Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


9. Nine

Chapter Nine:



    “Pregnant?” Bailey sat down on the bench in front of my bed. “But-but the only time it happened was New Years. You have to tell Mom and Dad.”


    “I don’t know how to.” I sat down. “I’m supposed to be the good daughter, the perfect one. I get all of the good grades, hell, I’ve practically been done with high school since sophomore year. I’m the better twin, no offense. This isn’t supposed to happen to people like me.”


    “We’d better go,” Tommy said packing up his things. Diara started putting away her things after she heard what he said.


    “Good luck,” she whispered to me as they left.


    “Sarah, just go to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.” Bailey said to a shaking me. 


    I nodded and got in my bed. She grabbed the current book I was reading and handed it to me to read. Then she left my room, closing the door with her.




    “Oh my god.” Bailey said as she entered her room.


    “What’s up? Sarah didn’t look so good.” Dylan wondered. He was fairly attractive man, with red hair and green eyes. he was a large man, not tall, but built. Not surprising as he was a lineman in the high school football team. He was a nice guy, bisexual with a boyfriend—one of Tommy’s soccer friends. Dylan’s a lot nicer than his step-brother and cousin. His step-brother decided to date both Bailey and Sarah, have sex with Bailey, freak out when Sarah said no. His cousin is Lily.


    Cole on the other hand is . . . different. Quiet, in his head. Other than Dylan, he had no friends. Bailey was Dylan’s friend, Cole just came along. Cole had short, spiky dark blonde hair. Sapphire eyes to go with it. Cole was a wide receiver on the team, he fit the role well. He’s made more touchdowns than any one else in over twenty years, but doesn't like the attention on him so he lets everyone else on the team win. Cole’s small, barely 5’9; only 150 pounds. His family life was sad, and everyone in the neighborhood knew it. A mother that has a drunk since his father left about seventeen years ago, an older brother in college—but never around, an older sister in college who only visited when it was good for her, another older brother—Charlie—just two years older that was constantly getting into trouble.


    “Sarah’s what’s wrong.” Bailey jumped on her back to her bed, her hands rested on her chest. “She’s pregnant.”


    “What? I wasn’t aware she did any of that.” Dylan said just as Cole went “pregnant”. 


    “Yeah, she just found out today. And no, she’s still technically a virgin.” Bailey answered both.


    “How is that possible?” Dylan questioned.


    “New Years party at Steven’s place. Someone . . . took advantage of her. She never chose to have sex, someone chose that for her and did awful things to her. Now she’s stuck with that baby, because she won’t ever want to kill it.”




    “And you know what’s worse?”




    “He knew me too,” Bailey finished, her beautiful eyes filling with emotion. He knew me too.




    “Charlie!” Cole roared when he got into his house. He lived only a couple houses opposite the Grayson’s. Their families knew each other, ate together at neighborhood picnics and barbecues. Mr. Grayson even gave their family money to help them along when they needed it most. Cole’s eldest siblings used all of it to fund their college, but it was a kind gesture that wasn't completely forgotten. Mrs. Grayson would give their family Christmas dinner every year, because the Grayson’s could actually afford it.


    If Charlie did that to Sarah, one of the sweetest people Cole knew, he didn't know if he could be in this house anymore. 


    “Charlie!” Cole repeated running up the stairs towards the room the shared.


    “Charles Richard Clarke!” Cole yelled as he pushed the door open. He didn't care that his brother was currently snorting crushed up pills with two half-naked girls. A camera in his hands, filming it all.


    “Cole! Baby brother, care to join?” Charlie stepped to him, filming him now.


    “What did you do to the Grayson girl?” Cole gave that as an answer. Charlie laughed, showing an attractive smile that he tended to use to lure his victims.


    “Girls, party’s over. Goodbye.” he said, never taking his eyes off his brother, who stood still—eyes burning accusingly into his brother. The camera was off and thrown on his bed.




    “Cole. Why do you care?”


    “What did you do to Sarah?” Cole stepped closer, trying to emphasize his point more.


    “Which one was that? I lost track.”




    “New Years, great party.” Charlie smiled, always remembering his favorite Grayson twin, remembering his favorite victim. Charlie was a lot taller than Cole, standing at 6 foot something, weighing at about 165 pounds. Charlie had medium brown hair and cerulean blue eyes.


    “You got her pregnant, ruined her life.”


    “She’s what?” Charlie went blank.


    “Pregnant, Charlie.” Cole stared down at his older brother. They stood like that for a couple of minutes before Cole turned and started packing his things. 


    “Cole,” Charlie croaked, all the humor gone from his voice, his eyes shined with panic and remorse. It was the only time Cole’s seen Charlie looked even remotely remorseful in his entire life. Even when Charlie broke Cole’s arm and then sprained his ankle, absolutely no remorse. That didn't stop Cole from continuing. “What are you doing?”


    “Leaving,” Cole snapped. “Your secrets safe with me, but if someone asks, I won’t hesitate to say the truth.”


    Then he left.

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