Collage (Park Jimin Love Story)

Jiyeon Jungkook is Jeon Jungkook's twin sister. Unlike her amazing voiced brother her passion has always been for photography. Having seen some of her photos that she's sent Jeon the manager brings her in to discuss a project he is considering. He wants her to move into the boys dorm and capture them in an everyday setting and while they're working on projects. That way they can sell albums of the photos at the end of each year. She quickly agrees eager to spend more time with her twin. When she meets the others she grows attached to them immediately. Especially to Park Jimin, who sends butterfly's to her stomach when he smiles. As they grow closer they're feelings for eachother quickly grow stronger.


2. Chapter 2

 I groan when the alarm I set on my phone goes off at 6:30. I shouldn't have stayed up so late. I had planned to head to head to bed at a decent time but Hoseok and Taehyung had challenged me to play them in the racing game Taehyung had just gotten. We played for hours, everyone cheering us on. I beat Hoseok but Taehyung was to good for me.

 I hurry out to the couch in the living room with my camera, hoping to get a picture of everyone as they got up. I was starting to doze back off to sleep when I heard a door open. I quickly sit up bringing my camera to my face. I start to click away as Namjoon stumbles out of the hallway. He glances my way and groans.

  "Isn't it a bit early to be snapping pictures JiJi?" He asks his voice deeper than usual since he just woke up.

  "Yeah but it's my job to capture you guys at all times during the day"

  "Want some coffee?"

  "Yes please" I say hopping up from the couch to snap a picture of him making coffee. He shakes his head at me before handing me a cup.

 We sit next to each other on the couch in silence enjoying our coffee. I take a couple pictures of him while he sips his coffee and he chuckles. I can tell he's not the biggest fan of all the attention.

  "Sorry Namjoon I know this bugs you"

  "It's okay, just going to take some getting use too"

 I put the camera down so we can both finish our coffee in peace and Namjoon takes both cups to the sink. I hear more footsteps and grab my camera again. I chuckle as Hoseok stumbles out and I quickly snap away. He seems grumpy until his eyes land on me and he smiles a bit moving toward me. He mumbles something before falling next to me on the couch and placing his head on my shoulder falling asleep again. Namjoon comes over and takes the camera from me snapping a picture of the two of us.

  "That one needs to go in the album for sure" Namjoon says and I agree seeing how adorable Hoseok looks laying against me with his mouth hanging open.

 Jin is the next to wake up. Unlike Namjoon he seems to like the camera. He rolls his eyes playfully at Jin as he poses for me. After a few minutes he heads for the kitchen.

  "Anyone want breakfast?" Jin asks glancing between me and Namjoon.    "Me!" we exclaim together and Namjoon follows him into the kitchen. I click pictures as they cook, loving how natural the pictures are.

 I can't help the excitement that builds inside me as I see orange hair around the corner. I glance at Jimin through my camera lens taking a few pictures of his cute tired face. His eyes meet mine and he smiles happily but it falters a little when he sees Hoseok laying against me. He makes a pout face and sits on the other side of me.

  "I'm tired too" Jimin says and lays on my other shoulder. I feel my face start to heat up again but I push it away focusing on my camera. I snap a picture of the three of us, loving the way Jimin focuses on me instead of the camera. Though I keep that to myself. I hand him the camera so he can see what I've taken so far today.

  "These are really good JiJi" He says handing me back the camera.

  "Thanks Jimin"

  Jeon and Tae both stagger in and I take a picture awwwing at how adorable they look. Tae is standing behind Jeon with his arms around him and his head on his shoulder. Hoseok finally stirs, probably smelling the food Namjoon and Jin are making. He stretches before pulling me into a hug and going into the kitchen. Jeon pulls himself away from Tae and sits where Hoseok was moments ago.

  "Glad to see your getting along well" He says glancing between me and jimin. I feel myself blush at what he is implying and glance at jimin to see he's doing the same.

  "Stop being so over protective" I say changing the subject.

  "I'm your older brother it's my job"

  "Your only older than me by two minutes!"

 Jin comes in carrying plates of food and sitting them down on the table.

  "Okay kids stop bickering" Jin says looking between me and Jeon. We both send each other a glare.

  "Look what you did! You made Jin mad at me!" Jeon and I say at the same time.

 Everyone looks at us like we have an extra head but we shrug going back to eating. They'll get use to our twin habits soon enough. After I'm done eating I head down the hall towards my room to get ready for the day. I stop to snap a picture of Yoongi, who has finally woken up. He grumbles heading out to the kitchen. Grabbing my clothes to the shower before we head out for the day.


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