly when the latter simply tilted her head in confusion. “It was ever since we started school together,” she confessed.

“All that time!?” Scootaloo gasped, then frowned. “But why didn’t you talk to us? All you did was side with Diamond Tiara!”

Silver Spoon cringed. “I’m sorry! I wanted to, but when I tried to talk to you, you almost ran me over with your scooter! A-and you crushed my lunch! And then you told me not to get in the way… so when Diamond  Tiara stepped in and picked on you immediately after I-I was angry!”

‘Diamond Tiara’, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom turned to look at Scootaloo—who had a look of horror in her face—in shock.

“You did what?!” Sweetie Belle asked. “Scootaloo!”

“I-I don’t remember! My first day I was trying to impress the other pegasi and then I—” She cut herself short and stared at Silver Spoon. “I thought you jumped in to mess my show,” she finished in a much lower voice, ears leaning back against her head. “And then Diamond Tiara started calling me names and you joined her.”

The two fillies looked at each other in horror before Scootaloo frowned and looked away. After a moment, Silver Spoon gulped. “I’m sor—”

“No.” Scootaloo looked back at Silver Spoon. “I should have watched where I was going and I shouldn’t have just assumed you were doing it on purpose.”

Silver Spoon felt tears well up in her eyes. “All this time… I wanted to know why you did that… every time after that you were a nice filly but I thought you had hated me… when we bullied you I hated it.” She looked away from the Crusaders. “I wanted to apologize for every time we made you feel bad, and for every time any of you cried.”

“I don’t cry,” Scootaloo muttered, wiping away at her eyes.

“It became just safe… the more I did it, the more I wanted to apologize but I knew there was nothing I could say except ‘sorry’ and somehow that didn’t seem to cut it.” She chuckled. “It’s sad, but…” her face lit up and she looked at the Crusaders. “At least now Diamond Tiara managed to become your friend, right? So we can begin anew!”

She paused then looked at Diamond Tiara. “Say… how did you manage to convince them to be our friends?”

All the other ponies suddenly seemed uncomfortable.

“Uh… you see,” Sweetie began. “That’s where it gets complicated. She didn’t.”

Silver Spoon’s eyes widened and she looked at Diamond Tiara in horror. “W-was this a test of fidelity?! Tiara please, don’t punish me!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Apple Bloom jumped over to stand by Silver Spoon, putting a calming hoof on her shoulder. “There’s no punishin’ goin’ to happen here, alright?”


“That’s not Diamond Tiara,” Sweetie finally said. “It’s our friend, Princess Thysa.”

Silver Spoon looked at the others in confusion. “But… there’s no pony Princess named ‘Thysa’. And why would she look exactly like Diamond Tiara?”

“Well…” ‘Diamond Tiara’ said after a moment. “That’s because I’m not a pony.”

Silver Spoon blinked. “Say what?”

“I’m…” the pony was enveloped in flames and suddenly, a chitin-armored pony-like creature stood before her. “I’m a changeling princess! Nice to meet you!”


o.0.o END FLASHBACK o.0.o


Silver Spoon sighed. The fight had been brief and after she had been pinned to the ground and assured she wouldn’t be eaten alive (eww), it had taken a moment for her to realize just exactly what this meant.

She couldn’t go back to who she was before.

And she had effectively lost her only current friend because she had taken a practical joke at face value.

Silver Spoon buried her face in her hooves. “Stupid.”




Arachne, aka Dark Mocha, the unicorn, stared at Bon Bon in a silence that lasted almost three heart-beats.

Bon Bon counted.

“What do you mean I can’t eat all the chocolate?!”

“It means exactly what it sounds like,” Bon Bon said slowly. “As in, you can’t eat the chocolate. It’s not exactly advanced quantum-magika theory.”

“Knave! How dare you speak to a Queen like that!”

Bon Bon rolled her eyes, while behind her, Lyra giggled at the bewildered expressions of their patrons.

“Pinkie Pie taught you well,” Bon Bon said after a moment. “But only I can truly finish your training as a chocolatier!” She bumped her forehead against Arachne’s. “And that means you don’t get to eat the chocolate!”

“But it’s so good!”

“I know,” Bon Bon said, stepping back and nodding as ‘Dark Mocha’ huffed and started mixing the ingredients again with ease. “But this is something that you have to learn: you get to eat chocolate, when you have money to buy it.”

“But Queens don’t have to do this kind of thing! We learn stuff and we get free stuff!”

“Welcome to the real world.” Bon Bon grinned.

Behind Lyra a pony looked at the scene in confusion. “So… what’s she the queen of?” he finally asked Lyra.

The unicorn smiled, casting a snide look at the princess. “The Queen of whinning! What else?”

The pony looked on as Dark Mocha whined at Bon Bon while slowly dumping white chocolate into the mix. “I see. Well, she does make really good fudge brownies!”

“I’m telling on you! I’m gonna tell my mom!”

Lyra grinned.

“She already knows!” Bon Bon replied. “Now, add more vanilla extract!”

“Yep,” Lyra nodded. “That, she does.”


o.0.o End Chapter 3 o.0.o  


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