Close as Strangers // LH


After some long over due thinking, Nikki decided to transfer to a new university to get a leg up on the competition of teaching. She's slightly socially awkward and is not the typical college type of girl. She mainly keeps to herself most of the time, studying or zoning out to music. And since transferring as a senior, it won't be easy to "fit right in". Cliques have been made, friends have become sisters and enemies may be in a ditch somewhere. Her plan of staying on the down low is quickly interrupted by a tall blue eyed beaut and she's not sure if it's for the good or not!


1. Blue Eyed Jerk.

"225," I remind myself lugging my bags up the steps to the second floor.

I got lucky and ended up with a single suite. My Mom was against it and so was my sister but it's less traumatic for me.

I finally find my room and open the door. It's not too bad. Bigger than I thought with a decent amount of space to rearrange things. I set my bags down and head back out to my car to gather the rest of my shit. I balance a few boxes and lock up my car. As I head back to the double doors, I'm relieved to see someone walking out. That way I don't have to struggle with these boxes and opening the door at the same time. But my expectations are quickly shot down as the blonde hair, hoodied and dark jean cladded boy pushes through the doors and right past me.

"Thanks a lot," I sarcastically snark.

"You're welcome," he winks.

I shoot a dirty look at him as he continues his stroll out to the parking lot. What an ass. I manage to get the rest of my stuff only dropping almost all of it into my room.
"What a start," I mumble feeling homesick and ready to quit.
Instead, I plug my iPod in and turn up some music, assembling my room. A knock at my door halts my dance/cleaning party as I quickly turn down music and rush to the door. A red headed cheeky girl appears on the other side.

"Hi! I'm Cecilia! I'm the RA on this floor and just wanted to welcome you to Spring Valley Hall."

"Thank you," I smile.

"Just a heads up, classes start in two days and dining hall is open," she smiles.

"Thanks Cecilia."

"Your welcome..."

"Oh, sorry. Nikki."

"Nikki," she nods before walking away.

Dining hall. Food sounds good. I scoop my phone and keys off my desk and skip out into the hallway. After a few wrong turns, I find the dining hall. There are students scattered about with only one table fairly full. I keep my eyes low, scanning everyone about. The full table is kind of loud. It's a mixture of skinny, make up caked girls and prep and rough looking guys. I widen my eyes and completely avoid their direction. The line for food quickly diminishes and I help myself to sub-par looking food before claiming a table near the back of the hall. It's not long before I feel eyes on me. I look up and almost immediately my gaze lands on "the" table. I notice the guy that so rudely did not open the door for me. His eyes pierce blue and a dark metal ring hoops through his lip. He sits in the same clothes as I saw him in before but with an added backwards hat and a girl draped over his arm. A blonde chick on the far right of him gives me a glare which is definitely my clue to drop my gaze. I feel vulnerable and I hate it so I grab my plate of barely touched food and head back to my room.

After a shaky start to my Senior year, things are finally starting to settle down. I've come to find that the blue eyed jerk lives in the residence hall across the street from mine and frequently visits Ms. Bitch 2015, Kelsey, on the third floor of my building. Although he was a jerk, he's quite nice on the eyes, especially when he's wearing flannels.

"Knock, knock," I hear Bridgette say, walking into my room.

Bridgette and I have 4 classes together and have become quite acquaint with each other.

"Hey girl, what's up?"

"Well," she smirks, "Sigma Alpha is having a party and it's open to non Greek members. We
should totally go."

I twist my mouth to the side, "I don't know."

"Oh, come on, Nic. It's our senior year. Let's have a little fun!"

I sigh, closing my books, "Okay, okay."

"Yay!" Bridgette smirks, "I'm so ready to party."

"What do we wear to these things?" I ask getting up from my desk.

"Nothing. We go nude."

I quickly look at her, "Surely not."

"Nooo, um, whatever you want really. Are you trying to catch someone's eye?"

I think of blue eye jerk.

"Not really."

"Well wear whatever you feel comfortable in. In the meanwhile I'm going to go get ready. I'll be back here around 7."


I wave goodbye to Bridgette and head for my closet. I pick out something that might get the attention of bad boy blue eyes. A white undershirt, jean flannel, black skinny jeans and high heeled black boots. I put my hair in soft curls and do up my make up to a tee. Just like my sister taught me.

"6:55" I hum finishing my look off with some lip stain.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Bridgette says busting through my door, "Wow, Nic! I love that outfit!"

"Thanks," I smile, "you look super cute."

Bridgette has on a tight black peplum skirt with a bright pink lace crop. I could never pull that look off but she can.

"Let's go!"

Bridgette drives a little ways off of campus to a huge white Victorian house with a cluttered front yard.

"Wow," I mumble as we park.

"Hope this doesn't get busted," Bridgette laughs.

I roll my eyes and follow her across the street. We see a few other people from our classes. Garrett, a pretty out going hipster junior, Scarlett, who is pretty quiet yet funny as hell and Beck, the mysterious hot senior who cares less what people think him and loves the hell out of Bridgette who won't give him the light of day.

"My lovelies!" Bridgette calls out.

I say my hellos as the group moves inside the house. Extremely loud crap rap blasts through large speakers. Girls with little to no clothes on scurry around with red plastic cups in their hands.

"Drink?" Beck elbows me.

"Thank you," I smile at him taking the cup.

I stare down at the mystery liquid before taking a sip. Beer.

"Hey!" Bridgette waves, "let's go dance!"

By now the crap rap has ended and some band is set up, playing.

"Oh look, Mr. Asshole is in a band. Imagine that."

"Yeah," I nod watching him sing, "pretty awesome voice though."

"Yeah, yeah," Bridgette snarks, "let's go out back. They have dance music on out there."

Reluctantly I go outside onto the patio and Bridgette was right. Loud techno is being played as people dance and swim.

"A pool?" Scarlett huffs, "no way."

"Yep," Garrett replies shoving his hand in his pockets, "anything for the frats."

The night carries on as I loosen up a bit. The house has become insanely hot so we stick to the back patio area. Asshole who's name seems to be Luke and his friends slowly trickle out to the back as well. I keep a keen eye on him, watching how he interacts with his friends and what not. I'm not sure why I have such an interest in him. He just challenges me, I guess. Even if he doesn't know who I am.

"Nikki, right?" I hear someone ask.

"Yes?" I turn around to see some plastic blonde looking at me.

"You're new around here?"

"I am," I answer looking around at the growing crowd.

The girl smirks at me. My eyes shift to Bridgette who has a concerned look on her face.

"Come on, Linds. Knock it off."

I turn back to see Luke speaking. His voice throws me off guard, the accent and why is he sticking up for me?

"Oh, Luke. You know the deal."

I'm so confused as to what's going on, I start taking a few steps backwards.

"Where ya going, Nikki? I just want to be friends."

I look at her. A menacing look still on her face.

"Seriously, let's go get a drink!"

"Alright?" I question walking towards her.

"Actually," she stops, "Calum will you go get my friend and I a drink."

"Sure," he nods.

I slowly move over to Bridgette. Beck puts himself in between us two and Lindsey.

"I don't like her," Beck whispers.

"Me neither," Bridgette agrees.

The crowd has since dispersed and Calum returns with our drinks.

"Seriously," Lindsey says quietly, "I just had to show that bitch Kelsey I can be a bitch."

I recognize Kelsey, hanging on Luke.

Lindsey hands me a drink, "Come with me for a sec, Nikki?"

I look at Bridgette, she just shrugs. Scarlett shakes her head no but I'm a newbie and don't want to be seen as a loser so I follow her over by the pool. I take a few sips of my drink, which surprisingly tastes nothing like alcohol.

"I just wanted to give you a heads up."


"I saw you eyeing up Luke. Kelsey is very territorial."

"Okay? Luke is an asshole. I found that out the first day I was here."Lindsey looks at me.

"Luke is one of the most sought after guys here. Well him and his friends."

"I'm not sure why you are saying this to me?"

"Because you are a threat. Just stay clear."

Lindsey walks away. Leaving me slightly peeved. I glare over at Kelsey. Her smug face pisses me off and I'm not about to let some dumb bitch push me around. I hand a random kid my cup and walk over to Kelsey and Luke.

"What are you looking at?" Kelsey snarks.

"Listen, I don't have any intentions on being a threat. Luke is an asshole so no worries."

"What?" Luke raises his eyebrow.

"It's no big deal now."

"Bitch, no one talks about my man like that."

"Your man? Or just your fucktoy?"

Next thing I know a fist lands across my cheek and I'm falling into the pool. I let myself sink to the bottom before somebody jumps in grabbing my arm. I surface, sucking in a breath. Beck and Garrett are waiting to help me out of the pool. I grab their hands and climb up on to the edge of the patio.

"Thank you, Ashton." I hear Beck say.

"No problem," he grins donning the same accent as Luke.

Speaking of Luke, I look around to see where he and his lovely bitch friend are at, but they are no where to be seen. Surprisingly, Lindsey stands next to Bridgette and Scarlett.

"I think I want to go to bed now," I nod, pushing myself up.

The humiliation doesn't set in till I'm laying in bed crying my eyes out to my sister over the phone.

"Just come home," Gemma pleads.

"I can't. I have class."

"What about next weekend?"

"I'll try."

We talk a few more minutes before I say goodnight.

Hey Lovelys. This Is My New Story With Karen. Hope You Like It. ~Angie
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