My English Teacher

I storm into the class a little out of breath.

"I'm sorry I'm late but I--" I stop. Everything stops. Except my heart. It keeps beating faster and faster but at the same time it sinks. From the look in his eyes I can see he feels the same way. He coughs trying to get back to reality, the one thing I didn't want to happen.

"Well miss uhm Green, I'm Mr Hemmings and.." Please don't let this be true. Please don't say it.

"I'll be your English teacher for this year."

/// A Luke Hemmings fanfiction


4. Chapter 4


The sound of my bell rings and when I open the door I see Rose standing there with a huge smile on her face. I invite her in and we immidiatly go to my room to get dressed. I put on a black high waist jeansshort and a white blouse that has an opening right above my breasts. Rose makes me where black heels so my outfit looks more sexy than it already is and so I would look a little older. She shows her make-up skills on my face and when I look into the mirror I see a new me. My short brown wavy hair is behind one ear as it shows my piercings in it. My make-up makes me look 5 years older than I actually am, it is like I went through a timemachine and I turned from 18 to 23. She made my eyes look bigger and greener than they already were with her black accents in my eyeshadow. A smile grows on my face the longer I see myself standing in the mirror.

"Thank you! You're a wizard. Really!" She laughs but waves my compliment away. I grab her wrist and pull her next to me so she also stands in front of the mirror. I look at her black dress that fits her body perfectly. Her red wavy hair falls onto her shoulders and matches her dress. 

"We look good don't we." She smirks.

"Thank you. We look like we're 25 or something." I laugh a bit.

"That was my intention, but that look definitly looks hot on you girl. I don't think the guy will come to me but they will fall on their knies for you." We burst into laugher but it doesn't take long for us to get interrupted by the doorbell. While Rose gathers our stuff I run downstaires. My mom and dad went out for dinner and I told them I would stay the night at Roses so all I hear is my little sister Bella watching a movie. I walk to the door and slowly open it. Two dark brown eyes are staring at me and his mouth slowly falls open.

"Cole, stop staring." I giggle. He shakes his head trying to get back to reality but his cheeks immediatly turn into a deep shade of red. 

"I- I'm sorry." I've never seen him like this. He is the badboy. The one who looks at a girl and takes them to bed the same night. "But how am I suppose to stop looking at you when you're dressed like that." A smirk forms on his face and he looks straight into my eyes as he comes closer. Guess he's back.

I put my hand on his chest and bring myself closer to him. His smirk becomes bigger by my movement. I put my mouth next to his ear and start to wisper something.

"If you say that again I will make sure you won't be able to say that again." I push him away and start laughing. His eyes widen and he looks shocked.

"I don't want to make you angry but that was hot." he smirks but than we both burst into laugher. "Maybe you should use that as a pick up line or something." He tries to say between his laugher. Cole has been a friend since I'm in town. I moved from Boston to Sydney and he was my first friend here. He's a great guy and with his brown, wild hair and dark brown eyes, his gorgeous smile and his badboy personality he is the hottest guy in school. Maybe I should mention he is my ex but thing just didn't work out and we work better as friends so it isn't that important. 

He steps inside and immediatly shows two cards. Igrab one of them and see a photo of me, my name and the day I was born. 6 april 1996. three years older than I actually am. It's 2018 so I will be 22 in a few months if the people believe my new identity, because actually I will be 19 in a few months. I had to retake my first year of highschool because my mom made a big deal with a few clients but they were all in different countries so we had to move too. I missed a lot that year so that's why the school told me it would be better if I would do the first year all over again. 

"So you got our identities?" Rose asks while walking downstaires.

"Yes and you can't even see that I changed it."

"Wauw I'm so proud of you Cole." She says clapping in her hands on the most sarcastic way I've ever seen enyone do it. His big smile change into a dead glare. Rose and I both start laughing but all he does is walk back to his car. Not long after we follow him too and jump in his car. He starts it and drives away to the club. 

20 minutes pass and we finally arrive. I look around and see a small building with a long waiting row next to it. All those people are waiting to go inside and to live the most amazing night of their lives. I head to the end of it but a strong arm hold me.

"Darlin, it's this way." He smiles while pulling me toward the other side of the row, straight to the entrance. 

"Wait, but don't we ha--" 

"Let's say we are kind of special guests and maybe this isn't the first time I come here." I answer a small 'ooo' but all I can think is 'of course'. Cole walks toward the bodyguard and starts talking to him. He makes a few jokes and makes him even laugh, I didn't think that was going to happen. He looks like the hulk I mean he is the hulk 2.0, big, muscular, but the only difrence is that he isn't green. 

"Let's go." Cole turns around and moves his hand showing us to follow him. As we pass the hulk I show my fake identity and he just nodds. Well that's a relief. 

Cole leads us through a few dark halls before we enter a huge room filled with people, music, drinks and, sad but true, puke. I avoid the last thing and walk past the one who is standing next to it. The music starts beating through my ears and fast I find myself on the dancefloor next to Rose. Our bodies move on the beat and after a couple of songs I get thirsty. I grab Roses hand and pull her with me to the bar. 

"This is so awesome!" I shout trying to make my voice louder than the music. 

"I know right!" She yells back. The bartender heads to us and asks what we want. I look at Rose desperate because I don't know any of the names, but she ust smiles and nodds saying she got it under control. 

"Hey you hot stuff. What if you surprise us and I like the drink, you maybe get my number." Rose smirks. My eyes follow hers and look at the guy who is now smirking too. She is unbelievable.

"Sure." He shortly says and leaves to find a couple of bottles and two glasses. I see him pouring many different liquids into the glasses and fininsh the glass with a little leave of mint. He takes and places them right in front of our noses. I look at it and see a big glass with a lot of I don't really know what it is. You know it's not that I am the drinking ind of type or something or maybe I am, I don't know. I just never really drank much at parties. 

I look at the glass and back at Rose and then back to the guy. They both look at me with eyes that tell me to just drink it so that's what I do. I take a sip of it and immediatly feel it burn in my throat. Seconds later a sweet and strong taste spreads across my mouth, I love it. Direct I take another sip and that goes on for a 10 minutes. As long as my drink isn't finished I don't leave my place at the bar. I am planning on going back to the danceflour when I get hold back again.

"Can I get you something?" A handsome boy around the 20 asks. He has black hair and green eyes. His strong hands and muscular body finishes the perfect picture. He has small pink lips that are starting to move aain.

"You know it isn't very polite to stare, do ya?" I shoot back to reality and realize that I was staring. I shake my head an look at the ground trying to avoid my red cheeks burning by his statement. 

"Sorry, but yes I would love to have one." I smile looking in his eyes. He says something to a girl behind the bar and she immediatly starts making a cocktail. 

"So I've never seen you here before."

"Yeah, it's kind of the first time I come here." I laugh a bit.

"Ooh so you're a newie here well welcome to the club." He pulls out his hand and move it toward me for me to sj-hake it. I laugh at his movement and take a sip from the drink that the girl brought. 

"Bt that means something, euuhm--"

"Malia." I quickly say.

"Malia" he says "It means that you have to learn how to party like you do it here." 

"Oh really and how do you do that, euuhm-"


"Matt. Are you going to tell me that?" He just nodds and call the girl again. He wispers something in her ear and she looks at me hearin her words. A smirk forms on her face before she turns around and walks away again.

"And are you going to tell me what you said to her?" I ask wanting to know what will come at me.

"It's a secret." I pout for another couple of minute complaining that I can't handle it if I don't know something, but unfortunatly he doesn't say what he said. The girl comes back with a plate full of little shots with different kind of liquids. I look at Matt and he nodds proudly looking at it. 

"Let's go!" He yells picking one of the glasses and pouring it in his mouth all at once. I look how he does it and just stare at the glass. 

"Well now it's your turn." I laugh at him but accept his challenge and grab a glass. 1,2,3 and I lift my head back doing the same as he did. I shake my head to shake away the strong feeling of the liquid. We start playing this game trying to win by drinking 10 shots faster than the other. I lose of course because it's my first time actually drinking that much, that fast. He asks if we go to the danceflour and I gladly accept his offer. When I move myself from the bar I feel dizzy for a moment but as soon as Matt takes my hand it fades away. 

We start dancing and after one song he places his hand on my hips and brings me closer so he can lay his head in my neck. He starts kissing it up to my jawline and although it feel so good, it feels so bad it the same time. I don't know what it is but it feels like I am ding something wrong. I ignore the feeling and try to anjoy the moment, but I hardly fail. He kepps kissing up my jawline until he reaches my lips. He stops at them and the tickling feeling of his hot breath is spread across my lips. He leans back in, but at that moment I turn my head and he kisses my cheek. 

"what's wrong?" He asks still holding me. I just shake my head and take a few steps back. I turn around and walk back to the bar trying to find Rose who left me after she gave her number to the guy who made our drinks. I look around but do't see her accept the guy working again. I keep travelling my eyes through the room searching Rose while leaning against the bar.

"Can I help you?" I look at my right and see the guy standing there looking at me. 

"To be honest I could use something..." I hesitate to say the words because deep inside I know I already had enough but who cares. After a couple of mintes he comes back with my mysterious order and I take a few sips. I turn around when I see Matt looking for me. I panick and quickly turn around again. What should I do? I grab my glass and start walking fast through the crowd in the opposite direction of where Matt is. 

"Sorry" I punch a few people "I'm sorry" I try to find my way to the crowd "HEY!" I hear someone yell and again I say sorry. I turn my head again but keep walking because I don't want him to catch me. I look for him while saying sorry to all the people I punch accidently. I keep my eyes on the world behind me trying to find him a dat the same time Rose until a muscular body makes me turn my face again. I look at a black shirt with a whole wet spot on it. Then my eyes go to my glass and see that there is only a half of what there was over. My eyes travel back up and stare at the shirt again.

"You know, you need to stop throwing your drinks all over me, it would spare me a couple of shirts." My head shoots up and look into big, blue oceans. A few moments I couldn't find my words. It was like someone took them, stole them and they were never coming back. 

"I was going to say sorry, but I think I shouldn't do that right?" I blurt out, not knowing I was going to say that.

"I'm so proud of you. You're learning so fast." He says in the most sarcastic way that it makes me laugh. 

"Malia!" I hear Matts voice and immediatly turn around causing me to look into his eyes. I shouldn't have done that. I look back at Luk- Mr Hemmings and give him an apologizing look.

"I'm sorry" I wisper while walking past him. I do things all too fast and the next thing I see are black tiles. Then it all went black, not only the tiles, but the whole world.

Now I'm staring at the ceiling of a house I don't know, lying in a bed of a stranger, in a room I don't recognize.






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