Close as Strangers // LH


After some long over due thinking, Nikki decided to transfer to a new university to get a leg up on the competition of teaching. She's slightly socially awkward and is not the typical college type of girl. She mainly keeps to herself most of the time, studying or zoning out to music. And since transferring as a senior, it won't be easy to "fit right in". Cliques have been made, friends have become sisters and enemies may be in a ditch somewhere. Her plan of staying on the down low is quickly interrupted by a tall blue eyed beaut and she's not sure if it's for the good or not!


9. Jealous.

***Nic's POV.

Butterflies fill my stomach as the song Luke made me listen to plays out in front of me. I didn't really know what to do with myself when Calum pointed in my direction. All I could think off was Luke. so horrible of me. The song comes to an end and the four boys run off the stage.

"Come on!" I say grabbing Scarlett and Bridgette's hands.

"Where are we going?" Scarlett laughs.

"Backstage," I smile. We weave through the dispersing crowd and slip behind an employees only door.

"There she is!" Calum shouts, wrapping his arms around me.

"Hey," I hug him back trying my best not to sound too surprised.

"Did you enjoy the show?"
"Yes, we did," Scarlett nods, "you guys are pretty awesome."
"Thank you. The mates and I work hard," he smiles.
Calum grabs my hand, "I'll be back with her," he directs to Scarlett and Bridgette.

He drags me down a hall to a little nook where bathrooms are placed.

"Hi," he grins.
"Hi," I smile.
"It was hard keeping my eyes off you tonight."
"I tried to go unnoticed."
He rolls his eyes, "Looking the way you do, that's impossible."
I laugh at him, "Whatever you say."

Although it's nice to have someone gush over me, I'm finding it odd all of a suddenly Calum wants something to do with me. Ever since he walked away from me the other the day, we have barely talked.

"Calum!" I hear Luke yell. Instantly I pull away from him, feeling slightly embarrassed. "We are meeting with the agent. Come on, mate." Luke gives me a nod before whisking Calum away.
"Sure, I'll just see my way back out," I point, mumbling to myself. I rejoin Scarlett and Bridgette who are intensively watching the group speak excitedly with the agent. I glance over to the gathering of girls not too far away from them. Kelsey stares me down with a less than pleased look on her face. I slowly move to the other side of Bridgette.

"That Michael is a hottie," Scarlett speaks up.
"Isn't he," I elbow her.
"No!" Bridgette scolds, "rock star boyfriends are bad."
"You didn't yell at Nic?!" Scarlett whines.
Bridgette points at me, "No!"

We all laugh. But the rocker interested in me isn't the one I want. Wait, no. Nic. Shake that thought. The boys disperse from their group chat, each shaking hands with the agent. Calum wears the biggest smile as he walks towards us.

"So?" I ask.
"We will be getting a phone call later this week!"
"That's so awesome! Congratulations!"
Calum grabs my face, crashing his lips to mine. I hear Bridgette and Scarlett gawk before a throat clears. Mikey stands awkwardly, waiting to speak with Calum. He nonchalantly backs away from me, looking at him.

"What's up, mate?"
"Beer," he thumbs over his shoulder.
Calum looks at me.
"I'm taking a break from alcohol so go ahead."

He kisses my cheek and hustles away with Mikey.

"Hi Mikey," Scarlett mumbles watching him sneak away.
"Just talk to him," I whisper.
"Maybe," she shrugs.
"Do it."
She glares at me before laughing.
"No alcohol?" Bridgette shakes her head in disappointment.
"Oh, okay," I groan.

We walk down to the bar, ordering ourselves drinks. I spot Luke out of the corner of my eye. He's hovering over Kelsey blankly staring at Calum. Weird. I can't help but to think how hot he looks. All black, hair messed to perfection. Sometimes he seems so unreal.

"You're staring," Bridgette laughs.
"What?" I jump, "no I wasn't. I'm just tired."
"Bullshit. Stab her. I'll bail you out of jail."
"Who?!" "Kelsey."
"She's not worth jail," Scarlett huffs.
"You're right," I nod.
"You ladies sound like you need another drink or two," the bartender laughs.
Bridgette bats her long eyelashes, "You must be a mind reader."

I keep my eye on Luke as the tender fills our drinks again. I thought by now he would have given me a glance. Whatever. The rest of the evening goes on okay. Calum ends up drunk so I had to deal with his touchy, grabby self till Ashton intervened. Scarlett finally chatted up Mikey which I think resulted in numbers being exchanged. A good night for those two, for sure.

Class arrives all too early in the morning. To be honest though, I look forward to these boring lectures, just so I can see Luke. I settle myself in my usual seat and patiently wait for my "good morning" or my kick in the seat, but it never comes. I nonchalantly turn around to see if maybe he's suffering through a hang over but instead some girl stares back at me. I slowly turn back around when I spot him, seated on the far end of the row. I feel a slight sadness ache at my chest. He looks no worse for the wear. What the heck? I slide down in my chair, trying my best to focus on the lecture, but my sadness quickly turns to anger. Why am I getting the shit treatment? I did nothing. I cross my arms over my chest. He's not avoiding me today. In my rage, I look over to see him gone. Seriously? I quickly shove my books into my bag and hurry up the steps and out the door. I see him walking down the sidewalk, phone pressed to his ear. I quicken my pace in order to catch up with him. He ends his conversation, shoving his phone back in his pocket. Now or never.

"So I don't get a good morning today?"
Luke slows his pace, looking over his shoulder. "Morning."
"Bad day?"
"Nope," he shrugs.
"So you are just choosing to ignore me?"
He doesn't say anything, just slides his hands into his pockets.
"Okay," I sigh, "well whatever I did, I'm sorry. Hope you have a better afternoon."

He groans, throwing his head back, looking up to the sky. I slow my walk, cutting towards the dining hall before I feel a hand slip into mine and I'm being tugged towards the dorm building. Luke quickly escorts me into his building and up to his room. I'm nearly out of breath stepping into his room. He walks in promptly sitting on the arm of the couch. I stand unsure of what to do, say or even feel. He runs a hand through his hair, looking up at me.

"Um," I start but he quickly cuts me off.
"Why Calum?"
"What do you mean?"
"You two were all over each other last night."
I look at him, "You are with Kelsey, why does it matter?"
"Fuck Kelsey," he says standing up.
"You do," I mumble.
"Don't make me laugh, Nic. This is a serious conversation," he smiles.

I slip my bag off my shoulder and walk over to him, "What is bothering you?"
He sighs, "I don't want Calum making you feel the way I wish I could."
"The way you wish you could?" I question.
"Yes," he nods, "I want to be the one who makes you laugh, makes you smile. I want to be the one you look forward to seeing, I want to be the one who gets to taste your lips or feel you in my arms." He pauses only for a moment leaning down to me, "and I want to be the one who causes you to have to squeeze those thigh because you can't handle my teasing."

I swallow hard, looking up at him. What did I do to deserve such torture? So many situations are running through my mind. Leave, kiss him, hug him, say something really stupid or continue to look at him completely baffled. But Luke doesn't give me time to choose. His tongue darts out over his lips, he walks us backwards till my back is pressed against the wall. He swiftly places a hand behind my neck and presses his lips to mine, pulling me into him. I waste no time and slip my tongue over his. His free hand slips to my waist. A soft moan escapes me causing Luke to push his hips against mine.
"Luke," I breath as his lips trail down my neck. He tilts his head back up, grabbing my bottom lip in between his teeth. His eyes flicker an electric blue, playing with the hem of my shirt.

"I don't want you to feel pressured into doing anything with me, but..." He takes my hand placing over his apparent bulge. I feel my cheeks heat up as he squeezes his hand over mine.
"So many days in class where I just can't keep my eyes off of you. You consume my mind, Nic."
"I'm sorry," I whisper.
He laughs, "Don't apologize."

I bite down on my lip, dragging a finger down his zipper.

"And don't tease," he growls.
I'm feeling a little daring so I decide to edge him on. "What? Can't handle it?"

He grabs my hands, pinning my arms up above my head.
"Can you?"
His lips gently press to mine. I close my eyes allowing him to takeover. At this point, I don't care what he does. I just want him to touch me. He lets go over my hands, sliding his down my sides to my hips. His fingers brush across my skin just under the hem of my shirt.

"Can I?" He asks grabbing a hold of my shirt.

I nod my head, lifting my arms. He carefully tugs my shirt up over my head, dropping it to the floor next to him. I hear him groan as his eyes scan over me.

"Black suits you so well."
I smile, "You think so?"
"I know so," he laughs dragging his hands up my sides and over the lace of my bra.
"So shirt for shirt?" I grin, "it's only fair."
He sighs, "I suppose."

Luke quickly discards of his jacket then his shirt. I marvel at the lean, built torso in front of me. Not what I was expecting. Better than what I was expecting. Is that horrible of me?

"Don't be afraid to touch me, Nic."
"I'm not, I'm just, admiring."
"You can admire with your hands."

Luke grabs my hands, placing them on his chest. He slides them down his stomach over his abs to the button of his jeans. His blue eyes look down at me. I'm nervous. Although I want him more than anything at the moment, I don't want to fuck this up. I start to push the button through the loop when Luke's door flies open.


Oh no! Wonder Who's About To Come Through That Door!

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