How I survived High School

Story about High school and a girl with depression and her determination to survive high school.


1. Chapter One

I have had certain issues my whole life, when I was six  I was diagnosed with PTSD that probably had to do with how much my parents fought. When I was eight  I was told that I was never going to pass third grade because I wasn’t smart enough, when I was 16 I was told that I had depression and high functioning anxiety.

    My entire life has been hospital visit after hospital visit, my EX- best friend Elizabeth said that I would never survive high school. My gay best friend, Antonio, said that I could do anything I ever wanted to do, but what I wanted most was to be accepted for who I was. My name is Alyssa, I am 17 years old, Bisexual, have depression and anxiety and I will survive high school, and college, and I will not die until I am old and ready. I am determined to survive.

You read those first two paragraphs and you probably think, “ What’s the big deal about feeling accepted?” or maybe, “How could you be Bisexual? That is wrong.” well, this is who I am, either keep reading and find out about my life and how I became this way, or you can leave now and I won’t mind.

Okay, for those of you who stayed, there is someone I want you to meet. I have a girlfriend, Angel. Angel has pink short hair, half shaved on the left side, she is a bit shorter than I am but, that’s okay because I love her just the same. She is the only one of my friends, besides Antonio, that truly understands me and my issues. Angel has the same issues that I have.

Today is the first day of my senior year of high school, and there is a new girl in the class, her name is Shane. She has auburn hair, and she is really freaking tall! Like I have too look up to see her face. She has a really thick scottish accent, it’s kind of hard to understand her. But, she is really pretty, like she has emerald green eyes and lots of freckles. Her hair is really fluffy, curly and red, and then there is this other girl. Clarissa, Clarissa has blond hair, shining blue eyes, and a sparkling personality. Well I actually don’t know about the sparkling personality part, I have never talked to her before. She says that she can taste colors, see sound, and smell everything she touches, like even if its a stick. And when she was introduced to the class she announced it like a weird psychopathic child.  OH she’s also really weird with animals. It’s like she is one. But she seems cool I guess...

It’s been 3 months since I last tried to cut myself, Angel has been helping out with my issues for those 3 months, keeping my mind busy by taking me somewhere to hang out or even just talking t0 me. It helps I guess, but I’m getting better and I guess, that’s all that matters right? I don’t know, Angel said  that it’s good that I seem like I’m getting better but I don’t know, I don’t feel better, I feel lousy.

Angel invited Clarissa and Shane over today. I don’t know. I don’t like that they hang out so much now. I mean Angel is MY girlfriend, she should be spending more time with me and less time with other girls, right? Clarissa walked into the house with Shane, while I was making Angel dinner, we don’t live together but she comes over after I am done at school everyday so, it seems like she does, you know? Anyway, Clarissa and Shane walked in and sat on the couch with Angel and then I came out of the kitchen and I had no idea that they were here, so I was “thrilled”! So thrilled in fact, I almost dropped the dinner plate. Just kidding, I was pissed! Tonight, Angel and I were supposed to hang out and watch musicals and stuff, like Chicago, Les Mis, Rent, etc. But no, now have to spend time with Shane and Clarissa, Imma call her Claire, it’s easier to say. Anyway, I couldn’t tell Angel that I was pissed that Claire and Shane were here, really I only had issues with Claire, she was just so goddamn pretty and I didn’t want her to take Angel from me. With her perfectly waved blond hair and her ocean blue eyes. UGH! It made me so mad! Angel turned around when I dropped the plate, “Hey, Sweetheart! I invited Shane and Izzy over to come and watch Chicago with us, I know that I didn’t tell you that they  were coming over, but I figured it will be fine,right?” “Uh-Y-Yeah love, that’s fine,,” I said hesitantly, “But I have to go make you more grilled cheese now. Cause I dropped the plate, will you come over here and pick it up please?” “Here I’ll help” oh my GOD!! Claire is going to take her from me! “NO!” I blurted out exactly what I didn’t want to say. It seemed like the entire world stopped and everyone was looking at me. “I mean, you might cut yourself.” “That’s okay, I won’t mind a few scratches. I can still help if you want” Whew close save. “Umm-” “Yeah it’ll be fine,” Angel said with her beautiful voice. Wait snap out of it you are mad at her. I walked as quickly as I could into the kitchen. “So you don’t like Claire?” Shane said scaring me, then following me into the kitchen . “No, it’s not that, it’s just-” “You hate her, it’s okay I hated her too at first.” “Beautiful girl getting all of the attention, she hates attention, she’d rather be in a lava pit being eaten by a dragon.” “No, I really don’t Hate her, it’s just, I don’t want her to take Angel from me.” “Really, doesn’t Angel tell you these things. She has a boyfriend, I bet fifty bucks they’ll break up when he gets back from tour.” “He’s in the military?”  “No, not even close, he is on world tour with his band and he accidently drunk texted me that they need to break up, for some reason he thought that I was Claire.” “OKAY, but that doesn’t help, after they break up she could go for Angel, I just don’t wanna lose her!” “Oh my God, you think either too much or not enough, SHE IS STRAIGHT YOU IDIOT!” “OH thank god!! Wait, ARE YOU straight???” “Jesus woman, I have a boyfriend. I’ve tried it once it, it didn’t go the way I expected it to.” “Ok well you better not try to take Angel from me, cause you-” “See you think way too much.” “UGH!  Just don’t try to take her from me PLEASE!!” “WHERE’S THE BATHROOM?” Claire yelled ever so loudly. “It’s right in front of your face! You’re sitting in the living room where the bathroom is literally two steps to your right! And don’t say you didn’t know because it says bathroom on the door!!!” I yelled back “YEAH HON SHE’S KINDA BLEEDING! A LOT” Angel yelled “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO ANGEL RENEE!!” “UH NOTHING?” “I’m fine real-” Once again Shane interrupting, “Your hand would disagree.” “OH my God, go outside Clarissa and go get in the car, now. Angel  you are driving us to the hospital.” “UH, IF YOU KNEW WHAT ANIMALS SHE FACED THIS WOULD BE NOTHING,” Angel screamed unnecessarily.  “Why are you still yelling everyone is in this room, and how do you know so much about her?” I snapped jealously. “Guys, trust me I faced a lion once, it was pretty cool,” Claire is so stupid “LION!” Everyone yelled in unison. “Yeah, I like big cats, small cats, dogs, wild dogs, lizards, wild lizards, snakes, wild snake-” “So all animals?” I said getting annoyed. “NO, not all of them I don’t like the dinosaurs I can’t ride on.” Shane leaned me and Angel in, “She has an… active imagination.” Shane turns to Clarissa, “I lived in Scotland. I have a pet wolf.” “Hmm, I’ll have to try that sometime,” Claire said almost seeming serious. “You can’t ride any Dinosaurs.” I said to Claire.  “You guys have never lived if you haven’t snuck into the museum at night. I really hate the ones they hang up I’m too short,” Clarissa said like an idiot. “Uh…” “Yep so you all wanna go tonight?” “No, we are watching musicals tonight, remember?” “Oh yeah I mean after the musicals.” “Guys,” Shane yelled right in my ear, “ her hand is still bleeding remember?” “Right, Hey Angel go get a towel and my suture kit.” “WAIT, does that involve needles? I’m afraid of needles.” “Hold on,” Angel said, “Babe you don’t know how to do that, and you are afraid of needles and not lions.” “Lions are a natural animal of nature, needles are not,” Clairissa said sassy like. “I got two stitches in my hand once Love, I can do it, and I can use a needle made of wood if you want Claire.” “ARE YOU CRAZY?  Wood is worse than regular needles.” “You can’t put- just ya can’t, needles are not your specialty,” Angel stared directly at me. “ I can do it, at least I’m not using a sewing needle.” “Oh my god stop talking about needles it’s freaking me out.” Shane stepped in and figured everything out, “We are going to the hospital, Angel you are driving-” “I CALL SHOTGUN!!!!” I screamed. “Oh my god I will kill all of you -” “Is that a threat or a promise?” I sarcastically questioned. “Shut up, Alyssa go get towel-” “MAKE ME!” Shane leaned in close to me, “I’ll dare Clairissa to kiss Angel, she never backs down from a dare.” “Don’t you dare!” I growled. “Clari-” I quickly put my hand over her mouth. “I’m getting towels, but I still call shotgun.” I grabbed some towels and went into the car where everyone was waiting for me. I was kind of afraid that there were some dares going on to take Angel, or worse shotgun! No Angel is definitely worse if I lost her. “Claire, how’s the hand,” I questioned hoping for no response. Shane whispered in my ear, “She’ll say she’s fine even if she’s not it’s a bad habit of her’s.” “Oh me,” and sure enough Claire said, “I’m fine.” “Angel how fast can you drive?” “Guys I said I’m fine.” “NO YOU ARE NOT!” Shane shouted, then she whispered something under her breath. I didn’t know what she said, because it was in some other language. She does this all the time, that’s probably because she speaks eleven languages, and that's not even an exaggeration, she literally speaks eleven languages! Let’s see, there’s, French, Romanian, Gaelic, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian, sign language, Mandarin, Italian, and a little bit of Akkadian, whatever that is. All this plus English, and English isn’t even her first language!


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