Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


7. Seven

Chapter Seven:



    January 29th already, it’s a Friday which means work, work, work, to get ready for tumbling.


    Diara, Lily, and I were getting ready for out last practice. Lily in her usual red an white practice clothes, Diara in her green and black, me in my blue and black. 


    We don't like talking about that night four weeks ago. That’s then, what’s now is practice and school, and that gigantic strain on the friendships between Diara, Tommy, and Lily.


    Lily’s angry at Diara and Tommy for not being there for her, Tommy and Diara are angry at Lily for not being there for me. Lily and I aren't very close anymore, even though I still like to think we are, I’m not mad at her, I don't like holding grudges. Bailey and I are closer, thats good. Probably the only thing that came from that night.


    “Come on, girls.” our coach, Linda, called. The three of us, plus the other seventeen girls started walking to the gym.


    Linda’s husband, Mr. Reynolds, is the principal at this elementary school. He lets Linda use the gym only if she remains the PE teacher here.


    “Look, guys. It’s the loser quartet. Where’s your boyfriend?” the incarnation of the devil said from behind us.


    “I here he’s, like, super gay.” one of her minion’s added.


    “Brenda, stop smiling.” the evil one snapped.


    “Tommy isn't gay.” Diara turned.


    “Look who’s defending him. Diara, honey, do yourself a favor and move on from Tommy. If he wasn't into you before, why would be into you now?”


    “Millie, just leave. No one wasn't you here.” Lily said. I thought before that it was because she cared, until I saw Linda walking up.


    Then I felt it. I’ve been feeling nauseous all day, but whenever I try to throw, nothing happened. Now it’s real, and I feel it coming up.


    “What, Lily? We both know you don't fit in with them, why even hang out with them?”


    That seemed to hit home with her, which—I’ll admit—hurt me too. I was still feeling as if I were to vomit, and it was coming fast.


    “Diara,” I breathed, grasping for her. She looked confusingly at me.


    “All four of you are destined for absolutely nothing.” Millie said.


    “And what are you destined for?” Diara sassed.


    “I’m destined to be a model. I’m just pre—“


    Then it all came out . . . on Millie.


    “Oh my god.” her minions said as their leader stood gaping, vomit falling from her perfect blonde hair.


    “Jesus Christ.” Diara said now. Both her, Lily, and everyone else in the room looked at me.


    There was a hand on my shoulder which made me jump.


    “Sarah, why don't you go home.” Linda. I nodded, then walked away, Diara and Lily in tow.




    “That was awesome! Did you guys see Millie’s face?” Lily laughed.


    “I was to busy wallowing in self pity to take notice.” I told her, we had changed into our clothes, I put my vomit clothes in my bag to wash.


    “Sarah, are you okay?” Diara asked concernedly.


    “I’m fine.” I answered, trying to keep the attention off of me.


    “Sarah.” she grabbed me, stopping all of us.


    “Fine. I’m tired, I feel like i’ve been peeing every twenty minutes, and my boobs feel weird.” I snapped.


    “Woah, are you on your period or something?” Lily joined in.


    “I haven't even had it!” I turned to walk to the car, not noticing Diara and Lily’s frequent glances to each other.




    “I’m not doing that.” I said as Diara pushed a pregnancy test to me.


    “Just try it, Sare. If it says negative we’ll find you something else.” Diara pressured. Lily was silently glaring at the ground.


    I’ll just have to prove them wrong, I thought as I grabbed it.


    I sat on the toilet to use it.


    Fifteen minutes later I was still sitting on the toilet staring at the little “pregnant” on the stick.


    I’m a virgin, I’ve never . . . wait, I thought, the party, the man, no.


    Pounding at the door brought my attention back to reality.


    “Sarah, come out! The store man’m getting angry!” one of my friend’s yelled through the door. 

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