The School Phantom

Emma Bloodworth is in Choir as well as Theater and is trying out for Christine in 'The Phantom of the Opera' play. Eric Stel is a very gaurded and mysterious boy haunted by his past and finds comfort in her voice. He plans to help her get her part as well as his own.


1. A Dream Come True

"Project Emma, the audience has to hear you from the back of the room, I know we will be using head sets instead but right now it must be pure voice and effort," I suck in the air I can before starting over again but am stopped by a hand, "How about getting some water, I thank you for your effort right now, but go get some water and rest a bit. Everyone, let's work on Masquerade!" I bite my lip from saying anything and walk off the stage, passing my other peers with guilt on my shoulders.

A hand stops and turns me to face it's owner, Randal, my best friend since elementary school. "Are you okay Little?" I sigh and push his hand off.

"Don't call me that right now, I don't care if I want to be Christine, I'm not her, I might not ever be good enough to be her," I stalk off and look at the scattered costumes and props for the play. His hand catches my wrist as I yank free, running out to the hallway for a drink of water that I now desperately needed.

He doesn't follow me, which I'm glad for. I need space right now, especially since I have to shape up for the actual play. I've never really been good with crowds but, I'm trying; I really am. I wipe away the few tears that escape and sit down, hugging my knees to my chest.

The class ended soon after my water break and Randal was back by my side again. "May I at least apologize?" I stop and sigh, giving him a weak smile as I turn to him.

"Did I upset you?" I turn away from the question physically and go towards my class; bumping into someone and dropping our books.

I growl and squat in frustration, picking up the strangers things first before a gloved-hand places itself on mine. "It is fine, do not worry." His voice is rather mellow and deep, having a rich silky sound to it; sending shivers down my spine. His sleeve raises higher, revealing scars which causes me to suck in my curiosity with a breath. He swept up his things in one grasp, handing me my own books and standing.

He holds out his hand, indicating that I should take it. I wonder why he wears gloves in school? I know it's in January but it's not that cold, is it? Taking his hand, he brings me up to stand slowly before letting go and sucking in a quick sudden breath, disappearing into the crowd beside us. I wanted to walk after him but thought better of it after glancing at the clock. "Randal, I'll see you after class, bye!" hugging him quickly, I rushed to my next class with a few seconds to spare, the teacher closing the door after my entry.


I wonder how he got those scars. I sit down in my seat and think about it the rest of the bell while replaying his voice in my head. The deep, mellow, silky voice in my head; it sends shivers through me. Before I realized, it was time to go to my next class, maybe I'll see him again in the hall way. Tapped on the shoulder, which caused my thoughts to disintegrate and disappear before I realized, it was my classmate next to me; Amy.

"You okay Emma? You seem out of it today, and your eyes look distant; like you're daydreaming or something," I forgot that she's relatively observant. I pack up my things quickly.

"Yea I'm fine, sorry. Theatre was not the best today and I got really stressed; can we talk about this after I eat lunch?" Heaving my backpack upon my shoulders, I help her pack and we soon leave for the lunch room.


"I think you've just been working too hard. You need to relax some and take a break actually," She says while pointing her broccoli at me, I sigh and look at her. She's not very convincing when she's eating, never is. "I know what I'm talking about Emma, I take breaks all the time."

"I know, that's why you're failing Mr. Craws class." She sputters and pounds her chest a few times. I cross my arms after giving her an innocent smile. She responds with a glare and a bare-fork pointing this time.

"You can say what you want but you can't ignore the fact that it's true. If you don't rest, you might just lose your voice all together and won't be able to practice without being in pain," I sigh heavily and eat the rest of my lunch which consists of water, meat and rice with carrots.


The day has ended at school and I'm walking home at this point, humming the songs I had downloaded from iTunes. I crunch over fallen leaves and kick a pinecone before singing softly to myself.

"In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came; that voice which calls to me, and speaks my name," I fell in love with 'The Phantom of the Opera' a year ago when I had to sing it in chorus. Every time I watched the movie, I cried. The overture would start and I would tear up from the memories of the movie and the connection I had built with it. I planned on being Christine but some other girl had apparently beaten me to it by having a better voice. I have to get better before we start the play.

I opened the door to my house with ease only to see my sister, Madelyn, in the kitchen. Probably cooking dinner again isn't she? "I told you I can cook tonight, you don't have to," I said while taking off my shoes and brushing off the invisible dust particles on my skirt.

"It's perfectly fine and besides, I want to." Madelyn's in middle school so she gets home earlier than me. I shrug my shoulders and head up stairs, glancing at all the pictures of my 'family'. That's right I'm adopted.

Opening the door to my room, it's a bit messy with books and scores of music scattered everywhere, but it's welcoming to me. An organized mess to me, that it is. I plop down on my bed and pull out my math homework starting instantly so I have time to exercise. If I can't sing then I'll exercise. Besides, that'll help me sing better.


A soft knock came to my door, creaking it open slowly; Madelyn stands there with a plate of dinner. "Thank you, and I'll be going for a short run after I finish my homework and this," I place down my work-in-progress homework and take the plate from her gratefully, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, and please don't over work yourself, I know you love singing so I want you in good health," Madelyn comments before leaving with a smile. I sit on the seat protruding out from the window and look out into the forest behind our house. I eat my dinner and soon finish my homework, losing myself in thoughts from time to time.


"I'm off for a run, I'll be back soon! Bye!" I shouted in the house, leaving after hearing a distant 'okay' from Madelyn. Closing the door, I pull out my iPod and search for a song to get me going, only to hear a distant voice behind the house. Curiosity killed the cat. Jogging around to the backyard, it becomes a bit more clear. Someone is playing The Phantom of the Opera!

A smile stretched my lips as I step closer to the edge of the forest and sing out loudly enough for them to hear, "In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came; that voice which calls to me, and speaks my name; and do I dream again, for now I find; the phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind." I wait a little and hear nothing. No sound, no melody, no voice calling back out to me.

Maybe I'm just hallucinating. Great, now I'm going crazy; Randal and Amy were right. "​Sing once again with me, our stance duet; my power over you, grows stronger yet;" He's there! I have to go get Madelyn! "And though you turn from me, to glance behind; the phantom of the opera is there, inside your mind." I stop dead in my tracks and glance at the house, I could yell to her but, what if he leaves? I have to find out whose voice this is.

I step into the forest, being drawn by the voice and the song I so desperately love, "Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear; I am the mask you wear- It's me they hear. Your/my spirit and your/my voice, in one combined, the phantom of the opera is there inside your/my mind." The forest passes by me slowly as I follow his voice, the voice, of the phantom of the opera.

"He's there, the phantom of the opera, Ahh~" I can't believe I'm doing this. My dream, my fantasy has become a reality.

"Sing, my angel of music," "Ahh~" "Sing my angel," "Ahh~" "Sing for me," "Ahh~" Oh god, I've never really been able to get this high, though I feel the desire to sing higher, louder, better.  "siiiing," "Ahh~" "Sing my angel!  "Ahh~" "Sing My Angel!" "AHHHHH!~"

Stopping in my tracks, I find a cloaked figure standing upon a fallen, decaying tree still barely attached to it's roots. Wearing a white mask just like the phantom but, a hood covers his face from any more detail getting to me. I hear my heart race wildly in my ears, pounding from the rush and excitement I'm feeling. I try to step closer but stop, hearing him start to sing once again.

​"I have brought you, to the seat of sweet musics throne, to this kingdom where all must pay homage to music, music. You have come here, for one purpose and one alone, since the moment I first heard you sing, I have needed you with me to serve me to sing, for my music, my music."

I can hear his breaths as he seems to stare down at me. I pant softly as well just staring up at him, breathless from my singing and that this is really happening. I step forward and ask, "Do you live around here?" He turns and jumps off the decaying tree, running off into the forest deeper. "Wait!" I call out desperatly while reaching out a hand before I give a haste chase.

Why is he so fast? I can see his cloak swishing gracefully while he glances at me over his shoulder to see if I'm still chasing him. My legs are heavy and I want to run faster but- ah! I trip and fall onto the forest ground hitting my head on a rock. Coughing heavily, I reach out a hand for the man but only drift off to darkness.

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