Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


1. One


Chapter One:



    “Hey, Sarah!” Lily Frazier, my best friend since childhood, called to me. I stood at my gym locker—changing from my tumbling outfit into my regular clothes—with my other best friend Diara Roberts, also changing. I met Diara when Lily and I were in 6th grade, and the four of us have been inseparable ever since. The fourth is our best guy-friend Tommy Sanders, who joined when we were all 14. Now we’re close to our 18th years. Tomorrow being New Year’s day into 2016.


    “Lily,” I replied with my usual bubbly smile. “What’s up?”


    Lily is taller than me, but seeing as I’m only about 5 foot 4.5 inches, there’s not much to really compare. She is only a little taller than Diara’s 5 foot 6.5 inches, yet shorter than Tommy’s 5 foot 9 inch height, Lily is 5 foot 7. After ten years of tumbling, it paid off in giving her small build a more athletic side. 


    She shook out her medium length cherry red hair. Her jade green eyes trained on me in a pleading stare. Lily was shifting as if trying to find a way to tell me something.


    “You know how it’s New Year’s Eve?”she said.


    “Oh! That Steven’s party, right?” Diara chimed in.




    “It’s nothing, and plus, what are you going to do?” Lily rhetorically asked.


    “I don’t know!” I denied. “I’ll spend fun times with my mom and dad and Bailey. We always have fun.”


    “Bailey? She goes to the parties too, Sarah!” 


    “Nice, Sare. Your 4 hour younger twin sister has more fun than you.” Diara sarcastically said. I am a twin, the older one. Bailey and I are identical to the last physical detail, though mentally we don’t act the same at all. She would rather sneak out, party, drink, and have sex. I would rather stay in, read, enjoy my parents company. I still have the promise ring that we got on our 7th birthday. I have it around my neck at all times, Bailey only has it near her at family and church events.


    “If I go, will you shut up about it.” I gave in.


    Both Diara and Lily gave each other high-fives as I turned back around to get ready.

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