Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


3. Three


Chapter Three:



    “It’s gonna be so much fun, Sare Bear.” Tommy said as all five of us walked up.


    “We aren’t even inside and the ground is vibrating.” I pouted.


    “You’ll be fine, Sarah,” Bailey came up and kissed my cheek. “I’ve gotta go. Love you, sis.”


    “Bye, Bailey.” I gave her a half smile.


    “I have to go too." Lily said now and walked away.


    “Tommy!” a group of boys I recognized as Tommy’s soccer team yelled.


    Tommy looked from me to them a few times. Then after looking at me, he turned to the boys. “Go on, I’m staying here.”


    “No, Tom. Go with them. I’ll babysit.” Diara and Tommy smiled at each other, then he nodded to me and ran off. I felt Diara’s eyes on me. I didn’t really care though. All I saw was the house.


    It looked like my worse nightmare. So before I chickened out, I turned around to Diara.


    “You look good.” I told her. And she did.


    She was wearing a silver, long-sleeved sequined shirt, black shorts, black leggings, black wedge heels. She had gold stud earrings and a thick gold and black bracelet. Her dirty blonde medium length hair was crimped. Her baby blue eyes looked beautiful against her dark makeup.


    “Thanks, come on. Let’s go in.” she pulled my hand.


    “Uh . . . o-okay.” I said, following her.




    The music was loud, too loud. I couldn't hear a thing. Diara had pulled me in to the house and somehow I ended up in the middle of the dancing, or jumping up and down strangely. I had made the mistake of looking some people in the eyes, it was terrifying. 


    It seemed like there was definitely some type of drug here; I was not comfortable here.


    Now I had a new goal. Instead of getting through this party until it ends, I was getting through this mob of people. I don't want to jump, or dance. I don't want drugs, or be in a house with them. I don't want to be here at all. Just how can I escape.


    I decided to just make like Nike and ‘Just Do It’; so I pushed through. 


    Once I got out I ran, don't know where to, but I ran. That is until someone grabbed me. 


    “Let me go!” I repeated until I heard a deeper voice.


    “Sarah, it’s okay. It’s just me, it’s just Tommy.” the voice said calmly.


    “Tommy?” I asked. He sounded different, but so did everything here.


    “Yeah, it’s me.” he said. Then we started moving.


    “Where are we going?” then something was brought up to my face. A hand, but not Tommy’s hands. These were calloused, used. “Who are you?” I tried to say, but was muffled, then nothing but darkness.




    The man took Sarah away, and when they were away from everyone he picked an unconscious Sarah up bridal style and brought her into a private room. Stumbling everywhere he went.


    His breath even smelled of alcohol. That should have been her first sign, Tommy doesn't drink. 


    Speaking of Tommy, there he was with Diara searching for Sarah as he’d been doing since Diara lost her. Neither of them noticed that she was no longer there. They would take turns searching the room, the man took Sarah when they turned to each other saying they couldn't find her.


    Whilst Sarah was missing and Tommy and Diara were looking, Lily was having fun. Paying no heed to the messages Sarah had sent her earlier asking of help. Lily didn’t realize she was gone.


    Bailey though, did. She had tried, and failed to help Sarah in the pit. While she herself was finding a way out, she saw the one and only Steven Saville leading Sarah away. But Bailey thought nothing of it. She knew that Steven had a reputation with women, but she never heard anything really bad.


    Bailey looked around to find her friends, but found herself going to Tommy and Diara.


    Maybe there is a problem, she thought. She walked confidently towards the friends.




    When I came to, I was in a bed in an unfamiliar room. I tried to get up, but i couldn't move. My heart was beating so fast, I didn't know what was going on.


    “You’re Sarah right?” I heard a male voice ask. I freaked out and started asking the five w’s.


    “Who are you? What’s going on? When’s the time? Where am I? Why are you doing this?” 


    I’m not even sure any of it made sense, I wasn't really thinking about anything. It was dark, I was tied to a bed, I didn't know what was going on.


    “I said,” he grabbed my face roughly with his hand, making me face him. All I saw was camera and blackness. “you’re Sarah, right?”


    I nodded.




    I felt tears burn my nasal canal.


    “Don’t cry, Sarah. Speak.”


    “Yes!” I choked out.


    “Good.” he brushed his fingers across my cheek. “You’re beautiful. Can’t tell who’s better, you or your sister.”


    “Leave us alone.” 


    “Who’s older?” he asked. Ignoring me.


    I kept quiet, except for my occasional sniffles.


    “Sarah, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” I still said nothing. “Okay, I’ll answer your questions if you talk.”


    “I’m older by-b-by four hours.” I told him.


    “Four hours? Now your questions.” he moved closer. He reeked as if he drank a bottle of every alcoholic drink here, and his eyes were like the drugs.


    “Who am I? No one. What’s going on? You’re tied to a bed, crying. When’s the time? 11:30 Eastern. Where are you? In here, with me; don't worry, still in the house. Why am I doing this? Well, Sarah, it’s exhilarating. Now, shut up, and enjoy the ride.” he had put the camera on a stand facing the bed. Then he stalked to me.


    “Tommy!” I screamed, but I only got the ‘To’ part as the man did whatever he did to me before.




    Tommy, Diara, and Bailey stuck together, opening every door to the mansion in hopes o finding Sarah and Steven. At least they were 80% sure Saville was the culprit.


    Every door, every room.


    “Okay, guys, last one.” Tommy said.


    “Oh! It’s midnight! Uh . . . Tommy! Kiss me!” Diara said jumping on him.


    “Uh, okay.” Tommy said and they kissed.


    “Come on guys! My sister!” then there was a noise from inside the closed room.


    “Okay, okay let’s go.” Tommy said, then they went to open the door.


    When they got the locked door opened, Bailey gasped.





what Diara was wearing:

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