Who are you?

For the OneShot writing competition.

An one shot writing fan fiction based on Harry Potter series.

By Sabitha Kiritharan


1. Who are you?

The clock tower strikes the bell marking the end of the defence of the dark arts lesson, Hermione Granger a young brown haired muggle witch abruptly, places her books in her bag as she finishes packing away.

"Hermoine, your definitely the brightest witch of your age," Gilderoy Lockhart says, praising Hermione in front of the whole class.

She blushes slightly in embarrassment, before looking down. She hears her female classmates mumble names at her, as they showed their frustration of not being praised by their favourite teacher. Most of her female classmates adored professor Gilderoy because he was charming and popular, but not Hermoine. She quickly left the class, and tried not to bump into the other students who were too busy chatting to one another. Hermoine was on her way to the library, where she could spend a few hours in the company of her friends - the books. Many people always complimented her on being very studious and gifted, but Hermoine always felt that those people were just over praising her. 

"Hey, you filthy little mudblood," a familiar voice shouted at her.

She looked up to see the most horrible boy in her class, the devil in disguise. It was Draco Malfoy, the pale boy with the whitish blonde hair, and the most cruelest grey eyes which stared at her in hatred.

"What did you call me?" she questioned him angrily, stepping towards him.

Normally, Hermione would have just ignored him, but she was fed up with Draco bullying her and being mean to her. When she had done nothing wrong to him, who was he to walk over her like she was a piece of trash.

"I said mud," he began to say, before he was interrupted by her slapping him.

The corridor went quiet, as all eyes were on Draco, Hermoine didn't know what she had just done, and by the furious look on Draco's face, she was quickly regretting slapping him. She had never been one for  violence, and now she had done the one thing which she hated. Draco looked furious, before he looked at her admiring the bravery of this brown haired girl.

"Don't do that again!" Draco snapped, threatening her, watching her nod her head in fear.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled quietly, not knowing if Draco was going to hit her back.

She watches as a smile forms on young Draco Malfoy's mouth, she has never seen him smile before and it was like for once the cruel horrible little boy disappeared. Hermoine has always noticed Draco laughing with his friends, or even in a crowd he seemed to stand out. Hermoine remembered an event which had occurred last week, she was rushing to the library just like today, and had noticed Draco crying on his own with his hands blocking his face. She had never found out what had made him cry, but from some of her friends she had heard that Draco's father was very strict and controlling over Draco. She couldn't help but feel bad for Draco, at least her parents loved her dearly and cherished their only daughter, she couldn't imagine how Draco felt alone and unloved. Hermoine couldn't help but find Draco attractive, he was very handsome she had to admit, but she would never admit that to him.

"What's your name?" Draco inquired, wanting to know more about this bold brown haired girl.

"Why do you want to know my name?" she questioned him back, this was the first time she had ever spoken to him and the first time he had spoken to her properly.

"Who are you?" he whispered quietly.

She smiles at him, she could feel the blush rising in her cheeks. She liked to keep Draco wanting to know more about her, this was the first time she had seen a glimpse of the lonely young boy, and she couldn't help but want to protect him. Hermoine knew that she was going to be late to go to the library, but at the moment there was nothing she wanted more than to stay here in the company of Draco. She felt a strand of her brown hair fall in front of her face, and before she could do anything, she watched Draco tuck the stand of her brown hair behind her ear. Her eyes met his, and she could swear she could feel something inside of her melt. Hermoine had only read of love in the romance novels she read, but nothing had prepared her for this feeling inside of her now. Was this love? She didn't know, but all she knew was that she liked in, here with Draco she felt safe and happy. Hermoine realized that if she didn't leave right now, then she would always stand here with Draco and why she liked the idea of that, she felt slightly embarassed that everyone's eyes were on them. The bully and the book girl flirting with one another, she could already imagine her classmates discussing this new gossip.

"I've got to go, bye," she mumbled in embarassed, turning to leave him.

"Who are you?" Draco repeated in question, she turned around to face him a smile appearing on her lips.

"I'm Hermoine, Hermoine Granger," she answered in happiness, before disappearing with the crowd of students.

Draco stood stunned, as he watched the beautiful young brown haired girl disappear, he didn't know he had a big smile on his face, before one of his started to laugh as they watched their friend, the strong cold Draco Malfoy fall in love. Draco glared at them, before walking away - all he could think about was Hermoine.

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