Reality (#1)

Sarah Grayson's life was normal. Average parents, average life, average everything. That is until she lets her friends take her to a party, where she leaves in tears and pain. Her life gets flipped upside down and the only thing that she can do is live with the side effects of her choice.

You may ask how this book is part of the 5 Seconds of Summer fanfiction, but if you'd be kind enough to follow, you'll find out.


8. Eight

Chapter Eight:



    “What did it say?” I was bombarded with as soon as I came out.


    All that happened was me breaking down into tears and Diara hugging me.


    “Diara, I don’t know what to do.” When I looked up and saw Tommy walking over, I noticed someone was gone. “Where’s Lily?”


    “She had somewhere to be.” Diara answered and before I could say anything back, I was engulfed in a hug.


    “What happened, Bear? What’s wrong?” Tommy asked, always concerned.


    “I’m pregnant, Tom.” I started to cry again.


    “When? Who?” he pulled away.


    “You know when, and who knows who.” I told him, that angry look came back into his eyes as he pulled me back into the hug.




    Two hours later, the three of us were in my bed finishing up homework so the weekend could start. We’ve already finished government and economy—those were easy, online classes usually are; there was no homework in psychology, hardly ever is; so the last class we had together was anatomy.


    “I don’t get it.” Diara huffed.


    “It’s simple really,” I answered for her. “The Tibia and Fibula are attached here—the Tibia’s the bigger one. Those two are connected to the Femur—which is the huge one above them. Under them are the feet: Tarsal, Metatarsals, and Phalanges.”


    “Well that’s great and all that you answered number four, but I’m talking more the baby.” she whispered the last part.


    “Yeah, what are you gonna do?” Tommy put down his homework and joined the conversation.


    I groaned and dropped my face in my hands, “I don't know that answer.”


    “Well, are you going to tell anyone?” Diara said just as there were noises on the stairs. “What about Bailey?”


    “What about your parents?” Tommy said as if the answer were obvious.


    “What about me?” my sister came up with some of her guy friends. These were the football jocks, she was also friends with stoners. And geeks, and us, and teachers. Hell, she was friends with everyone. 


    “Bailey,” I looked to Dylan and Cole at her sides.


    “We’ll be in your room,” Dylan grabbed Cole—who was looking from from Bailey to me—and together they went into Bailey’s room.


    Bailey walked up to the foot of my bed my bed and said, “Well? Sarah, what’s going on?”


    “Bailey,” I got out of bed and met her—my friends watching my every move. When I got to her, I found that I couldn’t say anything. I just cried. Cried because I was confused. Cried because I was tired. Cried because there was a baby inside of me and I couldn't do anything about it. I cried probably because of hormones to be real.


    “What’s wrong?” her voice became panicky and, even though my face was covered with her throat , I felt her look around at what I could guess were Tommy and Diara.


    “Bailey, I-I-I” I took a deep breathe and pulled away, her hands were still holding onto my upper arms. “I’m pregnant.”

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