The School Phantom

Emma Bloodworth is in Choir as well as Theater and is trying out for Christine in 'The Phantom of the Opera' play. Eric Stel is a very gaurded and mysterious boy haunted by his past and finds comfort in her voice. He plans to help her get her part as well as his own.


5. Three Torturous Days

"I don't know what I'm going to do!!" I shouted loudly before stuffing my face into a handcrafted pillow. I know that I've had this pillow for as long as I remember. Was I given it or something? Taking a long stare at it, I threw it at my door, "Hey! Watch it!" I jumped in my spot seeing Madelyn scowl at me from the now-open-door. "Are you okay? You've been up here forever, I made lunch. Come and get some, you need a break from," I watched as she took a look around my even-more-messed up room, "what ever is bothering you."

I huffed before seeing the scattered papers and drawing I had tossed, classifying them all as 'trash'. They were once ideas for the dance coming up. "Or else I'm going to eat all of the fruit salad," She closed the door just when she finally got my attention. I love fruit! I love strawberries, peaches, plums, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and so much more; oh, and kiwi too!

"Wait for me! Don't you dare eat it all!" springing myself off my bed I raced down the stairs, tripping on the last step but catching myself on the wall in front of me, "Madelyn!" I pattered into the dining/kitchen. Yeah, they're combined but I mean, it's just like one giant room and there's no wall separating the two rooms.

"Hold it right there, you fiend." I pointed a finger at the girl who stood in the kitchen holding a bowl while dwindling the fruit salad. She stuffed a large strawberry in her mouth before dashing off. "Hey! Get back here!"

Loud footsteps filled the house before a door opened and closed, a voice sounding out, "I'm home girls! Are you all ready for dinner- Mom take this!" I watched as Madelyn glanced over her shoulder, smirking at me while passing the bowl over to mother. At least she forfeited, wait, did she eat it all?! "What in the world is all this?!" I watched as mom looked around confused as I took the bowl finding nothing but a note in the bottom with a smiley winking face sticking out it's tongue at me.

'Better luck next time! Try checking the fridge out more often, it misses you! ;P'

Darn it Madelyn!! Fine then I'm eating your favorite ice cream. I could hear as mom took off her shoes while scolding Madelyn about what she had just entered upon. Muttering curses under my breath I swung open the fridge to see a large bowl of fruit salad. I could eat this for two days strait! Madelyn you devil! "Madelyn!!" I see her flinch in her stance while a demonic looking sister charges at her. Snatching her quickly before she could run, I rubbed my knuckles hard on her head, "You could have just said you left some for me, you sweetie pie!"

"That big bowl?" I nodded happily. "That's mine actually. You have to make your own- ow!" I slapped her head before taking the large bowl up stairs, locking the door behind me as I entered my room. I swear I saw a smile on her lips before I fully left. She cares so much about me.

Looking out the window and into the forest where I haven't heard the voice in a long while since last time, a loud beep echoed in the quiet room. Oh, it's from Randal.

DandyRandy: Come outside! There's a fox outside!

A fox?! A real fox?! Grabbing my jacket I slipped on a proper pair of jeans before rushing down the cold stair steps. A whoosh of air blew in as I saw Randal standing there, with no fox in sight. You liar. I then closed the door. "Hey Emma! Come back out please I wasn't lying about the fox, honest!" So he sees it!

"Oh yeah, show me where- woah!" I jumped in my stance seeing Randal right at my door, in front of me; but holding a stuffed fox with a small holding of flowers between its sewed together paws. Well it's not a real fox, but good enough for me."What is this for Randal?" I gingerly took the plushie from his grasp studying it before seeing a paper on it's back.

'I know this may be cheesy, sorry I didn't get you a mouse. Though I thought it'd be clever to get you a fox instead, to ask you for me; will you go to the dance with me?'

he-He-HE- RANDAL JUST ASKED ME TO THE DANCE!! W-What do I say?! He even bought me a plushie fox, am I allowed to say no- "That's all I ask of you," I heard him softly sing, smiling at me with his white teeth and chocolate brown eyes. I-I don't know what to do!! Some body help me! I stood there terribly silent as I felt my face heat up and a hand grab the back of my shirt, pulling me back into the safety of my house.

"Emma I need you for a second!" I was dragged back inside by a Madelyn, letting out a deep breath I hadn't realized I was holding in.

"Oh thank god you did that, I- You need some help. I know." I looked to see her walk out the door and close it. Wait, what is she doing? I peered out of the opening for letters, as well as to hear better. Madelyn what are you doing?

"My sister says to go home and she'll think about it. Though she thanks you for your present, good day Randal." That is not what I said!! "There, I solved it for you." She looked at me as if it were that easy.

"Madelyn are you crazy?!" I whisper-yelled at her while looking at Randal walking down the drive way and to home I'm guessing. Though just as my hand placed itself on the door handle to go and apologize, he turned, smiled, waved, and then left. I ducked down after making eye contact with him. Placing a hand on my racing heart a loud knock came to the door, making me jump and open it quickly as a whoosh of air blew in my face.

"Here's your mail," Our mail lady, who was very old, said as she handed me our mail before going back to her small mail car and driving off. Darn it mail lady! You scared me. I sighed before looking through the mail, seeing a very fancy looking letter. Huh?

"Does mom have a secret admirer?" I looked at the Madelyn peering over my shoudler just barely before I flipped it over, dropping my jaw on the way. "No, but you do sis!" I stared at the letters so beautifully written in cursive on the front saying, 'Emma Bloodworth' Is this from Randal as well?!

I swung open the door to see no by standing figure of Randal to wave me out and for an answer, but a gust of wind blowing leaves in my face.  "Dear Emma Bloodworth," Huh? I looked at my hand to find it empty, when did she- "I have sent you a letter to- Madelyn!!" She giggled before running up the stairs and into my room.

"Madelyn! Not now please!" Dragging myself up the stairs I reached for my door knob to find it open, at least she didn't lock it; or else I'd have to kick it down. She sat there on the bed with wide eyes scanning the letter quickly before snapping her attention to me. Oh dear.

"You've got two boys asking you to the same dance Emma! How lucky!! Who is this P.O. guy though?" P.O?

"Now you're throwing my fantasies around, let me see that," Though her hand handed me the paper gently and pointed to the bottom, seeing indeed, a 'P.O.' signature at the bottom. A soft gasp left my lips as I finally began to read, only to have it slip out of my fingers once more.

"I'll read it for you, or else you won't be able to control yourself." What did she read?! She leapt off my bed to sit in the swivel chair in front of me and speak, after tossing her long wavy blonde hair over her shoulder.

          'Dear Miss Bloodworth,

                                                   I have sent you a letter to remind you of my invitation to the upcoming Spring dance with me. I would be very pleased and honored to know that your answer is confirmed. If so I will be waiting for the Spring dance to come around. Though, if your answer disagrees, I can understand if you have gone with Randal instead.

          I would also like to ask you out for an outing with me on the corner of Burgens Drive and Lena Lane at five sharp tomorrow. I will personally bring you home safely, however, If you do not show up within ten minutes time, I will take my leave.

My deepest gratitude,


This can not be happening! Is it? I cringed form the ear piercing squeal as I watched Madelyn jump around and clasp my hands tightly without the letter being in her hold. "I'm proud of you sis! You've got two guys hanging off your every words! How cool is that? Plus your fantasy has come true too! I'm so jealous," I can't even believe it myself, "Plus this, PO guy is asking you out on a date tomorrow! Let's get you ready!!"

Without another word, I was dragged into the bathroom and ordered to strip down, obviously after the water was warm enough. Oh my god. This is happening!

"Girls, what are you doing in here?" I cocked my head enough to see mother come in boldly even though one of us was totally bare.

"MOM!- We're getting her ready for a date tomorrow! She's going to be the jewel of the ball!" I held my arms to my chest protectively as if there were a guy in here. I sighed while hunching myself over as she scrubbed at my back, removing what used to be my skin. "Legs." I grabbed a small towel and placed it over myself, not caring if it got wet. I looked out the small window seeing a few birds fly by freely.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like.

After a few anguishing hours of prepping, my legs were as smooth as silk, my body had no dead or dry skin left to flake or scrape off, and since I have been cautious about my face prior to this, it had no acne. I sat in a chair as our mother started working on my hair after they declared I take a shower and scrub hard.

I sighed while sinking further into the couch as I touched my tightly braided hair which my mother had only done once when I was cosplaying as Christine for school on Halloween. A flick came to my hand as a bowl of fruit salad made its way into my lap and a smiling sister sat next to me. "I hope it goes well tomorrow, I also picked out your outfit tomorrow as well. I think you'll really like it."

I yawned while glancing over at the clock seeing it read ten thirty. It did not take that long did it?! I thought back to the preparation, dead skin, legs, back, feet, hands, face, hair; maybe it did take that long? I yawned once again before standing with the bowl and the fork. "Thank you Madelyn, I couldn't ask for anything more from a great sister like you.  I'm going to bed though cause I'm absolutely tired." She nodded as I waved, leaving the room and to my own finding that it had been cleaned up.

I guess Madelyn cleaned it while I was having my hair done. I brushed my fingers over the tight braid. Ah, my head hurts from it, oh well. Finishing the bowl of fruit salad, I laid in my bed and snuggled under my cold sheets as sleep took hold tightly and rocked me to sleep.

I wonder what my date will be like? I hope I don't bore Erik to death. I wonder what Erik is thinking about this upcoming date...




Hello to the people who have just finished reading chapter five: Three Torturous Days. Is it great so far? Horrible? Boring? Need improvement? Let me know down in the comments below and don't be afraid to get critical with your judging. I honestly think that Emma should go with Erik to the Spring Dance coming up in three days. Though should Randal get a chance to prove he's the one with the fox plushie he got for her? Comment down below and don't be afraid to give me new ideas and thoughts of your very own!

Thanks for reading this far! -Vivian E.

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