My English Teacher

I storm into the class a little out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I--" I stop. Everything stops. Except my heart. It keeps beating faster and faster but at the same time it sinks. From the look in his eyes I can see he feels the same way. He coughs trying to get back to reality, the one thing I didn't want to happen.

"Well miss uhm Green, I'm Mr Hemmings and.." Please don't let this be true. Please don't say it.

"I'll be your English teacher for this year."

/// A Luke Hemmings fanfiction


6. Chapter 6


"I'm leaving mom!" I get no response back so I guess she already left. I close the door behind me and put my earphones in. I grab my phone and put my favorite playlist on shuffle. I start walking and look at my watch. 7:25. I don't know why, but today I could, for once in my life, get up early. It was like someone or something just gave me a boost to get up and well now I'm standing here in front of school at 7:55. I look around and see a couple groups standing but not even a thirth of the school is here yet. I look at my phone again and search for a better song. I scroll down and mouth all the names I see appear on my screen. I blindly walk through the hall sometimes looking up from the screen to see if I'm still walking in the right direction. After five minutes of searching I desperate press on shuffle again and put my phone away. When I look back up again I see my locker and walk straigh to it. When I open it I find my self silently singing along. I quickly look around to see if anyone is near me but fortunaltly there's no one around. I turn my head back to the books laying in my locker searching for the one for English.

English. Will it be awkward? I mean I slept with him. I mean I slept in his house not with him. Not that he's not pretty or, no I can't think like this. He's my teacher. That's the point, it will be awkward because he will be in front of the class and I will listen but I won't notice what he says, because the one thing that will be on my mind is--

"Maybe you should learn to wisper." One of my earphones is pulled out of my ear and is replaced by a soft cummon voice. I slowly turn around and look into his piercing blue eyes. I immediatly brake our eyecontact the minute I realize what he said. I start to giggle with myself knowing I completely made a fool of myself. I hear a silent laugh and look up giving myself some confidence.

"Well at least I made someone laugh. I still don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. I'm still not sure if you are laughing with or at me." I laugh making a smile appear on his face. 

"I'm still debating with myself. I don't know yet because it was pretty funny tho." He teases me trying to hold the laughter building up inside of him. 

"Ooooowh" I play along before punching his arm getting the reaction I want. His smile is breaking through the walls he made up for me not to win whatever competition this is. Just in time he covers it by looking down and immediatly back up with a serious look in his eyes.

"Ohw and should I be impressed now?" He says while taking a slow step closer to me. Whatever he is trying to do, it is working. I first don't know how to react when I take a step with him towards the lockers and my back bumps onto one of them. It takes a few seconds but after that I play along with the same serious eyes.

"You actually should be" I wisper leaning closer to his face with every word. I see him breaking by the panic in his eyes not knowing what will hapen. But the first second I saw that the second second it was already replaced.

"What if I'm not then you should apologize don't you think?" He wispers back making my stomage turn with every movement he makes.

"Don't you think I'm going to do that. Mind the ducktape right?" I wisper back before turning around grabbing my book and leave him standing there. I keep walking until I can't hold myself and take a quick look behind me. I see him standing there confused with the biggest smile on his face. That's the reaction I wanted. I walk furter to Roses locker and think about what just happened. How did I even do that? What came up my mind for me to do that. And maybe the worst part is that I acually liked it. I really liked it. I liked the way he was teasing me, challanging me with every word. The way he was searching for the edges of my comfort zone, the way it was fine but he still kept me curious for his next actions. 

What am I even saying? No, what am I even thinking? I, no we can't --

"Hey there! Lost in all your dreams about me or the ones with the mysterious guy? You need to tell me everything!" How am I going to explane? I can't say I stayed the night at my teachers house right, but I don't want to lie.

"Nothing happened I just stayed the night and left." Well actually I didn't lie, I just left some, few not so important details out. 

"Oh come on! It isn't possible that you just stayed the night." She says in disbelieve.

"Well, believe it or not, it is true." I laugh a little nervous hoping she won't ask anything else.

"And who's the mystery guy?" But as always or as most of the time the odds aren't in my favor. What should I say. The truth or a lie, a half lie? I keep debating in my head until I hear the words flow out of my mouth.

"I don't remember it actually, it's a blurry night." Rose my dear Rose, the person whom will keep a secret to her grave. The one who I can trust the most. I just lied to her. I've never done that, but what should I say now? I can't say 'heeeey it was all a joke and I slept in Lukes bed' and just smile and walk away. And even if I did what will she think, what should I say. 'Yes I actually like him but it isn't possible because you know what he is.' like that is ever going to work.

"I get that. I saw you dancing like I've never seen it before." She burst out of laughter making me do the same.

"You did pretty well yourself, lady." I strike back causing us to only laugh louder. For the next fex minutes we laughed with eachothers danceskillz and then went to class. 

We enter the room and I immediatly go to my seat and sit down. I stare at my book and start drawing some drools at the edge of the paper. Until his voice makes me lift my head up. I stare in his eyes and after he told us wich exercices we have to make he gives me a sweet smile. With red cheeks I turn my face back to my paper.

I'm going to tell her. 

Just not yet.


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