My Story

The title says most of it. I'm not giving away anything.


4. A/N

Sorry this isn't an update yet!

I just wanted to say, my birthday's in two days, and I'm so excited! Of course, I'm not really doing anything, but still!

I wants to say thanks to all y'all for being so nice to me! I love all your sweet comments! You guys are too nice to me!

Btw, I'm turning 13, so I'm gonna be a teen!

I'm going to try and update all of my stories, as thanks to your kindness! Thanks y'all, and if there's a certain Movella you want me to update more than the others, feel free to tell me! Thanks!!!

~Autumn Snape


P.S. I may as well do it now, but my real name is actually Hannah. I'm not telling you my last name for security reasons. But please, still call me Autumn. I love that name, and I hate mine. Thanks!

P.P.S. Actually my new pen name is Evelyn, so call me that, lol...

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