The Three Sisters: Like Fudge

This story is a sequel to The Three Sisters: Extended Family

A story of The Three Sisters Universe

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~ Unknown Author
Chrysalis' daughters are serving their community service in Ponyville. Nothing can go wrong. Right?
Unless they all have their own agenda, and surprises keep piling up, complicating matters further. But anything to broker peace between the Changeling Nation and Equestria... right?


4. Cupid

Acari hummed to herself as she put the books she had borrowed back in their proper places in the library. As she did so, she contemplated the changes her life had gone through in the last few weeks. Currently, she was in the form of an Earth Pony with a black and white mane and a very light gray coat, sporting a little spiral with sparks as her cutie mark.

So far, doing Social Service in Ponyville had been very relaxing. There were no attempts to go on perilous trips in search of increasingly random items to prove their mettle. And no incentives to make her own plans ahead of time to compete with Arachne or Phasmi… and Thysa had friends her own age, as well as crush on young Spike.

She did look adorable as a dragon, that little changeling. And it wasn’t hard to see that Spike liked her too, even if he wasn’t really that invested in a possible relationship.

She sighed. Her aunt, Rarity, was still the object of his adoration, even if it was wobbling lately, now that he had found someone that not only could be his own species or a pony, if she wanted to, but also was willing to return his affections.

Dragons made fine husbands, or so she had heard.

She pondered that for a moment, before shrugging and putting the last book in. The political history of Equestria was a very interesting theme to study. Despite their affable nature, Ponies were a pretty conceited species, due to their dominating the elements, magic, and the fact that their leaders quite literally controlled when the sun set all over the world.

It spoke very highly of Celestia and Luna that they had not abused this power beyond making ponykind the dominant species, and had even refrained themselves from raining destruction on enemy nations whenever war had come about… several hundred years before… and even after several victories, ponies would provide their defeated foes with aid, and allow them to reconstruct their kingdoms as they saw fit.

It was almost like it was a sport for them.

Acari stopped her train of thought and shivered. That did not bode well for anyone if it were the case, but she had not seen much recently to prove her hypothesis. Beyond that… she liked it here in Ponyville and she wasn’t going to let her paranoia interfere with her having a good time.

The bell next to the door chose that moment to jingle and an earth pony with tan coat and red and pink mane and tale walked in, carrying several books in her saddlebags. “Abstract Copy!” Roseluck smiled when she saw her. “These books by Rosoideae Supremus you found for me here were amazing! Why he’s the veritable Starswirl of Earth Ponies!”

“I’m glad you liked them!” Acari, a.k.a. Abstract Copy, said, smiling as she took them back. "His work is so underrated you wouldn’t believe! I’m surprised that Twilight didn’t mention them to you!”

Roseluck chuckled. “Twilight might have,” she said, watching Acari stamp her library card and put the books in a pile next to her. “But she also suggested about seventeen other authors. To be honest I was quite overwhelmed.”

Acari smiled. “I’m sure she must have, she knows every book in here intimately. I find that Rosoideae is the inspiration for most other experts.”

Roseluck raised an eyebrow. “Most?”

Acari grinned. “I knew you’d catch that.” She walked over to the bookshelf and after looking around for a bit, pulled out another book, half the size of any of the books Roseluck had borrowed before. “This was written by Alchemilla Song, a very interesting book that theorizes how sound affects the growth of roses, something which Rosoideae never even considered.”

Roseluck’s went wide and she practically ripped the book from Acari’s hoof. “Really?! That’s amazing! I never thought of that!”

“I take it you’ll be borrowing it?” Acari asked innocently while holding up a stamp and smiling.

“You know I will!” Roseluck laughed, letting the changeling stamp the card. “You know, I’m so glad that Twilight got another assistant. I love Spike, but he never got too interested in literature that was not adventure, science fiction or comic books… so whenever I needed recommendations, he would turn to Twilight who would pull out twenty copies for me.”

Acari chuckled. “Spike is an amazing dragon. He might not have recommendations off the bat, but he knows so much it’s always very interesting to quiz him on random trivia.”

“Did somepony mention my name?” Spike asked, slowly making his way down the stairs.

“Check this out,” Acari whispered. “Spike, I am discussing the Bregier period with Roseluck…” noticing Roseluck’s confused look, she waved a hoof, motioning for her to keep quiet. “I’m telling her that Grand Ferris was responsible for the first wave of attacks, but she insists that it was actually General Assistant Fire Emblem who set the villages aflame.”

Spike yawned. “Nah, it was Admiral Truffle Sauce of the thirteenth naval fleet of the Minotaur Empire. You’re confusing the time-period with the rise of the Burgess, in which case you would be right and Grand Ferris would have been the first to draw blood.”

They watched him blink owlishly, scratch the spot just above his tail and then head into the kitchen.

Acari turned to smile at Roseluck. “I just finished reading about that. Grand Ferris is mentioned only in a two paragraphs long aside in a five-volume set of wars about international policies.”

Roseluck opened and closed her mouth silently before finally shaking her head. “T-that dragon’s a genius.”

Acari shrugged. “He’s definitely smarter than some give him credit for, especially for his young age.”

Roseluck looked towards the kitchen. “He does act more mature than I would have expected.”

Acari nodded. “He is… he’s been exposed to the greatest minds in Equestria since he was born. He is very well read, has excellent memory and wisdom beyond his years. When he grows up he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. I just hope he finds the right partner who is sympathetic to ponykind unlike most other dragons.”

Roseluck laughed weakly. “W-well he has his eyes on miss Rarity.”

Acari sighed. “Auntie Rarity would definitely be sympathetic, but I don’t know if she would be the best match. Spike still needs a lot of emotional growing to do, and she’s not necessarily interested in him.”

Roseluck shook her head. “Well, I have to go, but I’m sure he will find a good partner, Rarity or not.”

Acari smiled, nodding at her as Roseluck walked out. “He will. Maybe one that’s already nearby.” Her gaze turned towards the kitchen. “We just need to point him in the right direction.”

Her muttering were interrupted by a loud burp from the kitchen. Soon, Spike walked out, holding a scroll. “For you, from Twilight. She wants you to meet her at the train station in an hour. And she said to pack. You’re going with her to the Crystal Empire.”




“Sis!” Acari shouted, galloping into Bon Bon’s confectionary.

“What?” Arachne growled, not stopping to look up as she slowly placed decorations on a cake twice her size. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“I’m going to the Crystal Empire!”

“Bring me some of those little heart-snowglobes. The ones with the flying Princess Cadance thingies floating inside.”

“That’s not important! I have a mission!”

“Is it to interfere with my cake-detailing? Because you’re doing an amazing job right now. Truly fantastic. Exemplary. Amazing. Simply annoying.”

Acari rolled her eyes. “No… I am  talking about…” she leaned in. “The future of a hive,” she whispered.

Arachne’s head snapped up and her horn sent the little groom-pony figurine she had placed on the cake flying through the air and out an open window. “What?!”

“Yes, we must ensure that a future well-to-do, extremely important individual is aligned to our cause and Equestria’s, therefore solidifying our future as allies.”

Arachne’s eyes narrowed. “And why, pray tell would I want that?”


“I’m listening.”


o.0.o End Chapter 4 o.0.o  


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