The Three Sisters: Extended Family

This story is a sequel to What if: Rarity from The Three Sisters met with Chrysalis

Choosing whether or not to visit Chrysalis has been bugging Rarity for a week since receiving an invitation to do so. But there seems to be trouble brewing in the Hive and Rarity now has little time to act. Either way, her family's future rests in her hooves.


13. Chapter 12

“Chrysalis,” Rarity spoke up. “I think you should tell us what’s going on before we go anywhere else.”

Chrysalis blinked. “Why?”

“We put together this infiltration team to rescue you, Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle.” Luna looked Chrysalis in the eye. “Given that one of our friends is your sister, you are being given the benefit of the doubt, but if I am to spend my time gallivanting after you through the Hive, I need more than a simple ‘follow me’.”

“You will?” Chrysalis seemed genuinely surprised. “I thought you were pretty much a follower after the moon thing debacle.”

Luna growled. “You have ten seconds before I blast you.”

Chrysalis smirked. “That is because you have not seen past my schemes! I am in control, Luna, make no mistake.”

Luna snorted. “Yes, I was under that impression while everyone else was convinced your daughters had gotten the better of you. But I did not underestimate you.”

Chrysalis looked at Luna with doleful eyes. “Y-you didn’t?”

“Of course not,” Luna rolled her eyes. “The moment I heard your daughters had outsmarted you, I realized what little of a threat you really were.”

“Hey!” Arachne snapped from the wall, trying hard not to laugh at her mother’s crestfallen face. “It wasn’t as easy as you think!”

“I’m sure it wasn’t.” Luna gave Arachne a calculating look. “You poisoned her soup, didn’t you?”

“I—” Arachne choked. “Shaddup.” she muttered.

“Clearly a challenging moment.”

“Luna, don’t be mean to my sister, please?” Sweetie Belle asked, eyes shimmering.


“It’s okay, Sweetie,” Chrysalis spoke up. “Luna has every right to do that.”


“No, she’s clearly upset...” Chrysalis interrupted yet again, raising a hoof. “You see, Luna has a secret. It’s purple. And it’s name is—”

“Right.” Luna turned to look at Chrysalis. “You were going to lead us into glorious battle, oh great leader.” She bowed. “I await your word.”

“Chrysalis!” Rarity chided. “That’s not appropriate!” She cleared her throat. “Divulging a lady’s secrets like that!”

“I think I’m missing something,” Sweetie Belle said. Did Luna’s cheeks seem darker?

“Hmm,” Twilight narrowed her eyes. “Yeah, I wonder what that is?”

Hidden Tale looked at Twilight Sparkle for a long moment, before shaking his head and pretending to be looking anywhere else.

“W-why don’t we go find the other two princesses?” Luna said. “I grow restless, standing around…”

Chrysalis smirked. “Without your purple—”

“I grow restless!” Luna snapped. “With the lack of action!”

“Well then.” Chrysalis’ grin would not subside. “Better get going. Don’t want to catch Celestia’s younger sister in a purple mood.” Her smiled widened when Luna simply gritted her teeth.

The group started moving towards the door until someone clearing her throat interrupted them.

“Hey! Wait! Weren’t you going to take me with you?!” Arachne called after her mother, who stopped at the doorway.

“Hmm…” Chrysalis hummed, looking at Arachne. “No. You can stay there for now.”

“The guards knew I was in this room! They’ll come and get me!” Arachne retorted. “They’ll  accuse me of murder and kill me!”

“And that, young lady, is why you don’t try to usurp the throne.” Chrysalis winked.

The door crashed open at that moment, allowing a large group of guards inside, who immediately rushed towards Arachne.

“Princess Arachne!” A changeling captain declared, marching past Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Hidden Tale, Rarity, Chrysalis and Luna until he stood in front of the captured princess. “You are hereby arrested for murder!”

Arachne’s mouth closed and opened soundlessly as two guards attempted to pull her off the wall. The goo stretched and stretched until it finally snapped loose, sending the trio rolling on the floor.

After a bit of scrambling, they dragged the struggling Arachne out of the room.

The captain nodded, then turned to look at the flabbergasted group.

He bowed to Chrysalis. “Your highness.” He turned to look at Luna before taking another bow. “Your highness.” He looked at Rarity, still in her Changeling Queen form and bowed once more. “Your highness.” Then he politely nodded at Sweetie Belle, Twilight Sparkle and Hidden Tale before marching after the other guards.

Twilight remained silent for a few seconds. “What the buck just happened?”

“Twilight!” Rarity screeched, covering Sweetie’s ears. “Think of Applejack’s job!” she hissed.

“While I disapprove of my sister’s student using such language, I too wonder what the buck just happened.” Luna said, while Hidden Tale nodded emphatically.

Chrysalis smiled. “Wait for it…”

A second later the captain galloped into the room and slid to stand staring in growing horror at the unexpected guests.

“Oh, cr—”




“Your highness, we have found your crown!” One of the changelings declared, placing a jade crown on top of Thysa, who did not react in the slightest when it was placed on her head, nor when the changelings started dragging in a few ponies into the library.

Applejack glared at Thysa, unable to talk due to being contained in a hard cocoon, just like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie were. They all had been piled on top of each other right next to Spike.

“These are the only Elements of Harmony we could capture in Ponyville,” another changeling reported. “The other two are missing.”

“Other than them,” another began to say, “We have captured a hundred and twenty three other ponies and two bullies who we simply encased and knocked out since they seemed poisonous.” He pulled out a checklist, which he showed to Thysa.

“Your sisters should have been subdued by now, and the Hive awaits your return to preside over their execution. We have already drafted a ransom note for Canterlot and took precautions to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.”

“I demand an explanation!” a voice shouted from the outside. A couple of changelings were pushed out of the way of another changeling and a unicorn, who looked around really nervously. The changeling marched up to the changelings next to Thysa and glared at them.

“Why did you attack Ponyville? Who’s in charge here? Why did your changelings try to arrest me and take out Lyra?”

“Uh, Bon Bon?” Lyra whispered, elbowing the changeling.

“Not now, dear, I’m dealing with these idiots.”

“Yes but…”

“Not. Now.”

“Oh… okay. Hi Applejack,” Lyra chuckled nervously at the incredulous looks from the trapped ponies.

“What?!” The changeling, aka, Bon Bon, whirled around and stared in horror at the trapped mares. She punched the nearest changeling. “See what you’ve done!? You exposed my identity to the Elements of Harmony! I’ll never be able to live a normal life amongst them now!”

“Listen,” the changeling with the checklist huffed. “I don’t know who you are, but you are in the presence of the Queen of the Hive.”

“Where is she?!” Bon Bon growled. “I have a few choice words for her after she used my Lyra as a tool!”

“Bon Bon!” Lyra hissed. “On'tday empttay ethay assassinsway!”

“No nays! I want to talk to the queen!” Bon Bon stomped her hooves. “Right now!”

The changeling shrugged and stepped to the side, exposing a very calm and collected Thysa, who stared straight ahead.

“Who’s this?!” Bon Bon asked.

“The new queen, after Queen Chrysalis was assassinated by her other daughters.” The changeling announced. “Queen Thysa.”

“She was what?!” Lyra gasped. “Bon Bon this is really not the time to provoke the new Que—”

“It’s the perfect time!” Bon Bon snapped. “Listen here, you twerp! I don’t know what you think you can do now that you’re Queen of the Hive, but I’m going to let you know right now, that you can’t simply march into Ponyville and attack us!”

Thysa did not respond.

“Are you listening to me?!” Bon Bon asked poking Thysa on the chest.

There was a moment of silence as Thysa swayed in place, then collapsed right in front of Bon Bon.

Everyone seemed paralyzed for a few seconds.

“She killed the Queen! Get her!”

“Oh, cra—”




“I refuse.” Twilight turned her back on Chrysalis.



“Come on, Sparkly. You know deep inside you want it.”

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “Sweetie Belle?”

“Pleeeeeaaaaase, Twilight?”

Twilight glared at the little filly giving her puppy eyes. “Your puppy eyes won’t work, Sweetie. I’ve taken care of Spike all this time and he’s just as good as you are at Puppy eyes.”

“Huh, must’ve learned from Shining Armor,” Chrysalis muttered.

“Excuse me?!” Twilight whirled around, but didn’t find Chrysalis. She looked around until her eyes focused on Spike and Sweetie, both giving her huge puppy eyes. “Pleeeeease, Twilight?”

She gritted her teeth. “Fine.”

“Yesss!” ‘Spike’ and Sweetie Belle hoof-bumped.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to do this.” Twilight muttered as she stepped towards the cavern containing Acari and Phasmi.

“You’re not the only one, darling.” Rarity offered.

“You weren’t emotionally blackmailed by a fake Spike and Sweetie Belle!”

“Twilight,” Rarity stopped her friend. “They offered to send with me a chef who knows how to cook fruit bats.”


“Fruit bats, Twilight.”

From the side, Luna shook her head. “Why do I feel I lost control of this situation before this whole mission even started?”

Hidden Tale shrugged. “Because we were never in control?”

Luna pouted.

Hidden Tale sighed.




“Acari,” Phasmi whispered. “Be strong.”

“You too, sister.”

“Well, well, well…” Chrysalis chuckled as she stepped into the room, followed by Twilight Sparkle and another pony that fit the descriptions of another of the Elements of Harmony. “Look at what I found here.”

“Mother.” Phasmi nodded. “I see you brought guests.”

“I’m sure you recognize Twilight Sparkle.” Chrysalis smiled. “And this is Rarity, the sister of the filly Arachne captured.”

“Where is Arachne?” Acari asked.

“She’s been dealt with,” Chrysalis shrugged.

“So,” Phasmi sighed. “What are you going to do to us? Are you going to kill us as well?”

Chrysalis looked down at her daughter. “I’m going to do to you exactly what you deserve. I’m going to punish you.”

“Make it quick,” Acari muttered. “I hope that little betrayer, Thysa, will follow in your hoofsteps. I’d keep eyes on the back of my head if I were you.”

Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “Why does no one here believe me when I tell them that your sister had nothing to do with this?”

“What do you mean?”

A few Days Ago

Chrysalis and Thysa stood outside the throne room.

“Mother, please, you have to let me talk to you! You have to rethink your decision!”

“Thysa,” Chrysalis rolled her eyes. “I’ve made up my mind. I’ll talk to you and your sisters after dinner tonight.”

“But… as a family we have to—”

Chrysalis chuckled. “Hah. Family. If it weren’t for your aunt Purity you’d all be…” she drifted off.


Chrysalis shook her head. “I’ve said too much.”

“My Queen!” a drone approached. “The package to Ponyville has been delivered. I made it myself.”

Chrysalis nodded. “Well done, you’ve earned yourself a good meal. Go to the kitchens and request whatever you want to eat with my authority.”

“T-thank you, my Queen!” The changeling stammered and hurried off.

“Now,” Chrysalis turned to face Thysa. “Let’s talk about you and your sisters after dinner, okay?”

Thysa’s eyes were on the changeling drone as it hurried away. “Sure.”

Chrysalis smiled. “Good. Anyway, I’m starving! I think the chef made my favorite soup!”

End Flashaback

Acari and Phasmi stared at their mother.

“W-what.” Acari finally stammered.

Chrysalis smiled. “I sent the crown to Ponyville so Purity would have one in case she ever decided to return, although I didn’t say who it really was for, since we didn’t know if she would return at all. As far as my troops knew, if I were to be killed, or died suddenly, my successor would be in Ponyville. When Thysa left for Ponyville and you poisoned me, cutting my link from them, they assumed you had all murdered me, but after I had already selected a successor.”

“But… who the hay is Purity?” Phasmi asked.

Chrysalis looked at Rarity, who released her disguise.

The two princesses stared at the queen standing in front of them in abject awe.

“B-but!” Acari spoke up. “That can’t be! You should have fought any other potential queen to the death!”

Chrysalis smirked. “Surprise.”

Rarity shook her head, but smiled. “Hello, girls. I’m your aunt ‘Purity’. I’ve been hearing a lot about you.”

“Wait!” Acari spoke up. “So was Sweetie Belle also a changeling?”

“Yes.” Sweetie said from the door.

“No.” Rarity stated, glaring at her sister.

“But how—”

“Listen, all of you,” Chrysalis interrupted motioning for her guards to drag Arachne into the cave. “I will tell you my decision right now, and tell you your punishment.”

The three sisters gulped and looked at each other worriedly.

“I decree…” Chrysalis growled. “That none of you will have to do another quest again.”

Phasmi opened her eyes.

“That you will all live as sisters and, when the time comes, figure out how to rule the Hive together.”

Acari gaped.

“That from now on, we will change changeling tradition.”

Arachne’s eyes were wide.

“But always remember: Too much sentimentality IS a weakness.”

The three stared at their mother in complete surprise, until Purity hugged Chrysalis.

“Oh, Chrysi! You’re so adorable!”

“Gah! Step away from me!”

“B-but what about our punishment?” Acari asked.

Twilight stepped forward. “About that…” she sighed. “Against my better judgement and as a result of blatant blackmail, I have agreed to let each of you do community service in Ponyville under my and Purity’s supervision.”

“Community service?” Arachne blinked. “What’s that?”

“Oh, you’ll find out.” Chrysalis started laughing maniacally. “And it will change you… forever!”

“But… what about Thysa?” Phasmi asked, ignoring her mother’s antics. “She’s in Ponyville with half the troops!”

Chrysalis blinked. “Oh… right.”




“You’re lucky she’s just unconscious!” the guard growled at Bon Bon, who was cocooned alongside the others.

“I think she’s been unconscious since you busted in through the door,” Spike provided helpfully. “I was going to say something but it was really funny watching you all tell her all that stuff while she wasn’t even paying attention.”

“Well, when the new queen wakes up…”

“My changelings!”

“That sounded to me like the old queen,” Bon Bon supplied. “You know, the not dead one.”

“Did you call me old?”

“As in previous.” Bon Bon clarified.

“In that case I will not skin you alive, agent Bon Bon.”

“Bonnie?” Lyra whispered. “Why are you talking to the air?”

“Hush, honey,” Bon Bon smiled. “I’m talking with Chrysalis.”

“Oh.” Lyra looked at the others. “She’s lost it. We’re doomed.”

“Troops. Release Ponyville from our control. And bring my daughter and the Elements to the Hive. We have much to talk about.” Chrysalis paused for a moment. “And bring the dragon too as well. I hear he’s been hitting on my daughter.”

“He has?! Oh my, Spikey, I knew you had it in you! I’m so proud!”

Bon Bon blinked. “What.”

“This is not the moment to jump into the Hive’s collective network!”

“But Spikey made a move! I’m so proud! Yes, Twilight, your little assistant is growing up! Oh, this is delicious! When do I have to start designing the wedding dress?”

“Purity! I demand you get off the line!”

“Oh, Twilight, it’s never too early for love to blossom! And you didn’t get a chance to meet Thysa, she’s a sweet little bug!”

“Don’t I get a say in this? Thysa is my daughter!”

“I’m sure my niece will love the idea!”

“Can we talk about this when we’re not being heard by every changeling?!”

“Fine,” Rarity giggled. “But I’m thinking a blue lace...”

“That’s it. I’m cutting the line. You drones have your orders. Chrysalis out.”

There was a resounding silence.

“What just happened?” Bon Bon asked.

“I have no idea,” the changeling with the checklist said, dropping it to the floor. “But we have our orders. Troops! Start mobilizing!”

“Oh, and one more thing. Catch some fruit bats on the way back. We’re running dangerously low on supplies.”




Dear Princess Celestia,

As you probably know, we’re all safe at the moment in the Hive. Luna decided to stay here for the duration of our visit, for extra protection, although I’m fairly sure we’re okay.

Despite my history with changelings, and against all odds, I’ve found the visit very educational, even enjoyable. Acari is a delight to talk to, and she’s a very smart changeling I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting when she’s doing her community service in Ponyville.

Chrysalis has been a strange, but otherwise friendly, host and treated us to many interesting experiences here. Rarity was welcomed with warmth by all changelings here, apparently she was really a very generous and friendly princess back when she was still just a little bug.

Applejack and Thysa are good friends, surprisingly, but Rarity told me that her niece was a dedicated gardener, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. And what Chrysalis said was true… it seems that Thysa has a thing for Spike! And Spike seems very taken in with her. While I worry about my little brother, I can see that this will be good for both of them. We’ll all be there for both for whatever the future holds. (Also, Thysa looks adorable as a dragon.)

Fluttershy and Phasmi are also a hit. Although Phasmi is not quite as quiet—or shy—as our friend, she is calm and collected and finds Fluttershy’s knowledge of animals quite engaging.

Arachne, it turns out, ended up being a good match for Rainbow Dash. Both have egos big enough to get them into constant trouble, but their competitions are good-natured, and Pinkie Pie seems to have struck something in Arachne, who will only give up competing against Rainbow Dash if it’s for a chance to learn how to make sweets with Pinkie Pie.

Perhaps the most amazing relationship is that of Sweetie and Chrysalis. While Rarity and Chrysalis enjoy each other’s company and are re-discovering what it means to be sisters, Chrysalis and Sweetie are almost inseparable. There have been more pranks in the last day than in the last week in Ponyville.

I’m happy to see that the Magic of Friendship worked it’s way all the way here, and that despite our differences and… conflicting… history, we can all be friends and family.

Speaking of which, I heard that there was a rogue changeling in Ponyville… I wouldn’t worry too much about her, as rumor has it she’s been there far longer than any nefarious plans of Chrysalis’ and also due to the fact that according to [REDACTED] she’s nothing more than a civilian.

Speaking of which [REDACTED] left soon after Chrysalis ordered her troops back. I don’t know what types of jobs he does, or how he’s related to you, but… thank him for the help, would you? I know we got lucky this time, but having [REDACTED] on our side seems extremely helpful. (As a side note, did you do something to my dictation spell? Every time I try to write [REDACTED]’s name it writes ‘redacted’ in capital letters.)

Anyway, I am off to join the others at dinner, and we’ll be heading back to Ponyville tomorrow with a few political guests.

Your Faithful Student,

~Twilight Sparkle

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