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After some long over due thinking, Nikki decided to transfer to a new university to get a leg up on the competition of teaching. She's slightly socially awkward and is not the typical college type of girl. She mainly keeps to herself most of the time, studying or zoning out to music. And since transferring as a senior, it won't be easy to "fit right in". Cliques have been made, friends have become sisters and enemies may be in a ditch somewhere. Her plan of staying on the down low is quickly interrupted by a tall blue eyed beaut and she's not sure if it's for the good or not!


8. Clap,Clap ...Clap.

Three bottles of wine later and both Bridgette and Scarlett are passed out.

"Fuck," I groan forgetting that I have yet to finish my paper.

I quietly sneak around my sleeping friends and slink down into my desk. Another hour and two more glasses of wine later and I'm finally done with the paper. I grab my phone seeing no new messages. I can't help but to think that Luke is probably writing his paper at the moment so I cautiously shot him a text.

N: Don't forget your paper.
L: Hey I thought it was girls night?!
I quickly snap a photo of the girls and send it to him.
N: All by myself.
L: All by yourself, huh?
N: Yes.
L: sneak over here. Help me with this paper.
N: if I didn't have two drunk sleeping friends here, I'd be on my way.
L: Wait, really?
N: Yessssss
L: Why are you so nice to me?
N: I wasn't always but what would it gain me to be a jerk to you.
L: Um, probably not a lot.
N: See.
L: All I see right now is a blank piece of paper.
N: Luke! Write! I'm done texting you. Get that shit done.
L: No! :(
N: Start writing.
L: I am.
N: Pics or it's not real.

It's take a few minutes but I finally get a picture. A half written paper.

N: Good job!
L: I know. I'm awesome.
N: I wouldn't take it that far
L: Oh, Nic's got jokes!
N: I do. Tell me what the circumstance is.
L: No.
N: Please?
L: No.
N: A hint.
L: Ummm, you'll like it.
I sit back looking down at his response. "You'll like it."
L: But it's almost 2. We should get to bed. See you in a few hours. Night.
N: Goodnight, Luke.
I shut my phone down and climb into bed. I'm nervous and anxious to find out what exactly is going to happen tomorrow.
Luke's POV
I spot her walking into class wearing those dark skinny jeans, an over-sized hoodie that she manages to make look hot as hell. I skip down the steps and quietly slip into a seat behind her. I gently tug her hair. She quickly turns around, giving me a glare.
"Good morning, babe."
"Good morning, Mr. Hemmings."
"Always so beautiful," I mumble
"I said did you get that paper done?"
"I did," she says sounding unconvinced of my question, "are you telling me the circumstance yet?"
"After class."
She sticks out her bottom lip, looking up at me with those blue eyes of hers. I shake my head,
"After class."
She frowns turning around in her seat. Her hair falls from her shoulder, leaving a small part of her neck exposed. I can't help but to think about how bad I want to press my lips to that spot. Stop, Hemmo. She's not yours to have. But her intoxicating perfume has my head in the clouds. I yank out my phone and pull up my messages, selecting her name.
L: The circumstance is, you have to kiss me like you mean it.
I hit send and watch to see if she checks her phone. I hear the vibration and see her grab it from her bag. I hear her laugh as she shakes her head. My phone vibrates on my desk.
N: Now or later?
My stomach goes warm. She didn't say no.
I lean down behind her, "Just follow me after class," I whisper.
She puts her phone away and continues to pay attention to class. Me on the other hand, can't even think straight. I'm nervous yet excited. Finally class is over, early to beat. Nic and I turn in our reports then head out to the lawn.
"So, where are we going?"
"To a little spot."
She eyes me up but still follows me. I take her a few back paths to behind the science hall. The leaves on the trees are starting to change so it makes for a beautiful stroll. I slow up, stopping at a picnic table. Nic tosses her bag on the table, running her hands together.
"Let's do this," she smirks.
I sit down on the edge of the table, watching her as she comes around in front of me.
"You know, that really sets the mood," I snark.
"Oh? We need a mood?"
She steps in closer to me, placing herself between my legs. I can't wait any longer though. I stand up, taking hold of her face. I gently press my lips to hers. She leans into me, deepening out kiss. I feel her tongue sweep over my bottom lip, tracing over my lip ring. Fuck, the things I'm feeling at the moment. She smiles, breaking our kiss.
"I have to stop," she speaks quietly
I kiss her cheek, "Why?"
"Because," she pauses, "I'll want more."
"And you don't think I do?"
"You have Kelsey."
I basically growl at her, turning us around. I set her up on the table. My lips immediately go to her throat. I slide my tongue up the side of neck and back down to her collarbone. A breathy moan escapes from her, turning the wheels in my stomach even more.
"Luke," she hums, grabbing ahold of my forearms.
"Do you know what it's like to want something you can't have everyday?"
"Yes," she whispers before sliding off the table.
She grabs her bag, placing it on her shoulder.
"So was that enough for admission?" she smiles.
"Ummmm," I tap my chin.
"Luke..." I laugh, "Yes, you get in for free. Although it was free all along."
"I figured that," she rolls her eyes.
"7 o'clock, don't be late."
"I won't."
Nic and I walk back out to main campus and go our separate ways. I spot Kelsey chatting away with Calum. Thy end their conversation as soon as they see me. Weird.
"Hey babe," I smile, wrapping her in my arms.
"Hi," she blandly says.
"Calum," I nod. "What's up, mate?"
"Not a lot. Pretty pumped for this gig tonight."
"Well you should be!" Ashton says barging through us, "look at this shit."
I grab the paper from his hand reading it.
"No shit!"
"What?! what!" Calum shouts trying to look over my shoulder.
"An agent from Syco Music will be here tonight to check us out."
"Oh my god! What the fuck? OH MY GOD." Calum freaks out, jumping around.
"I'm calling Mikey!" Ashton yells.
I'm so excited I could puke. We need to rehearse. Shine up gear. Check to make sure out sound system holds out. I'm so overwhelmed I forget Kelsey is standing there. I sprint to my dorm grab a change of clothes and my keys before hoping into my car.
"Where the fuck have you been?!" Ashton yells as I walk into the venue.
Calum walks by me shaking his head.
"Okay, okay. Luke is here now. Let's just get started," Mikey says calmly.
The mates and I warm up, go over a few songs and grab some food.
"Is Nic going to be here tonight? I ask Calum throwing my black quarter length over my head.
"I shot her a text. Haven't checked my phone in a while though."
"Oh," I nod.
"Grab my phone," he points.
I reach over taking his phone of the charger. I hit the home button and see a few messages, finally seeing her name. Yes! I'll be there! Kick ass!
"She's coming," I announce.
"Awesome! I think I want to dedicate a song to her?"
I slowly nod my head, "Okay. Which one?"
"I'm thinking Disconnected."
I watch as Calum stretches and can't help but to think that's sort of our song.
"Top notch pick."
He smiles, grabbing his phone off the table, "I'm pumped. I really like this girl even if you kissed her."
I glare at him.
"Relax, I'm fucking with you."
"Mates!" Mikey busts in, "time to jam."
"Let's fucking go big, Hemmo."
I hear Ashton introduce us as we walk out onto the small stage. "Hello," I speak into the microphone prepping my guitar. The crowd cheers ramping up my adrenaline even more.
"For those of you who have been to a gig before, thank you for coming out again. For those of you who are joining us for the first time, be prepared to have the time of your life! This is Permanent Vacation." Mikey continues by splitting the crowd into three sections.
I take this opportunity to scan the crowd for Nic. I've already found Kelsey, consideration she's staring a hole right through me. Finally, I spot her on the far left. She's standing with a few of her friends looking fine as ever. "The middle you are with Mr. Luke Hemmings!"
"Alright, everyone hands up in the air. Like this," I shout lifting my arms. "Okay, good. Now it's real simple. Just clap your hands like, clapclap, clap. Clapclap, clap. Clapclap, clap. Keep going!"
The crowd cooperates as Calum takes over. The gig goes on without a hitch and we are finally at our last song.
"We want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. It means a lot to us! We'll leave you with one of our newest song," Michael waves.
"If you are with you girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife.." "Significant other," Ashton chimes in. "I want you to turn to them," Calum demands, "and dedicate this song to them."
I see Calum point at Nikki. It irks me, immensely. I cut the cutesy crap and finish what Mikey was trying to say before, "We're 5 Seconds of Summer and this is Disconnected."


OMGG Calum Did WHAT!.

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