My Story

The title says most of it. I'm not giving away anything.


2. Sorting

A/N: I do live in America, but I'm pretending I live in the UK, so I can go to Hogwarts instead of Ilvermorny, since I don't know much about it. Also, this will be set when the Golden Trio is at Hogwarts, but I'm not going to be focusing on them much. I'll be in the same year as them though. I might have some of the original characters from HP, if y'all really want me to. Anyways, on with the story!!

"Rain, Hazel," the professor called.

My stomach clenched into a knot. I started breathing heavily as I walked up to the stool and sat.

People were staring at me. I didn't like it. Like, everyone was staring. I absolutely hated it! I felt like I was going to throw up. The professor placed the hat on my head, and it started whispering in my ears.

"Hmm...I see a great mind...a certain loyalty...kindness, no doubt about that...and what's this? You want to prove yourself to your family?"

How did it know?

"I know everything, my dear. I see all your thoughts. You have three older siblings, I see...half siblings? Yes...Muggles, are they? And you're the only witch in your family..."

Man, this hat wasn't kidding when it said it could see all my thoughts.

"You seem afraid...that you might not fit seem like you belong in..."

It was silent for five seconds, then really loudly bellowed, "HUFFLEPUFF!"

I sighed in relief, and scuttled down and found the Hufflepuff table. I sat down, and shook hands with a few of the students. After a few more names, I watched a certain...boy get called up.

"Trayson, Oliver."

I think I liked him. He But someone like him would never like a nerd like me...

When the rest of us were all Sorted, the food...appeared on the plates. Wow. This really was a school for magic.

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