The School Phantom

Emma Bloodworth is in Choir as well as Theater and is trying out for Christine in 'The Phantom of the Opera' play. Eric Stel is a very gaurded and mysterious boy haunted by his past and finds comfort in her voice. He plans to help her get her part as well as his own.


2. A New Student

"So you chased a mysterious guy into the forest and hit your head on a rock, passing out from lack of oxygen because you really wanted to know who it was?" Amy questioned me as she jabbed at the bandaid on my forehead. I was found in the back yard with a handkerchief over my bleeding head, Madelyn thought I was dead but I was only asleep and covered in leaves. I twirled my long brown, wavy hair around my fingers before throwing it over my shoulder and resting my head in my hands.

"I get it! Can we stop now?!" Mr. Craw looked at me questionably and commented, "You get it now? So why not show the class the next question, and then get a drink of water to cool that attitude?" I glared at Amy and obeyed.

I huffed and stalked over to the water fountain, drinking up my fair share before going to the bathroom. Finding no one in there, I looked around quickly before singing quietly. "Father once spoke of an angel, I used to dream he'd appear. Now as I sing I can sense him, and I know he's here! Here in this room he calls me softly, somewhere inside hiding. Somehow I know he's always with me, he the unseen genius." A soft sigh escaped my lips while I looked in the mirror.

My heart is beating so fast from just remembering it. He was really like the phantom of the opera. I leaned against the wall as a whimper sounded. I must have looked so stupid standing there and-and even chasing him! My fist slammed against the cold wall before I left the bathroom. Amy is right, I have to stop this stupid fantasy of mine. The little warmth of my tears didn't comfort me as I wiped them away. Taking a deep, shaky breath, I drank more of the cold water to calm myself before returning to English.

"Remember that tomorrow, you all change to your new classes. As much as I love all of you," I can just barely tell that he cringed when he said that, "You all need to move on to your next teachers." Don't worry, I happily will. Mr. Craw passed out our report cards for the final term. At least I passed this class thankfully. Amy nudged me while I ignored it. Not in the best of moods because of her; you know?

The bell rings as I pick up my bag and swing it over my shoulder, heading out without Amy. Pulling out my phone, I unlock it and look at my background. The phantom of the opera, or Erik as I should say, is holding Christine as they smile at each other. I bite my lip softly to stop any emotions from leaking out just as I put my phone away. I gasp softly as I look up from my walking, seeing him. The same guy I ran into yesterday, maybe it really was him.

What if it wasn't though? What if I'm just over-reacting? Taking a deep breath, I relax a little and walk calmly in the direction of him. Closer and closer we get as my heart pounds inside my chest heavily. Keep looking down, nothing will happen if you look down. I couldn't help but glance up, catching a stunning shade of blue passing by me. He looked at me! Oh my god, he looked at me!

"Emma! Emma wait!" I turn around at a bad time having Randal crash into me. I stumble and fall onto my behind, glaring up at Randal. "I am so sorry, I couldn't st- Shush, it's fine." He helped me up quickly as we made it in time for chorus.


"Hello class, Please settle down, we have a new student joining us this year!" A new student? Ugh, I hope it's not a douchebag or another bitch. "Eric Stel. Please come forward, no need to be shy." Eric? I look up and see him. The blue eyes that passed me in the hall way, the gloved hands that helped me up when I fell, It's him!

He looked around before stopping on me, staring. I could feel my breath catch in my throat. H-He's staring at me, why is he staring at me? Breaking the gaze, I open a music sheet of mine and cover my face, peeking through the tiny binder-punched holes. His slicked-back hair looks black but, it's kinda hard to tell. I wish I could just admire him and not look like a stalker.

"Well, let's see, sit within the guys somewhere and we'll see what your range is. I'm also doing the placement test today so be truthful and honest to your self and me!" I slowly lower the music sheet, seeing him sit within the guys before Mr. Heroh starts playing chords on the piano. "Guys, sing for me please."

I focus my attention to Eric, as he sits up perfectly and sucks up a deep breath of air before singing. He's so clear when he sings, h-he sounds so beautiful. I look down, shielding my face before wiping away a tear. I can't believe I let out a tear from his singing. "You have a very extraordinary voice Eric. I can honestly say you can be either a bass or a Tenor."

I peek through the curtain of brown hair, catching a small nod of his before he speaks, "Thank you Mr. Heroh." I shiver from the sound of his voice before I put my music score away.

The sopranos sing next knowing that some girls wish to be a soprano but can't be. I relax my voice as we reach another octave higher. It feels familiar to a few nights ago when my event occurred. I see some girls sit down and become quiet, as I continue on the range test. I'm doing it! I'm really singing like Christina!

By the end of the range test a total of seven girls leave the soprano section to be an alto giving us about nineteen altos together with still enough soprano twos'. I look around me to see about eight sopranos still standing. I smile softly, knowing I've just become a soprano one. My goal is almost there.

"Good job, I'll be right back with your music Eric." Mr. Heroh walks to the music library within the room. I can finally be a soprano one. I  look down at the guy section seeing Randal getting up to sit by me.

"I could hear you, you know." His brown eyes stared directly into my green ones, "You have a beautiful voice Emma." He sounds so sincere.

"Randal, it's just the regular scale that we sing everyday. I don't sound any different from the other girls," A small squeak of a chair catches my ear, making me cringe before I see Eric stand and leave the room suddenly. Where is he going?

"Yes but Emma- Randal, go back to your seat, Mr. Heroh is coming back!" I nudge and push him back towards his tenor section. He glances back at me before sitting in his preferred seat. Eric comes back in quietly before sitting in the bass section. I guess he want's to be a bass? Well he could be either of the two. Eric is handed a binder before Mr. Heroh sits down on the podium.

"Alright, now let's start!" He holds up the music we're singing. I wonder where Eric went. I guess I'll only find out if I talk to him.


"Miss. Yerla, I really would like to be the second up for Christina. I've been working really hard and if something were to happen, I'd love to be the second runner up. Please Miss. Yerla." She looked at me from her glasses and sighed. Is she going to say no?

"If something were to happen?" She eyed me cautiously before closing them again, "I can't turn away dedication, just make sure you practice hard and stay on track." I smiled widely before thanking her over a hundred times a second. I grabbed my book bag and proceeded to prance out of the room happily but not before seeing Eric.

"Oh, hey Eric." my voice comes out soft and uncertain. His blue eyes look at me as his deep voice slips out almost as a whisper, "Hello, Emma," before continuing his walk. I stop in my tracks and look back seeing Eric walk further away by the second. His back looks so strong yet lonely. Turning a corner he disappears from my sight. H-He said my name. A light blush comes to my cheeks as I think deeply about it. Eric said my name.


I made my way home by walking. Pondering deeply about what had happened earlier, I squealed and hid my face. "He said my name! I can't believe it!" I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow! I hope that I can talk to Eric one day without being nervous. Revealing my face, I see Randal sitting on my porch.

"What took you so long? It's cold outside." I jogged up to him.

"What are you doing here Randal! You know my mom isn't home, shoo shoo!" I waved my hand at him as if he'd fly away if I did.

"I was waiting for you, Madelyn wouldn't let me in because that's exactly what she said as well," He told me as I went up and past him to the door. "Well I know that we're super close friends but- Emma" his hand catches my wrist in a solid but gentle grip as I see my mother pulling up the driveway.

"Randal! It's been so long since I've seen you!" My mother called out as she held groceries in her arms. "I'll help you!" I jogged down and passed Randal again.

"Oh no honey I'm fine It's not that much- Oh!" Randal grabbed the bags from her grip and smiled, "I can't stand by and let her help while I do nothing."

Mother smiled before walking towards the house, "Why thank you Randal, come in you all it's cold."


"Randal! I can't believe it! Did you see him?! Of course you saw him but, Oh my god! When he sang it was so beautiful and a tear slipped out as well." I fell back on to the bed gripping a pillow before looking at Randal who sat in my swivel chair backwards.

"He's good I'll admit but I think you're going over board and why would you cry over a simple voice range test?" He bluntly said as I threw the pillow at his face, blushing softly before grabbing another of my many pillows.

He picked up the pillow, giving me a glare, I looked down bashfully; "Well actually because- wait," I looked at him seeing he had a curious expression, "I didn't tell you?" He squinted before replying hostilely, "No, you didn't. What happened? Wait, does it have to deal with your bandaid?" pointing at my forehead. I touched my head and nodded.

"Well, I was going to go for a run when I heard this voice around the back of the house- He was behind your house?!" Randal stood suddenly as I threw up my hands and waved them frantically, "No no! He wasn't! Or that I know of, um..." Drifting off slowly, Randal marched towards the door irritated.

"Wait Randal I- Ahh!" slipping on a few papers on the floor, I collapsed; grabbing Randal on the way down. I've been tripping for a while now. Come on feet, keep up with me. A low groan escaped from under me before a cough blew on my hair. I raised myself enough to see that I was over Randal. His brown hair was ruffled and messy before his brown eyes opened and connected with mine. A soft blush came over my cheeks while I scrambled to get off, stuttering terribly as if I had no teeth or lips to use. "I-I am so- I am so sorry! I-I didn't mean to- Emma." Randal gripped my hand softly stopping me in my tracks as he propped himself up on his elbows. Lacing my fingers with his, I gazed into his brown eyes as he stared into my green orbs. I-I feel light.

My heart, it's beating so fast, why? His brown eyes look lighter and so pretty. I could stare into them all day. "Emma I was wondering if I could- Hey guys, I have dinner ready; and Randal I've already contacted your mom that your having dinner over here. Come down before it gets cold!" Randal breathed in heavily just as I squealed and scrambled off quickly, opening the door, glancing at Randal before heading downstairs, "W-We should go.."

He sat up slowly, sitting in a criss-cross-apple-sauce position. Giving me a small smile he waved a hand, "I'll be down in a second, go on without me." Nodding I left and closed the door quietly. Jogging down the stairs, I took shaky breath. What was all that about...


"I'll see you tomorrow Emma, and stay inside this time okay? Even if you hear his voice, don't go outside-better yet, call me. I'll come over as soon as I can." I smiled and nodded before hugging him tightly.

"Okay, thank you Randal. Good night." I waved watching him return my wave before retreating down the drive way. "Randal!" He stopped and turned, "What were you going to ask me earlier?!" I called out to him.

"It's nothing! Good night Emma!" He waved before walking again, disappearing this time into darkness. I wonder what he was going to ask me, or tell me.

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