Collage (Park Jimin Love Story)

Jiyeon Jungkook is Jeon Jungkook's twin sister. Unlike her amazing voiced brother her passion has always been for photography. Having seen some of her photos that she's sent Jeon the manager brings her in to discuss a project he is considering. He wants her to move into the boys dorm and capture them in an everyday setting and while they're working on projects. That way they can sell albums of the photos at the end of each year. She quickly agrees eager to spend more time with her twin. When she meets the others she grows attached to them immediately. Especially to Park Jimin, who sends butterfly's to her stomach when he smiles. As they grow closer they're feelings for eachother quickly grow stronger.


1. Chapter 1

 I sit in the passenger seat of BTS's manager's car. He chuckles noticing how my hands grip my camera. It took hours of begging to keep mom from telling Jeon what is happening today. I want it to be a surprise. I haven't seen my twin brother since the holidays. Though he isn't who I am nervous about. I had talked to his bandmates plenty of times when I would face time kookie but this is the first time I'm meeting them in person. What if they're upset about the news? It would be so embarrassing to have to load my stuff back in the car.

  "Your gonna be fine. They'll all be happy to see you" Manager says as if reading my thoughts.

  "What if they don't want me to live with them?"

  "I highly doubt that they would mind"

  "I know I'm just so nervous"

  "Don't worry your gonna be great. Your pictures are amazing and the boys already love you. Meeting you in person won't change that" He says giving me a comforting smile.


 When we arrive at the dorm they're manager moves to get my bags from the trunk of the car and motions for me to go inside. I take a deep breath before hurrying to the front door. I knock twice and within seconds I hear someone heading to answer. I smile happily when a face resembling mine stares back at me. Jeon looks shocked but a happy smile slips quickly onto his face. Within seconds he has me up in his arms and spins me around.

  "Jiyeon what are you doing here?" He asks pulling me inside just as they're manager appears behind me.

  "Get all the guy's round up and we'll tell you then" He says and Jeon hurries to do as he says.

  "Guys get your butts out here. Jiyeon is here!"

 I wait with the manager in the living room as they all start to pour in. To my ease Hoseok is the first to appear. Hoseok is one of the funniest guys I know and if anyone can get rid of my nerves it's him.

  "JiJi" Hoseok says running over and pulling me in for a hug. He and Jimin came up with the nickname when we'd first talked on face time. Before we can pull apart namjoon and Jin hug me from behind.    

   "Why didn't you tell us you were coming to visit?"

  "I wanted to surprise Kookie" I say glancing at my twin that's happily chatting with the manager.

  "Did someone say JiJi was here?" I feel my cheeks start to heat up as Jimin comes from the hallway.

  "Over here" Hoseok says pulling me from Jin and Namjoon so that Jimin can see me.

 He smiles when he sees me and I feel butterflys swarm my stomach as they always do when he smiles at me. I smile back as he pulls me to him, his dyed orange hair brushing against me cheek as he hugs me. When we pull away Taehyung and Yoongi come over to me and each pull me to them as well.

  "Alright now that your all here, Jiyeon and I have some news to share with you" The Manager says and everyone turns to me excited to hear the news.

  "Manager asked me to come to an interview a week back to discuss my photography. He had really loved some of the photos I have sent Jeon and asked me if I'd be willing to take pictures of you guys from random points in your day and at the end of each year we would sell them to the fans. To be able to do that he has asked me to move into the storage room that you guys barely use. I hope that's okay with you guys" I say glancing between them.

  "Are you kidding? Of course we're okay with it" Taehyung says as they all pull me in a group hug jumping around.

  "I told you they're was nothing to worry about" Managers says wrapping an arm around my shoulder for a quick hug. "Alright boys I'm going to head out make sure to make Jiyeon feel at home"

  "Yes sir" They all cheer together and we wave goodbye as Hoseok walks him to the door.

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