How I survived High School

Story about High school and a girl with depression and her determination to survive high school.


3. Chapter Three

We arrive in Australia. I ran up behind Angel, who has wandered ahead of me. "We have to work together, to get Clarissa back." "Um, okay." I look down, she continued to walk away. I hear my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out of my pocket and answer the phone call from Shane. "Hey, you won't guess who I found." "Did you really find Clarissa!?" "Yeah, in a nightclub, the situation is all very strange." We hung up. What a waste of money to go to Australia. "Hey Angel, Shane just found Clarissa in a night club back at home." I was gonna try and make a joke but I didn't want to risk losing her forever. "I could've sworn she went here. That's strange." Of course she didn't say why it was strange she just walked away. "Two tickets back to Seattle, Washington." I couldn't get the fact of Clarissa and Angel off of my mind. I couldn't hold it back anymore. "Angel, Why is Clarissa so important?" "Ask her yourself." 

The entire airplane ride back was exactly like on the way there. Silent. We got back to Seattle and it was one in the morning. I slept the entire way home. Angel woke me up so at least I know she doesn't completely hate me. We walked into the house to find Shane sound asleep on the couch. "Hey Shane." Angel gently woke up Shane. She just couldn't wait to see Clarissa. Ugh I'm so bad at not being jealous. "Mmmmm, she's in the bathroom the key is on the counter." "Shane you didn't." I already knew what Shane had done but yet I still believed that she didn't. 

We walked into the bathroom and I saw just what I expected. "You handcuffed her to the sink!" Angel said, well yelling. "She kept trying to either drink or just run away." I looked at Shane and I could tell that she had been trying to stay awake so that when Angel and me got home we wouldn't argue because she was around. "Hey Shane, why don't you go to sleep while we talk to Clarissa." "I'm not a baby just leave me be with that key. Ha! Be, Key that rhymes." And Clarissa speaks. 

About a hour later Shane's sleeping and me and Angel are taking shifts making sure Clarissa doesn't run away. "Hey Alyssa, it's your turn." Fun, "I'm coming." I walk into the bedroom with Clarissa sleeping on my bed. I would be upset but I kind of offered to put her into my room. "Okay so I got her to fall asleep if she wakes up you can call-" "No one, I will call no one because I got it go get some sleep Angel." "Okay, but-" "I got it." I needed her to believe that I could take care of a drunken person. Maybe she would think that I  can take care of myself. Okay what does one do with a sleeping person. Well, yeah no I don't got a marker. "Uhhhhh I feel awful." Ugh why is she awake. "I thought you were sleeping." "Yeah like I'm going to fall asleep at this exciting point in time." What was she talking about? "I mean come on Alyssa just ask me already, what does Angel see in me." "Oh I didn't-" "Know I knew about that. Well let's just say Angel talks a lot. Look I can say some truth here but we aren't very good friends so, I'm just gonna go for what you want." "Which is?" "Why me, why does Angel choose me over you." "I KNEW IT!" "No you didn't I am not gay you idiot." "I'm sorry, for what?" "For pushing you away, I didn't mean to make you feel that bad." "You? Wait I got drunk because my boyfriend broke up with me." "Oh my God. I am such an idiot." "Can't disagree but the reason why me and Angel are so close is because Angel saved my life, more than once." "She did." I always knew Angel was my hero but not other people's hero too. "Yeah see me and my fiance were coming to my hometown to pick out some things for our wedding. We were on a bridge and out of no where we swerved into the side of the bridge and next thing I know I was in an ambulance with a bunch of paramedics around me. I asked how I was still alive and they said Angel. Of course me being fresh from drowning thought it was an actual angel who saved me. Then at the hospital she walked in and asked how I was doing. She said her name was Angel. I felt so stupid. Anyway she pulled out me and my fiance and he didn't make it. Apparently he had a brain bleed in his head from the accident. From that day on we were there for each other for everything from paper cuts to telling people that Angel was gay." "Wow I had no idea." "Of course not you never asked, me anyway." She was starting to stand up and I was actually going to let her until I remembered. "Whoa you're still drunk." "Pft no I'm not I am going to go yell at Angel." "For what?" "For eating my cookie oh and for not forgiving you."  


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