My English Teacher

I storm into the class a little out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I--" I stop. Everything stops. Except my heart. It keeps beating faster and faster but at the same time it sinks. From the look in his eyes I can see he feels the same way. He coughs trying to get back to reality, the one thing I didn't want to happen.

"Well miss uhm Green, I'm Mr Hemmings and.." Please don't let this be true. Please don't say it.

"I'll be your English teacher for this year."

/// A Luke Hemmings fanfiction


7. Chapter 7


Another day past and I still didn't say anything to Rose. I want to I really want to say something, but what will I say? Hey I think I like our teacher? That doesn't even make sense and I don't even know if he feels--. What am I even thinking? 

I walk to my locker and grab my books for the following lessons and as horrible as it is, one of them is geografic. How can the ones who made my sceduel be so cruel to put geografic two times a week as my first class. I close my locker and turn around where I see Rose already waiting. 

"Heyhey! Is it weird or am I dreaming or something because youo seem to be on time?" She laughs referring to all the times, practicly every day, I was too late for class. 

"Funny, really funny. Do I need to hear this every morning I seem to be on time?" 

"I guess so" She smiles making me want to be late every morning again. We leave my locker behind and walk to our class. As we walk in I get a glare from miss Devilson but when I want to pass her she calls my name. I roll my eyes and turn around. 

"Yes miss?" I smile with the fakest smile. 

"Didn't you forget something?" She spits and for a moment I thought she wasn't angry at me because she always talks like that.

"Uhm I don't think so? I got my book and my-

"Not like that! Where were you yesterday?" I try to remember and think about what she is looking for at the same time untill she clears my mind. "Detention, miss Green, detention." She spits at me again. 

"Shit" I wisper getting an angry look from her.

"What did you say?!" Not that again, why does you takes everything so personally? 

"Nothing miss, I'm sorry." I apologize not meaning one bit of it.

"Well I can't leave it like this. You will have detention for 2 weeks and another 3 days." WHAT? What the **** is her problem? 

"Thank you miss." I say with the most sarcatsic voice and fake smile. Oh I hate her so much! I turn around and walk toward my seat. I sit down and look at Rose getting a 'that sucks' from her lips. 'Yeah, miss Devilson ruling the world again' I mouth back making her burst into laughter. 

"Miss Green do you want 3 weeks?" She yells breaking the laughs that were filling the room. 

"No miss." With that she starts her lesson and as slow as it can go, as slow as it went. The next three hours were going a little faster and then finally the bell rang giving us the sign that lunch was ready. 

I walk straight to the table Rose, Cole, Emma, Thomas and I always sit on. Thomas is practicly Coles brother, they do everything together. It's like a duo, I wonder where he was friday night. And Emma is another good friend of me and together with Rose we are like the three Musketeers. It sucked that she couldn't come friday night, she had to go babysitting on her cousin. Soon they join me and as always we laugh and talk all midday until the bell rings again. We say our goodbyes and each go our own way. My way is English. I turn around again for the last time and wave again getting an overhappy wave back. I walk up the stairs and as I pass the first floor I immediatly open my purse. Please don't let this be true. I search in my purse but as always I forgot my book. I run back downstaires straight to my locker. I put in the right numbers to unlock it and grab my book. As I close the little door I hear the seconds bell. Shit. I run back upstaires and after a dozen of steps I make it to the second floor. I run to room 245 and swing the door open. 

"Sorry-" I say out of breath "again." I try to act cool but that's pretty hard when you can't catch your breath." That I'm too late again." I finish my sentence making him look up from his desk in my direction. 

"It's okay, you can sit down and finish the exercises we were making last lesson." I turn around with a big smile on my face and go to my seat. After we all finished our exercises he started to tell about different kind of stories. A fairytale or an anecdote or a myth. He keeps on telling stories until the bell rings and with that a lot of other voices start filling the room. They are the king of the sound until silence takes over.

"Well you don't want to be late for a second time do you or is it one of your hobbys I don't know about?" I snap back to reality and see a muscular posture standing in front of me.

"No, no I'm so--" I start laughing seeing his facial expression knowing what he is thinking. "I wasn't going to say it. Definitely not." I say while pointing my finger at him trying to hold in my laugh. That is kind of hard when there is someone with the biggest, most beautiful smile standing in front of you, totaly not believing what you are saying.

"Sure, what you want. You totaly weren't going to say it but let me ask you something, what were you going to say?" As he start to speak his face becomes just like mine, trying to be serious but actually you are dying inside wanting to burst into laugher.

"I was going to say... uhm... soo.. so-uhm.. soap. Yes soap." I could mentally slap myself.


"Yes" I try to say as proud as possible.

"That is... well uhm... let me see, totaly normal." He nods with the most sarcastisch face I have ever seen.

"Stop it, okay. I was going to say it. You stupid." I laugh while punching him. "hey!" he says grabing my arms preventing me to escape. One hand lets go of my arm but immediatly comes back to my waist. Not one second later I feel the weird unbearable feeling running through my body of him tickling me. I burst out of laughter try to escape but I know the chance I actually do is 1 on 100.

"What were you doing? You were punching me huh?" He tickles me more and more and tears start filling my eyes.

"Stop, please. I can't take it anymore." I try to say but all that I can hear are breaths and laughs. I start to pull on the fingers that are umbracing my waist trying to keep me close to him so he could torture me with his other hand. I doesn't take long untill my fingers collide with his so I can pull his arm away from my body. I start running but a hand grabs mine and turns me around causing me to bumb onto his chest. His other hand immediatly rests on my waist. Our laugher fades away while looking at eachother. Drowning in his ocean eyes and the smell of his cologne I forget about the world around us. My heart start beating faster and faster when i see his lips coming closer. And it skips a beat when his nose touches mine. His hand lets go of mine and travels up my arm until it reaches my cheek. The soft touch of his thumb rubbing my cheek wants me to lean my head to one side so the movement would never stop. But I don't because I like the position of his lips hovering over mine way to much. The sweet touch stops but he doesn't let go instead of that he comes closer making me feel his hot breath on my lips. I close my eyes enjoying the moment when there abruptly pops a thought into my head.

He is your teacher. He will be punished for doing this.

When I feel the top of his lips touching mine I turn my head to the left. "Luke, you're my teacher." I sigh. "We can't." He moves his hand from my waist to my left cheek to turn my head forcing me to look at him. "I can't." I wisper with a trembling voice. I loosen myself from his grip and take a few steps back. I grab my purse and run toward the door. I turn around before Ieaving the classroom and see him standing in the same position I left him. His head looking down standing against my desk.

The more steps I take away from him, the more I need to tell myself that this was the best for both of us but the more I say it, the more it sounds so wrong.

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