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1. Meet my family

"Race you!" My younger sister Addie rushed down to the flowing water as I chased after her.

"Don't be so immature Addie. Caroline you're just encouraging her to do stupid things." My older sister Zoey called down to us as she lay sprawled out on a pink towel, tanning.

"It's called fun!" I yelled back just as Addie sent a huge splash of water my way.

Giggles passed between us as we splashed each other continuously.

"Girls! Time to get out of the water!" My mom stood in her one piece black and white bathing suit on the waters edge letting the water rush over her toes.

Addie and I ran back to shore and followed her to the stack of warm, dry towels. Zoey was gone and Mom explained she went home to shower because she said she was too hot. She's so annoying. If you're too hot, go in the ocean! Anyway, Dad was at the house making dinner so Mom, Addie and I walked home together laughing and telling funny stories about dreams we've had. When we got home Zoey was on the deck, magazine in hand. Her long, dark hair was curled and she wore a fresh, red and white striped bikini.

"Girls." She said not glancing up.

My mom rolled her eyes and ushered Addie and I inside the air conditioned house. The scent of hot dogs wafted inside from the grill where my dad was cooking. Addie ran downstairs to take a cold shower while I took one in the upstairs bathroom. Once I was finished I changed into denim shorts and a blue tee shirt, braiding my long, blond hair. Addie came out wearing NIKE capris and a pink tank top. Her medium length auburn hair was neatly brushed but she didn't need to look flawless like Zoey felt the need to.

"Can someone help me?" Dad yelled to us and I agreed to help him while Addie took a quick nap.

"Hey Caroline. Mind chopping up 2 carrots, some celery, and some lettuce for the salad? After that could you start on the salad dressing mixture. Mom knows where the recipe is if you need it." He smiled at me love in his eyes and I went to begin with chopping the large carrots.

Chop, chop, chop. Suddenly the screen door opened and Zoey stormed inside her face red with anger.

"Caroline! Why can't you at least act human? You're such a rude, obnoxious brat that when you know I'm having my beauty rest you have to go and chop carrots? Can you be any more ignorant?" She flung her curls over her shoulder and disappeared leaving a wave of negativity behind her.

That's Zoey.

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