Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


2. Two


Chapter Two:



    “So they actually got you to go to a party?” Tommy asked in awe. Since he was the only one with a car, we usually just pile into his 2010 Audi S4. The order was Tommy driving, me sitting next to him, Diara sitting behind me, and Lily sitting behind Tommy. Diara and Lily were currently on their phones trying to find cute outfits for tonight.


    “Yeah, an actual party. Have you ever been to one?” I asked right back. 


    “I’ve been to a few . . .” he raised his right hand to run it through his usually light ash brown hair. Currently it was a little damp, making it look more like a medium brown. His matching brown eyes were focused on the road. 


    “What happened at those parties, Tommy?” 


    “There’s just alcohol, but you don’t have to drink those if you don’t want to.” he informed me. “Then there’s the other stuff.”


    “Other stuff?” I asked innocently. I know Tommy was just trying to make it better for me, make me more comfortable.


    “Sex, Sarah, sex. Ask your sister about that, she can give you more pointers.” Lily spoke to me with condescension.


    “Don’t talk about Bailey when I’m pretty sure the entire football team can vouch for you when it comes to playing under the sheets.” Diara critically talked to Lily. Lily glared at Diara; Diara glared at Lily.


    When it seemed as if they were going to fight, Tommy took ahold of the reins. Which seems to happen more and more these days.


    “Ladies, ladies, no need to fight.” Tommy said. His eyes showing only jovial. “Plus, Diara! Your stop, baby.”


    “See yeh.” she said.


    The next fifteen minutes were uneventful. Tommy dropped Lily off at her house and me off at mine. Then off he went to fix himself.


    “Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. Bailey in her room?” I asked as soon as I walked into the house. 


    “Hey, Sare-Bear!” Dad yelled.


    “Yeah, she should be up there. You partying with us tonight? We just got Jenga!” Mom said, trying to sweeten the deal.


    “Actually, I was thinking of going out with Bailey. Seeing her side of things.” I told them.


    “Promise ring!” Dad hollered. I yelled right back at him that I’ve got it, I even showed him it. 


    I walked up the stairs passed the bathroom. Then the spare room. My room, where the door is always open to the world. Then the room right next to it, that’s always closed off to the world. 


    Bailey’s room.


    I knocked on the cream color door.


    “Dad? For the last time, I have my freaking prom-“ she stopped as she noticed me. “What do you want?”


    It was like looking at a mirror. An annoying mirror, but still a mirror. 


    Shiny, long dark brown hair—her’s was curled right now though—that reached in the front to the middle of her chest, even curled, and reached to the middle of her ribcage in the back. Ice blue eyes that contrasted with her fine features.


    She was wearing a short dress that went down to the bottom of her thighs. The dress was red underneath but black on top. In the middle of the dress were tooth-like red strips facing down. Right above those were designs that went around the entire waist. She had a large almond-shaped diamond ring on her left middle finger. A sizable black and cream bracelet on her right wrist. She had Mom’s gold chandelier earrings. 


    “I need your help with something. You see Diara and Lily talked me into going to this Steven guy’s New Years party. The only parties I've been to are birthday parties. So, I don't know what I can wear.” I told her. She looked just shocked.


    “First of all, how the hell did they get you to go? Second, you actually want me to dress you? I thought you don't like my style.” she said.


    “First question, I don't really know. I guess I've always wanted to go to the parties, i have just been scared. Your second one, yeah, I want you to dress me. I know what I wear, it’s probably not so good for parties. I mean judging by what you wear.”


    “Okay, what do you have?” I turned and led her to my room.


    “You know where my closet is.”


    After about 5-ish minutes, Bailey gave up.


    “Where the fuck did you get these clothes. Fuckin’ Good Will? Jesus.” she groaned , throwing my clothes on the carpet.


    “B-Bailey, please stop cursing. I don't like it much. Just at leas not do it in my room.” I asked kindly, she shot me a look.


    Goody Two-shoes, the look seemed to say. 


    Impatient Brat, I played along. 


    She sighed.


    “Come on, you can wear something of mine.” she took off, I followed.





    “Do I look like a slut?” I told her, looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. 


    She had put me in a longer dress than hers, but still short, it went to my knees. From my waist up, it was solid black. Bellow my waist, it was puffy with a black background and white polka-dots. My feet were in her black suede stiletto heels. I had put on a little white sweater and pinned it together because I had felt uncomfortable. I had a black and silver diamond ring on my left middle finger. Around my waist was a large red belt with the big rectangular belt buckle perfectly in the middle. I had on matching red dangle earrings. I was told to have on the red trench coat, so after Bailey was done curling my hair I am going to put it on.


    “I think you look good.” she said concentrating on my hair.


    “I look like you.” 


    “Exactly.” Bailey smiled. “And . . . done!”


    “Can I wear something on my legs? I feel naked.” I pouted.


    “Girl, you’re wearing more than me! But fine, fine, go ahead.”


    I ran into my room, taking off the heels. I found my black tights and out those on. Then the heels went right back on as I heard my phone buzz a couple of times on my dresser. I walked over already annoyed by the clunk clunk sound of the heels.


    I had two notifications, new messages. Both texts were from Tommy.


    Tommy Boy 🐻


        Ok, I’ll take both of you.


    Then another one.


        Tommy Boy 🐻


        I’m here.






what Bailey was wearing:


what Sarah was wearing:

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