My English Teacher

I storm into the class a little out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I--" I stop. Everything stops. Except my heart. It keeps beating faster and faster but at the same time it sinks. From the look in his eyes I can see he feels the same way. He coughs trying to get back to reality, the one thing I didn't want to happen.

"Well miss uhm Green, I'm Mr Hemmings and.." Please don't let this be true. Please don't say it.

"I'll be your English teacher for this year."

/// A Luke Hemmings fanfiction


9. Chapter 9


Two weeks went by like it was nothing and with that nothing happened. Well at least that is what I want to believe. I ignored Luke, or at least I tried. Every single class I caught myself staring at him, his hair, lips, cheekbones and those drowning eyes and almost every time he noticed. Each time he did I felt my head turn into a tomato and tried to cover it by looking straight at my papers. But even though I did that I know that he saw my head turn red. I need to stop doing it but how? How even can you look away when there is this little peace made in heaven standing in front of you. Conclusion: you can’t. So practically I’m doomed. One thing I’m happy about is that he doesn’t pick me to answer a question. Well one time he did and I couldn’t answer so I was just looking straight into his eyes and he looked back until he cleared his throat and picked someone else. I just shook my head and turned my gaze to my feet again. So after that he didn’t risk it anymore to pick me, luckily. I wouldn’t know the answer because I can’t concentrate and every time I look at him I ask myself what he is thinking at that moment, but as long as I live in this world I will not be able to read his mi--

“Miss Green? Would you please keep your attention to my lesson? I know it’s the last few minutes on Friday, but at least try to do some effort.” With those words spoken from the mouth of my math teacher the bell rang. I gathered all my things, but before I left the classroom I apologized to her. Receiving a smile I left and walked straight to Roses locker.

“Hi there, I have to leave soon,” I showed her the little piece of paper that has been accompanying me for the last two weeks.

“Well look at that little friend you somehow always have with you.”

“Funny. Very, very funny.”

“Well maybe you should be like most of the people and skip detention on Friday?”

“I’m not going to do that. After 2, no 2 weeks and 3 days of detention I’m not going to skip my last day risking another day of detention. Because thanks to miss I love myself and I love being a devil to everyone I got 13 detention cards. 13? Can you imagine? So no I won’t skip because even if 14 is a better number I can’t spend another hour there while I can actually watch my tv show.” She smiled at my outburst of anger for miss f*cking Devilson.

“Well that is a lot of anger and maybe you should go do some yoga or go to a boxing club because otherwise I’m going to end up with a black eye. No offence but I rather see with two eyes than with one and a half.” She laughed causing me to join her.

“Oh and I was just planning on smashing your eyeball out. A few teeth maybe?” I said sarcastic receiving a giggle from her.

“Thank, but no thanks. And you probably should leave because otherwise you will receive that beautiful 14th detention card for being late in detention. Isn’t that ironic? Oh and you’ll see me at 7 in front of your door.”

“Okay, see you then” I said before turning around heading to the detention classroom. When I walked in I didn’t see Cole, but it wasn’t like I actually did expect that. I looked around and saw nobody else. On that point the only thing that was going through my mind was the voice of Rose saying on her victorious tone ‘I told ya’. There was still a way back, because Mr. Peeterson wasn’t on his usual spot. His desk was empty and his chair stood lonely behind it. I walked straight to my seat on the last row and settled myself. I grabbed all my papers not knowing what I will do the next hour, but once I got them all on the table I changed my mind. I laid my head on my arms and closed my eyes. If the teacher isn’t coming I can better sleep an hour. When everything seemed to get a little further away I heard footsteps entering the room. I looked up expecting Mr. Peeterson but instead of seeing a small man I saw someone who is at least 1 ft bigger than him. His grey thin hair changed into thick dirty blond. The minute I saw that I stop breathing for a second. Should I do something or not? Say something or not? Million questions were running through my head popping up every second. I decide to just lay my head on my arms again but the moment I decided that he looked up. I stared in a pair of piercing blue eyes. I felt myself drowning in his world but a cough brought me back to reality. I can’t look. Stop looking at him. I try to convince myself.

“Miss Green.” He nodded while putting his bag on the ground. He settled himself at the desk and without noticing I changed my plans. I leaned my chin on my arms and looked at him. He grabs his computer out of his bag and installs it.

“Are you the only one?”

“No. I mean yes.”

“Not a good liar huh?” He looked up from his laptop with a smirk on his face.

“Clearly not”

“They skipped?

“Probably” Stop talking Malia. You can’t just say they skipped. Well not that he wouldn’t know that but still.

“hmh” Is the only this that came out of his mouth.

“So what have you done?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I said convinced by my own answer.

“Oh are you sure about that because clearly you’re sitting here.” His low voice laughed.

“Okay maybe I did something, but there is nothing wrong with talking right?” I said after I giggled by his words.

“No sure not but I guess, correct me if I’m wrong, you kind of talk too much?” he raised his eyebrows while saying this expecting I would just nod and agree with him.

“No, I don’t talk too much” I said looking at him and after a few seconds looking at his expression I correct myself. “Okay sometimes I talk too much.” He laughed at my words and looked into my eyes. Without noticing it I kept looking, I kept staring, in his eyes, so blue. It’s like he captured me until he cleared his throat and broke our contact by pointing his eyes at his laptop again. It was quiet and I felt the tension in the room. Like this class changed in a cinema and we were living the last moment we talked again and again. The confrontation this is wrong, so wrong. After another minute just staring I laid my head on my arms and inspected the trees across the football field, the guys playing and the coach screaming at them. The next 55 minutes passed without a word being said or glances being exchanged. The only thing there was, was silence and it terrified me.

The vibration of my phone under my arms made me move myself for the first time. I unlocked my phone and read the message Rose had sent me.

Happy last time detention! Your torture just ended 😝

My eyes immediately searched for the 4 numbers at my phone. Still 5 minutes and then it’s over. I lifted my head and looked at Luke, I mean Mr. Hemmings, but he didn’t move one bit. I kept staring until his words rang through my ears.

“You can leave. Detention is over.” With that he closed his laptop and putted it in his bag. He walked around the desk and leaned against it waiting for me to get up and leave. So I slowly got up and grabbed my purse. I started packing my things and putting my papers in the right order. I felt his gaze following every move I made. Hanging over my stuff my hair fell over my shoulder right in front of me. In frustration I tugged my hair behind my ear and putted the last papers in my bag. Before closing it I looked up right in his eyes. I immediately focus back on my purse afraid my head would turn bright red again.

“Fuck the rules” my head shot up because it’s the first thing he said to break the silence. He pushed himself of his desk and walked rapidly toward me.

“Wait what?” Before the last few letters left my mouth I felt two hand softly grab my face, but everything about this gesture said he was craving for something. The second later I felt two soft lips touching mine, hungry and passionate. I froze , I couldn’t do anything accept holding on to this moment for as long as it lasted.

“I’m sorry” He disconnected his lips from mine, an act that felt like something was ripped away from me. He looked me straight in the eyes and rubbed my cheek before letting me fully go. He took a few steps back but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards me.

“I’m not” a whisper left my mouth before I started again where he left off. I placed my hands on his chest and travelled up until I reached his neck. My hands got lost in his hair and his found my waist pulling me closer to him. His tongue brushed my lips asking for permission and without hesitating I did what he anticipated. “Jump” his husky voice commanded. Like a puppy listening to his boss I obeyed. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. So caught up in the moment I didn’t even realize he started walking until I felt him loosen grip by putting me on the table with him still in between my legs. His kisses became more hungry but at the same time soft and caring until it changed in a sweet one, a more affective one that made my heart swell up.

“Luke” I whispered cupping his face in my hands. His eyes met mine and my words flew away for a moment. All I saw was a glance that craved for more and the moment I thought he was going to kiss me again he just closed his eyes and rubbed his nose against mine.

“What are we actually doing?”

“I’m doing something I wanted to from the moment you spilled your drink all over me.” I giggled at his words and closed my eyes enjoying the moment of silence. Not an awkward one but one full of passion and comfort.

“I mean what are we doing?” I whispered not wanting to ruin the moment.

“Breaking all the rules.”



Hey guys! I already wrote 9 chapters and I wanted to ask you for your opinion. Do you like it? Do you think I need to change some things? I would really appreciate that! And I also wanted to thank you for the 3000 reads! It makes me so happy and it gives me the courage to keep writing, so thank you guys! :D 

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