The School Phantom

Emma Bloodworth is in Choir as well as Theater and is trying out for Christine in 'The Phantom of the Opera' play. Eric Stel is a very gaurded and mysterious boy haunted by his past and finds comfort in her voice. He plans to help her get her part as well as his own.


4. Wondering Lad and Lass

I grabbed a pop tart quickly, running out the door to possibly miss the bus, "Bye mom! Love you!!" I could barely hear the cut-short reply from her as the door slammed behind me. Okay, homework, check. Pencil or pen, check. Gym clothes, check, and washed. Lucky me.

My worn out sneakers pounded on the few steps but slipped, causing me to fall. Ah shit, better get to my seat, "Are you okay?" My bus driver looked at me peculiarly while lifting a bushy eyebrow I once mistook for caterpillars.

"I'm fine, thank you though!" Scrambling up, I hopped into a seat. Ugh my ankle is killing me, shouldn't have ran like that... More thoughts flew through my head before I sealed off the world with my music. I wonder what will happen now that Eric is the phantom of the opera.

"Emma, I was wondering if I could," his lips looked so soft and kissable, I wonder if maybe I could possibly- Hold up wait! No thoughts about this! Stopping now! I shook my head quickly as the bus stopped, signaling that we've arrived at the school. Slipping a strap over my shoulder, I pulled up my bag and got in line to depart.


"Are you okay?" Randal asked as I closed my locker. I slipped a few new materials in my bag for the new semester. My bag feels so light now, probably free from all that English and Science junk.

I glanced at Randal before nodding, "I'm fine, I just tripped on the stairs of the bus. I'm getting more clumsy everyday it seems." A light laugh escaped my lips. I wonder who will be in my new classes now. My eyes drifted off to a clock reading 8:35 AM hearing the early bell ring. Pivoting to Randal I bade him farewell, "I'll see you some where I guess, bye Randal." Though a grip stopped and summoned me back to him.

"Wait, meet me at my locker when you can. I'll try to be there after first bell, okay?" His eyes look urgent, and hopeful it seems. I smiled and nodded, turning on my heal to go to class. Randal's hand was so warm I could feel it through my sleeve.


Stepping through the doorway, I could feel the glances and stares of the students who looked to see who the new member was; but then returned to their previous time distraction. Looking down at the paper in my hands, I did a double take to make sure I got the right class room. M4, Dramatics, also known as Theater class. I am in the right room. "Emma?"

My gaze snapped through the room to look for the voice who called me, settling on the familiar, stunning shade of blue eyes I know. Eric?! He's in here too? I stepped forward as well as closer to him. He sits all the way in the back practically. Wait, there's someone who he's talking- well, was talking to. A girl leaned against the wall in front of his desk eyeing me almost like a hawk. Her brown eyes are dark, almost like a dark chocolate. Her similar colored hair is tied back and in an elaborate braided bun, though a blonde streak is mixed in nicely.

I don't think she likes me. I guess I'll sit over here. Pulling out a seat, a girl sits immediately in it, looking up at me. Large blue eyes with blonde curly hair framing her face looks up at me and smiles, "Sorry, this seat is taken." What?! I was just about to sit down! She places her stuff on the desk as a screech pierces the once quiet air. Eric stands, looking intensely over at my situation. Is he upset by this?

"Excuse me, miss-" The girl over by Eric places an arm in front of him and whispers a few things, resulting in him taking a seat, muttering under his breath.

Was he going to defend me? Why did she stop him? "Alright students, sit down!" Scrambling to a seat, I sat in the back row due to the lack of seats in the front. Peering around me, the girl who stopped Eric from coming over sat next to me on my left. Calmly looking away was what I looked like on the outside, but the inside was totally different.

She's sitting next to me!! I hope that she doesn't hate me. What if Eric and her are going out? I glanced over carefully, trying to not turn my head to attract attention though his blue gaze caught mine instantly, "Miss Bloodworth?" I looked at Mrs.Yeria as if I had stolen a cookie from the jar. I wish I could just shrink into nothing. I could feel my cheeks heat up. I'd been caught looking at Eric... "Would you mind telling us about yourself?"

I stood and brushed down my shirt as if there were crumbs, "Of course not. I am Emma Bloodworth, I absolutely love to sing, I'm in theater so you all may have seen me." I gestured with an open palm. "I hope to make friends with all of you if I can. Thank you." Taking my seat quickly, my head only hung low enough to avoid any other eye contact. I could hear a chair being pushed beside me as I looked through the strands of my hair; she stood with confidence and a firm look on her face.

"My name is Cosette Euphrasie. I have moved here recently from France due to some situations with my papa and mama," She's not lying, her accent is very French sounding. "I hope you all can teach me more American traditions and treat me fairly as I will you." Smiling softly, she curtsied before sitting. I guess she isn't as bad as I thought she would be. Her brown gaze connected with my green one. Her hand raised slowly before waving, seeming uncertain as a strait line made up her lips.

Looking around, I pointed to myself. She nodded before smiling. Waving back slowly I smiled as well. Maybe Theater won't be so bad. Maybe we could be friends. "My name Is Eric Stel. I am from France like Cosette as well." He stood there before his gaze glanced at me. Just for a second. "I hope you all will be good to me." Then he sat, silent and writing. I wonder what he's writing.

"Thank you all for telling us a little something about yourself. I have an assignment," the soft groans washed through the room as she lifted papers as proof. "It is a questionnaire, all of them have different questions. It doesn't matter which paper you pick, they're all different. Get in groups or a pair, but you must finish with the signature of two other people at least. Get started." Passing out the papers, Cosette had already moved over to Eric, striking up a conversation easily. Receiving a paper, I observed the questions. These are all mostly basic. What's your favorite color/animal/food/ movie. I can finish this easily but, who to talk to though.

I gazed around the room seeing small groups already formed. I hope this isn't a graded- "This is also a graded paper, class work I may say." Her gaze caught my eye as I groaned, looking at the paper and the groups. I don't even fit in any where. They've already formed their groups- "Hey." I peered up from my paper, Cosette leaned against the wall casually and gestured I come over with a swish of her hand.

Should I? Well, it is a graded paper. I glanced over at the girl who stole my once-picked seat, talking with the 'popular group'. Nope, nah ah. Gathering the paper, I grabbed a clipboard, and pencil, heading over to Eric and Cosette. "I'm glad you have joined us. Shall we start?" She held up her paper and a pen, ready to write our answers. We nodded as it seemed that Eric wasn't paying attention. His gloved hands still writing, music?

"If you could change one thing about yourself?" That's an easy question.

"My personality, I think it'd be better if I could be more confident and direct with people- Why would you want to change yourself anyway? You are perfect the way you are." Surprised by his comment I could feel my cheeks heat up. "Now that's a good question, how am I perfect?" I joked, adding a small laugh to lighten the mood but only could see Eric's hard set gaze on me. 

"I'd change my nationality," Cosette answered her own question, as her pen scratched down the answers. I looked at her weirdly, "Why would you want to change your nationality? I'd rather be an exotic French girl like you than an American; fatties who hold shot guns and eat burgers all day long." A loud laugh escaped Cosette's lips, shocking me. Peering over at Eric for an answer, he only shook his head and chuckled softly. So he can laugh and smile. I'm glad.

"Emma, you are very amusing. Alright, Eric, it is your turn." She sat on the desk next to her, facing him. Pulling over a chair, I sat as well. Standing is so tiring.

"Which parent are you closer to and why?" His gaze lifted from the paper, a pen ready to write down the answers. Parent? How can I answer this question?

"Do you have any different questions?" I asked with a smile. A fake smile. I could feel the gazes on me from the two. Please pick a different question.

"Why can't you answer this one," Cosette asked, settling her gaze on me from above due to the different seating height, "I have a problem with my parents but they're still my parents. I love them though I'd have to choose my dad. He took me out shooting once." Lucky girl, she gets to have a normal family.

Eric's pen scribbled quickly as if he were a machine, catching every word without the asking for a repeated statement, "What about you, Emma?" I shifted my gaze from zoning out, to the hard, inquiring gaze by Eric. Does he always have such cold eyes? No. Did he always have such cold eyes.

Crossing my right leg over my left, I smiled simply and said bluntly,

"they're dead."

"Emma wait-" Eric's word only floated at me, bouncing off, I had zoned out. The reality of the situation slowly sank in. I ruined the fun. Though it's- not all my fault that they're dead. With an abrupt stance, I headed back to my seat, putting my stuff away just as the bell rang. A blank paper stared back at me from the desk. I didn't get to ask my questions, and she gave it to us kinda late. What ever.


I bet there's not a single person in this school who can understand my situation. Though why does it matter? They don't know me so they don't care. No one does. Emma. Huh? "Emma!" A hand gripped my bag, tugging me back to the person. "Emma, didn't you hear me?" Randal asked as his questioning and worried eyes settled over mine. I remember when he first found out I was alone in the world.

"Yea I heard you, you dope." Pushing his face away, I giggled and started walking again. Couples; they're everywhere. Lining the walls, at the corner of every turn, they're smothering their faces into each others as if they're cats showing affection. I wish I had my very own cat. "So what do you think?" Huh?

Randal held out a paper to me. A paper for a dance? Oh yea! The spring dance! I totally forgot about that! "What about it?" I looked at him, pulling out a pen to write the important information down.

"Would you like to- Hey Emma!" I could feel that Randal did not like being interrupted nor ignored as I turned to meet a crashing Cosette. I held her arms, jeez she's out of breath. "I-I am sorry about the question. I hope you do not hate Eric for the question. It was only on the paper and he really looked hurt after you left." He looked hurt? I wish I could have seen that. No I'm not sadistic, he just doesn't show emotions easily. Obviously.

I smiled and laughed a bit, walking after linking my arm with hers, "No of course not, I couldn't help it, No one could," even though one of their deaths was my fault. I could tell by the way she sighed out of relief and smiled. "Where is your next class anyway?" I pulled out my new schedule, stopping at an open space to compare.

Randal and I had gym next while Cosette had art next. With a glance to the clock I saw we had two minutes. Oh that's not so bad. Thinking that as it turned to one before my eyes. Fuck. "We gotta go!!" Gripping Randal's wrist I dragged him through the dispersed crowd, dodging the slow walkers who didn't care if they were late to class. Stupid hall blockers. "So will you go with me?" I had reached the door just in time to wave him off and enter, escaping the clutches of a tardy. That was close. "You're lucky you made it."

My teacher stood with her clip board and a whistle hanging from her neck. I got the strict teacher. I had once just put a foot in the door when the bell rang and she made me run to go get a tardy in a minute! Cruel am I right? She threatened me with three extra laps. The funny thing is that she's kinda short and stout but she's a gym teacher. Though she shamed a poor high school boy by doing more pull ups than him. That was a good laugh. "Stop standing around and get changed you've got two minutes!" Where does my time go?

The loud high-pitched whistle rang through the large gym summoning everyone and ordering silence, or else; "Today we're going be playing dodgeball!!" Everyone practically cheered while I saw some guys clap and pump a fist, "After we do the pacer. So guys, you're up first." Standing up, I was greeted by Randal.

"I'm gonna get first this time I swear it. I've been working on it too, just watch me Emma." I looked at him oddly but smiled, giggled and went over to the wall. Hey is that Eric? "You can not wear those gloves Mr. Stel." Mr. Hawkins was one him in seconds.

My feet slowly jogged me over, "Mr. Hawkins, he has a personal issue, and is it so bad that he has gloves on? He couldn't hide a knife with those, could you?" I joked with a smile, looking at Eric. I never realized how tall he was. Maybe I'm just short. A surprised expression overtook his features before looking Mr. Hawkins firmly in the eyes, "No sir I couldn't, you may pat them if you'd like." He held up his hands. The teacher only huffed and waved a hand, dismissing us.

Jogging away, I couldn't help but smile. I had helped him! Maybe he could lighten up, I thought as I looked at him. Only a cold hard stare of blue eyes met my gaze. Or not. "Thanks Emma." I glanced over my shoulder ready to stop but only saw him get in line with the other guys, far away from them though. His hair is slicked back today too. Hmm.

Why does he always wear gloves? Plus his hair is slicked back everyday practically. I'm so sleepy. A yawn escaped my lips as I stretched, hugging my legs and taking a small nap to the sound of patting feet and the stereo counting their laps.


Being shaken lightly, I looked up almost brushing my lips across Randal's. "I can't believe you feel asleep even when I was the last one too! Get out there!" I scrambled up and away, huffing about my awoken state and shaken by the almost kiss. I almost kissed him! What is wrong with me?! A loud ding sounded the gym as the girls set off first. Shit!


Due to the war I had just fought, I slumped and breathed heavily but held up a victory fist which a hand grabbed. "Nice job, first like me." I grinned widely at Randal using his grip to stand while he hoisted me up.

A loud whistle blew as Mr. Hawkins and Mrs. Cheta walked up to each other. "My class against yours, who ever loses, runs two miles" Two miles?! I can't do that!

An evil smirk plastered itself upon Mr.Hawkins old lips as he agreed, "Game on you old hag." A gasp echoed through the gym before they clapped hands and went off to their own sides. Holy shit. There must be some rivalry between them. I couldn't help but stare long at Mrs. Cheta. she was determined and ready to smash his face in with a ball. This is going to be good.


"Throw it to me!" a guy shouted as he got what he requested, chucking it at this poor girl who held her thigh as if she had been stung by a bee. I could see a large pink spot on her thigh as she slunk to the wall. Ouch. I'm kinda glad I'm not her. Plus I'm relatively good at dodge ball woah- I leaned a sharp left, falling onto my butt. "Emma!! Look out!" I could see another ball coming towards me as I jumped up, only to lay on the ground to avoid it. These guys are brutal!

"Nice one Emma!" I could see Randal as he chucked a ball hitting a guy in the arm. Moving my feet I went over to join him, only to wince at my ankle. It wasn't hurting before why is it- "Emma!" I looked towards the other team only to get him in the face with a ball.

I sat on the ground and held the right side of my face, whimpering. "Emma!! Are you okay! Back up!!" His voice roared as arms pulled me in. Damn my face stings. I wiped my nose feeling a wet substance. A messy stripe of blood covered the back of my hand. Really? "We need to get you to the nurse." A loud whistle blew.

"Hold it! Stop throwing the balls!" I could hear Mrs. Cheta say as she chucked a ball as a guy still wanting to play. She walked over as Randal helped me up, "You need to go to the nurse, Eric, take her please." Eric? I could see black gloves come up beside me. Eric.

I winced and whimpered, falling back down to the ground quickly. "Emma what's wrong?" Randal, sorry I couldn't play dodgeball with you. I cupped a hand under my chin, catching the pooling blood.

"My ankle hurts," I could barely muster out as blood splattered on my palm from speaking. Arms soon swept me up and held me, a girl handing me some paper towels for the blood, "I will get her to the nurse." Eric is carrying me? I-I thought he hated me or something like that. A hand clasped my shoulder pulling me to a different source.

"Wait, I'll do it- Randal, I said Eric not you, now every one back on the court let's play!" Mrs. Cheta blew her loud whistle as Eric carefully walked out of the gym.

I feel so embarrassed! What should I say?! I can't say anything really or else I'll spit blood all over him! What if he's scared of blood- wait he would have said no then, but what if, "Hey" I flinched in his hold, looking up at him shyly. His blue eyes are so intense and they're already looking at me! I don't know if I can respond! "Where is the nurses' office?" Wait. What?

A small giggle escaped, escalating into laughter, "What is so funny? You are bleeding and hurt." I took my hand and wiped my tears, surely smearing blood on my face.

"Keep walking strait and then where it says K Hall, make a left. I thought- wait, you are new. I'm slow, sorry." That really eased the tension, I'm kinda glad he took me, well, carried me. Is that a light blush on his cheeks? I think I embarrassed him. I'm sorry Eric.


"Well, your ankle looks pretty bad and it is sprained, I suggest you take it easy and rest, I'll call your mother and let her know." The nurse soon left the small room as Eric sat across from me in a chair. "That might explain it." I crossed my arms and nodded, sighing. I could feel Eric's eyes on me as I lifted my head to meet his concerned, gaze?

"Explains what?" His voice is so smooth, I better not melt right now.

"I tripped when trying to get on the bus. It's probably the reason why I sprained it. Though I don't understand why it started hurting now." I looked at my swelling ankle resting on the bed as Eric's hand glided over the top skin of my foot making me jump and flinch away.

"Sorry.." He looked down and soon out the window. "Emma, May I ask you something?" He sounds hesitant to ask. I nodded giving him a smile as he looked at me. His eyes are so blue and beautiful. I bet he'll have gorgeous children. Children?! Woah! "I was wondering if you would like to go with me to the up-coming dance."

The dance? He's asking me. He, Eric Stel is asking me, Emma Bloodworth, to the dance?! Oh my god! My hands flew to my face as I leaned over hearing the scraping of a stool. "Are you okay Emma?" His gloved hand took my wrist, removing it from my blushing face. He's so close! I-I don't know if I can handle this....

His warm gloved hand slid to intertwine our fingers, holding gently to mine as a small whispered escaped his lips, "Emma..." His eyes are entrancing, mysterious as if they hold a thousand secrets I'll never know, but, then why do they look so cold and lonely. My hand raised itself slowly to his cheek, as we stared long into each other's windows to the soul. "Eric?" I asked him in a quiet voice.

Our eyes met once again, "I've told your mother and she is on the way to pick you up. Thank you Mr. Stel for bringing her here, you may go back to class now." Flushing with embarrassment I hadn't even realized that in a swift movement he had removed his hand from mine, leaving a cool wind to surround it and sit on the stool once more.

"Thank you mam' He stood strait and looked at me gently, "I hope you get well soon Emma, I shall await for your answer soon." Then he left, without another word but a nod to the nurse, left. I looked at my hand, wondering if he had actually came that close and held this hand, my hand.

I wonder what he was thinking while so close to me, while he was touching me. I gazed out the window to see clouds slowly leave the sun, brightening up the world as a few birds flew by. Eric, I'm so curious about you. Your mysterious silhouette within the dark, within my mind.

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