Camp Name


1. Hey Jessie

"Soph, the fire's burning out." Mom called from the kitchen where the kettle was boiling on the stove.

"Ok, thank you for letting me know Mom!" I called and piled a few extra logs of firewood into the fireplace.

My cozy pajama pants were getting a little small and they wrapped tightly around my legs as I plopped down on the sofa. My older sister was out at the lake with her friend Samantha who's staying at our camp for a few days. They went canoeing and would probably be home soon. My younger brother was asleep on his bed in the other room and my dad was jotting notes into a notebook.

"Sophie? Marshmallows or no? I have a whole bag." Mom wandered into the family room and sat on the edge of the couch next to me.

"Sure. But I got it. You've done enough." I smiled and yanked a big bag of marshmallows out of the cabinet.

I added a few to my burning hot cocoa and slid into a seat at the kitchen table. I heard my older sister, Jessie come inside, but alone. That's odd. Samantha was supposed to stay at our cabin tonight.

"Where's Samantha? Did something happen?" I could hear the concern in my mothers voice as I took a gentle sip from my blue mug.

"No it's all good. Her cousin came down for a couple nights so her parents wanted her to come home to see them. Did you guys make hot chocolate?" I knew Jessie had a great sense of smell and never failed to know when something was brewing.

I poured her a mug as she changed into pajamas and braided her long, dark hair. Jessie and I are total opposites. I have long, blond hair and green eyes like my Mom. Jessie has long, dark hair like my dad and blue eyes like my grandmother. She's out there and easily makes friends while I'm shy and prefer to read and sip tea on the sofa at night. When she sat down next to me and stared deeply into her cocoa I knew she was upset Samantha couldn't stay over.

"It's okay. You'll see her tomorrow." I said kindly but Jessie just rolled her eyes rudely.

"I didn't say anything, did it?" She shot me a dirty look and left the kitchen leaving her hot cocoa mess on the table.

I poured the remaining cocoa into the sink and scrubbed the mug with Dawn dish soap. She had left a mess of cocoa and milk on the table so I took the pink sponge and took a few minutes to wash the table down. I heard mom and dad go to sleep but I rested on the sofa, book in hand for a while. That's when I realized Jessie wasn't in bed or in the family room, kitchen, or bathroom. I called her name softly in the front yard then hurried out the back door. There she sat, head in hands on our back step. Her dark hair shone in the moonlight and she was gently rocking to keep herself warm.

"Jessie, it's so cold. Why aren't you inside at this time of night?" I said without a sharpness in my voice.

"Because I want to be." She said meanly. "I'm so sorry Sophie. Come sit, it's gorgeous out here."

Jessie swung her arm around my neck nicely and I snuggled into her warm body. The cool breeze swept through our hair and we stared out at the stars lighting up the night sky. An hour later we resorted inside to go to sleep.

Boy, I didn't know the next day sure would change.

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