Close as Strangers // LH


After some long over due thinking, Nikki decided to transfer to a new university to get a leg up on the competition of teaching. She's slightly socially awkward and is not the typical college type of girl. She mainly keeps to herself most of the time, studying or zoning out to music. And since transferring as a senior, it won't be easy to "fit right in". Cliques have been made, friends have become sisters and enemies may be in a ditch somewhere. Her plan of staying on the down low is quickly interrupted by a tall blue eyed beaut and she's not sure if it's for the good or not!


12. I Don't Want Anything To Do With You.

I walk backwards bumping into the broad chest of some guy I've never seen before.

"Look, Kelsey. You won."
"Not yet I haven't."

The guy behind me swiftly grabs both of my arms, another puts a piece of duct tape over my mouth. Kelsey quickly walks over searching through my pockets. She yanks out my phone, grinning.

"Passcode?" she holds out my phone, turning towards me. I glare at her, shaking my head no.

"Well, that's typical. Mel, would you?"

Kelsey say handing my phone over to a darker skinned girl. I watch as the girl successfully unlocks my phone. Anxiety sets in. My rate of panic sky rockets. Mel gives Kelsey my phone. Her face is amused as she flips through whatever.

"You're such a pretty girl. Too bad you're as dumb as a board."

I go to lunge forward but the big dude gripes my arms tighter.

"Oh and you even texted him?! But I thought you were done with him?" she mocks, "you are so pathetic."

She shakes her head and starts typing on something on my phone,

"Let's see if he takes the bait, shall we?"

Luke's POV

Can't help but to think about her. How much I hurt her. How much bullshit she's dealing with because of me. A text jars me from my thoughts. It's from Nic. She wants me to meet her on the south lawn. Be there in 5. I reply. I jump up from the couch, grab my jacket, slip on my hat and head out the door. It doesn't take me long to get there but when I get there, I see Kels, not Nic.

"So you're going to throw it all away for some skank transfer?"
"No? What are you talking about?"
"What are you doing out here, Luke? Huh?"
"To get some fresh air." "Bullshit," she shoves a phone in my face. I read the messages knowing damn well it's not her phone "How did you get-"
"Never mind that. If you are serious about us, you will tell her you want nothing to do with her."
"Okay, okay. I'll do it."
"How? Apparently you stole her phone."
"To her face."

I see Nate, Kelsey's older brother push Nic out from behind a wall. A piece of black duct tape covers her mouth.

"You can take the tape off now," Kelsey waves.

Nate rips the tape off of Nic's mouth causing her to yelp.

"Tell her."

I look at Nic. Her tired eyes float to mine. They beg with me not to put her through any more humiliation.

"Luke, tell her."

I swallow hard. This is not what I want to do. "Nic, I'm sorry."

"Luke! Seriously!" Kelsey steps in front of me, "She tried to sabotage us and you are going to apologize to her?!"

"Kels, I-"

She puts her hand up, "Tell. Her."

I yank my lip ring into my mouth, "I don't want anything to do with you. I'm happy with Kelsey. I love her. So leave me alone."

She looks like a deer in headlights, as if she just lost her last best friend. Her eyes slightly gloss over.

"Did you hear that, bitch? He's wants nothing to do with you. Get that through your dumb ass head. If I catch you even attempting to talk to him, I will end you. You will wish you were never born."

Nate let's Nic go. She stares at Kelsey before turning her gaze to me.

"Oh and before I give you this back.." Kelsey goes through Nic's phone again doing something to it. "That way you won't be tempted to send a text or what not," she grins handing Nic her phone.

"Thanks," she nods taking her phone before turning and walking away from us.

"I feel so much better," Kels says slinking her arm around my back.
I smile at her, kissing her on the forehead, "Me too. Glad that's over."

But really this is all a show. I'm crushed. I just hurt the person that gets me the most. And I wouldn't blame her if she never spoke to or saw me again.

  Finally I update It Felt Like Years. Karen Will Not Be Online For A While But She Will Be Back :) ~Angie
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