My English Teacher

I storm into the class a little out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I--" I stop. Everything stops. Except my heart. It keeps beating faster and faster but at the same time it sinks. From the look in his eyes I can see he feels the same way. He coughs trying to get back to reality, the one thing I didn't want to happen.

"Well miss uhm Green, I'm Mr Hemmings and.." Please don't let this be true. Please don't say it.

"I'll be your English teacher for this year."

/// A Luke Hemmings fanfiction


5. Chapter 5


I open my eyes but close them straight away. even when I close my eyes the light still shines on me. I turn around and open my eyes again hoping the light would be less bright. This time I could open them longer but my vision is blurry and my head hurts like hell. It feels like my breins are going to bounce out of my head. I try to ignore the feeling and focus on the room. Blinking a few times my vision becomes more clear and from the moment that happens I let my eyes scan the room. 3 grey walls and one bordeaux fills the room. Next to the kingsize bed is a nightstand with a lamp, earphones and a charger on it. My eyes go to the right and I see the door. I want to get up but i can't. My legs are too tired, my head hurts too much and my vision is still a little blurry. A wardrobe is placed in the corner of the room and a bookcase is standing next to it. I see a few frames and stare at them hoping I could identify the persons who are in the pictures but unfortunatly I can't. There are a few books but the amount of videogames is overpowering. My eyes go furter and see a tv hanging against the wall, not too big but not so small either. In the other corner there is a small couch full of clothes. I travel furter and get surprised by the bright light shining through the window for me to turn around and push my head against the pillow under the duvet. A fruity manly smell fills my nose by breathing deep in and when I breath out a feeling of calmness is spread across the room. With my eyes closed I enjoy the smell but that's when it hits me. I smelled this before. 

My head shoots up and I jump out of the bed. I did it all to fast and I hold on to the wall trying not to fall on the ground because of the dizziness. I look down to the ground and see everything spinning. After focussing on one point I see clearer and notice what I am wearing. A black Nirvana T-shirt too big that it covers my body until just under my butt and a grey Nike short. This is not what I was wearing last night. This is totaly not what I was wearing. I keep looking down at the clothes. It's too big to be from a woman and it would be weird if a woman smelled like a men's cologne. My eyes travel back around the room looking for the short and blouse I was wearing last night but all I can see are the clothes on the couch that are definitely not mine. I shake my head and force myself to stumble to the door. I slowly open it and walk into a hallway. I look left and see another 2 rooms. When I look at my right I see the top of a staircase. I sneak toward it trying to be as quiet as I can. The closer I come the more noice I hear. After a few seconds it becomes clear that there are a few men talking to eachother. 

"-think if she wakes up in your bed. In a room she doesn't know, a house of stranger. What were you thinking? You should have brought her home even though she was too drunk to stand on her feet or to tell you where she lives or the fact she was unconscious." His bed? Whos bed? Okay, the drunk part I understand, but unconscious? Was I that drunk? I try to remember but all I can see is me dancing with... Matt I think it was? 

"Technically we're not strangers" I hear the words flow out of his mouth and immediatly recognize the soft but strong voice. I stumble backwords not believing what I hear. I walk against a table and turn around directly making sure nothing will fall off of it. By my movement I hit a frame standing on top of the table and throw it off. With a few weird, fast moves I stumble behind it making sure it doesn't fall on the ground. Grabbing the frame I fall on the ground making a loud noice. I hold every muscle hoping they didn't hear anything.

The voices stop right away and all I can do is try to hide myself. I run towards the room I came from until I realize I am still holding the frame. I sprint back and put it on the table. I turn around again but get stopped by a familiar voice. 

"Malia." I stop every movement I was planning to make. I stand still but don't dare to turn around. Silence is spread across the hallway but I can't get out a word. I keep staring at the ground until I see two bare feet appear in front of mine. Slowly I lift my head and stare into the same blue eyes that made my saturday, the same one that made my perfect story with a perfect stranger a little more complicated. 

"Lu-- I mean Mr Hemmings, what am I doing here?" He breaks eyecontact and stares at the ground for a couple of minutes before turning back. Is it wrong if I say that was cute?

"You were at a night club last night..."

"Yes I know." I say crossing my arms still waiting for an explaination.

"You remember?" 

"Well uhm until a specific moment." I laugh causing him to chuckle trying to hold his laugher.

"Right, okay, uhm... I was there too and you kind of bumped into me" he pauses a few seconds "again." he adds with a huge smile on his face. "It was like you were running away from someone and when you wanted to pass me you strumbled and fell on the ground. The impact was a little too hard and you passed out. I picked you up and went outside. Once we were outside your eyes fluttered open and you said something but right after that you just passed out again. I didn't know what to do so I picked you up and brought you to my car. Once you were in there I went back to search Rose but I couldn't find her so I got to my car again. I don't know where you live and you weren't able to tell me so I brought you to my place. I laid you on my bed and you woke up. You were mumbling things I couldn't understand and when I finally did it was too late. You were throwing up. My bed and your clothes were..." he looks down and mumbles something I already had expect "and yeah I had to change them." His cheeks turn into a deep shade of red and so does mine. "But I didn't look, I swear. I wouldn't dare to." How embarrassing.

"I'm so sorry. If I can do anything maybe wash you blankets or something?"

"You don't have to, really and I think I got some ducktape here." we both laugh silently. "You want some breakfast and maybe some medicine for your hangover?" How am I suppose to say no to a smile like that?

"Sounds great and I think I could use the last one." We laugh while he leads me downstaires. When we enter the livingroom it is surprisingly empty. I thought I heard him talking to someone, maybe I.. never mind. I look around and see a grey couch, a tv and the usual stuff actually. There is an open kitchen so actually kitchen and livingroom are in the same room. I like that because if you have guests you can still talk to them when you are cooking. He walks straigt to the fridge and grabs a bottle of water. He gives me a white pill and I immediatly take it. I still have a headache and don't feel like eating but let's hope it will work later on. 

He gives me the jam and makes some toasts, places them on a plate and puts them in front of my face. I look at it not wanting to eat something and then stare at him. He nodds his head in the direction of the plate while looking at me. I shake my head letting him know I don't want to eat it.

"You have to eat something." 

"No I don't." I move the plate away from me towards him whos standing across the table.

"Yes, you do. You will feel better I promise." he says while moving it back. After staring at him for a couple of moments I just nodd and start eating the toasts. 

"You better be right." I mumble while taking a huge bite of it. 

"Oh is that a threat?" he smirks leaning his arms on the table showing his muscular arms. 

"Hmh." I nodd seriously trying to old the smirk forming on my face. He chuckles by my movement while shaking his head. He grabs the seat in front of me and sits down.

"So what do you remember." he asks.

"Well let's not talk about that." 

"Why? It's always funny to laugh with the stupid mistakes you made the previous night. Or at least for the other ones it's funny." 

"Right so let's skip this one. I don't want to give you the honor to laugh with me." I say before sticking my tongue out. Clearly he doesn't accept a no because as soon as I say it he gives me a puppy face and that is the moment I start telling what I remember. Dancing with Rose, the bar guy, Matt and his drinkinggame and then the dancing.

".. that's the last thing I can remember. But by your explanation I think it didn't end that well. I think I turned him down." I chuckle taking another bite of my toast. 

"Well now you now the rest of the night oh and just one thing."


"You ruined one of my shirts again. It smells like a mix of too many types of alcohols" he says on a serious tone making my cheek red as a tomato. "But before you say anything, it's okay. I can start a collection, I guess." I burst out in laughter.

"Maybe you should. I think I'm that clumsy to let it happen again." he chuckles and we start talking about the clumsiests things we have done and the most embarrassing moments we have been through. I feel comfortable around him and for a few moments the fact that he is my teacher disappeared from the world. It was like someone took the thought away from my head and started running away. How longer the conversation lasted how further away the thought and like I already said maybe it is wrong but I liked that. The way the world just drifted away and when I look on my watch I see that it took time with him.

"Lu--" With those 2 letters the stupid fact just popped into my head again. "I mean Mr Hemmings, I think I should go home. Rose is probably freacking out although I send her a message." 

"You told her you are here?" He asks and for one moment I felt like he felt busted or something.

"No. Nonono. I just told her I stayed the night at a guys house, but I didn't tell anything else." His face relaxes by hearing my words.

"Your clothes are in the washing machine so I don't think you can take them with you right now but I will give them afterwards. Your purse is right there next to your shoes" He points at a corner filled with jackets and shoes "and if you want I can drive you home." he smiles softly.

"I would like that, thanks." I walk towards the corner but turn around again by his words.

"Oh and just one thing." he stops for a few seconds letting the silence rule the moment "Please call me Luke." His words are making my stomage turn around and I face my back to him straight away trying to hide the gigantic smile that covers my face. 

The ride home is not awkward at all, the radio humms but our conversation dominates. And even when that changes I still feel comfortable. At that moment one of my favorite songs starts to play and without knowing I start wispering the lyrics on the beat. Without saying anything his hands move to the volume and he turns it up looking at me. I blush knowing he heard that I was singing. 

"Go on, I like it." He smiles while laughing a bit. Right after he said it the refrain starts to play and I can't hold myself. While looking at him I start shouting every word letting the music rule. I see him looking a few times with a big smile on his face but no matter what I don't stop singing. I doesn't take long for him to sing along and that is where all the people who are riding next to us can hear our beautiful singing skillz. 

"It's not fair." I shout.

"What?" He says back after he turn the music down.

"You actually can sing and than you have me." I giggle.

"It's a gift." He laughs after he said it in a stuffy way. 

"and I will tell you all about it another time because we're here." Another time? I think while I turn around seeing my front door through the window. 

"Thank you for everything" I wait a second not sure of the thing that will follow. "Luke." I look at my shoes blushing by his name.

"It's okay. Although you puked on my favorite blankets and you ruined one of my shirt I liked your company." He smiles making me do the same thing. I give him one more look before getting out of the car and walking to my front door. 

" 'Till monday! And try to be on time this time!" He winks before driving away. I walk inside and go straight to my room. I let myself fall on my bed getting overload by the thoughts of what happened last night and this morning. It was... I don't know. Comfortable. Nice. It was like I just stayed the night. 

But I can't. 

It isn't right. 

He is my... I don't even want to think about it.

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