How I survived High School

Story about High school and a girl with depression and her determination to survive high school.


2. Chapter Two

A few months later and I am doing great!! I have never smiled so much or been so happy ever in my whole life! Angel and I are going out to go and look at Christmas lights, my idea naturally, so I came home from school and Angel was home early, she just moved in, she is 20, some people say  that that is a huge age gap, but it’s not that bad. “ Angel, I’m home!” I yelled. That’s when I became livid. Guess who was there. Clairissa was there! Like what the heck Angel. “What is she doing here. It’s supposed to be just us tonight. I’m surprised that Shane isn’t here too.” I said frustratedly. Angel walks over to me and whispers in my ear, “Her boyfriend just broke up with her.” She talked normally again, “ Shane is gone, she is visiting her brother in Scotland.” Well that’s just great, I don’t even have the one person that defends me here. I guess it’s gonna be all about her, like it usually is. I leaned over to Angel and say to her quietly, “Angel, I just want to spend some time with you… please.” She didn’t say anything and just walked back to what her and Clarissa were doing. I looked at her with a look of loneliness, and sadness, I turned around and walked into mine and Angel’s bedroom, sat on the bed and cried, I cried so loudly. I knew Angel could hear it through the wall, our bedroom was right by the living room. The door opens and I perk up thinking it’s Angel. To my surprise it was really Clairissa. I cower back down into my pillow. She walks over and sits on my bed. “Go away!” I yelled through the pillow. She sighs, “Alyssa, I really am sorry I didn’t know that you to had plans. I really don’t want you to be upset at me.” I lift my head up, “It’s not your fault it Angle’s fault!!!! She knew we had plans, but no you just had to tag along, because everything has to be about you!!!!! Literally Angel doesn’t even have anytime for me anymore, it’s all about you! Your all she talks about, Claire this and Claire that.” Throughout the entire rant I cried. Clarissa's eyes teared up and she said as she ran out of the room, “Well, fine I guess won’t intrude on you guys anymore.” I start walking out of my room to follow her. She runs out of my house and slams the door. Angel chases after her. She turns around at me, “What did you do!?” “What did I do?!?? What did you do?!?!?? You only want to hang around Clarissa!! You don’t have time for me EVER!!! You don’t care! Why I let you live here, I still don’t know. You don’t love me anymore, and if you do… it doesn’t feel like it.” She sighs, “Ally Cat I didn’t know. I am sorry. So sorry. I should have paid more attention to you.” She pauses I was just about to say something then she continues, “Is that what you wanted to hear?” She walks into our room and grabs all of her stuff. She walks outside and throws her stuff in her car. She turns around and looks at me, then gets into her car and drives away.

I sit down on the porch and watch her leave, there was no stopping her. I break down and cry, after what felt like hours of crying I walk into my room and it looks so empty without Angel’s things, I go into the closet and grab her Star Wars sweatshirt and put it on and climb into bed holding the Panda bear she made me, ‘With Love’ That is what is embroidered on the back. Does that still count, does she still love me? I curl up and end up crying myself to sleep, I hated the feeling of being alone in my room, it was dark and cold. There was something lonely and dangerous about being alone.

I go to the movies, seeing Rogue One, a movie that Angel really wanted to see. I pay for my ticket and turn around to find a person tackling me. I scream. “There’s no need to scream, it’s just me.” said Shane with her thick accent. “Your back.” I said with relief. Then I turn and see Angel, alone, getting a ticket, for Rogue One. “Alyssa, I heard about your fight and I don’t want to be that person, but Angel is here.” “Yes, I know.” “Um, Maybe. Just maybe. You should go say hi.” She winks at me. Frozen with fear, all I did was stare at her. You know that feeling when you know that someone is staring at you. I think she got that feeling. She looked right at me. A sudden panic arose over her face. She turned around and started walking as quickly as possible out the door. I stood up and looked at Shane. “GO!” I didn’t hear anything else after that because I ran as quickly as possible after her. I caught up with her, “Angel… I’m sorry, I love you and I acted irrational.” A long moment of silence until I continued. “Are you going to say something, anything please.” “What is there to say Alley Cat?” “I don’t know maybe-” “Well First of all, Clara moved to Australia because you pissed her off. She was a good friend of mine. I love you but she is upset. I am her best friend, her boyfriend broke up her and now she has nobody. I know how she is and once she’s gone it’s really hard to get her back. I need to go to Australia but, she’s not mad at me. I can’t apologize. You have to. I love you so much. I know you and her and you two have a certain type of tolerance for people. You broke and in the midst you also broke her. I can’t keep going if you’re going to run off and put anyone who supports me and push them away. I also have a certain tolerance for people and mine is on the edge of breaking.” “I-I, I’m sorry. Will you come watch Rogue One with me please?” “No, this is something I need to do alone.” “Oh… Ok.” I turned around and walked into the theatre. Behind me Angel saw a girl who ran up to her and hugged her, they kissed. I didn’t see this but Shane did. After the movie I texted Angel. “I am going to Australia I am making things right. If you would like to come with fine. I love you and I will do anything for you. See you when everything is right,” I wrote. I went to the airport. I got on the plane and I sat down next to a familiar face. “You got my text?” I said. “What text, wait what are you doing here.” “Making things right.” “Ummm. alright, I guess we are going together.” We sat there, I tried to lay my head on her shoulder, she pushed me away. I could tell by the look on her face this wasn’t any ordinary big fight. This was huge. What made Clarissa so special? Was Angel cheating on me with Clarissa??


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