The Taxi Cab

There's an urban legend that's been circulating for years about a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to go.

One night I stepped into this cab.


4. Chapter 4

The man had his hand on my lower back as he led me to the elevator. He clicked the up button and we waited for the doors to open. We stepped in and he clicked the button that would take us to the twelfth floor. I shivered as I realized how cold I was, he looked at me and quickly took of his jacket and put it around my arms.

"Thanks." I said smiling at him.

The door opened and he led me to his apartment. He grabbed some keys out of his pocket and quickly unlocked the door. He walked in and motioned for me to come in. He shut the door behind me.

His apartment was really nice, a lot nicer than mine. It was also a lot bigger and cleaner. All of his furniture was really modern and was decorated nicely, which is really odd for a guy, Ethan's apartment was always a mess.

"What do you think?" He asked as he walked up behind me.

"It's really nice." I said turning around to look at him.

We looked at each other for a second before he said anything.

"Would you like anything to drink?" He asked walking towards the kitchen but still looking at me.

"Water would be nice." I responded.

"No problem, have a seat on the couch." He said putting his thumb up and turning his head so he was looking straight.

I walked over and sat on the couch, it was really comfortable. I looked around at all the walls and shelves looking at all of his decorations.

He walked back in and handed me a glass of water.

"Thank you so much." I said taking a sip of the water.

"Not a problem at all. Oh I am Levi by the way, I think I forgot to mention that." he responded sitting down next to me.

"I'm Sadie." I smiled.

"Oh I used to have a dog named Sadie while I was growing up but she died when I was about 12. She was the coolest dog ever. She would follow me when I rode my bike and I taught her how to catch a frisbee. Those were the days" He said as he stared up at the ceiling.

"Aw she sounds like she was an awesome dog." I said smiling at him.

"Sorry, that totally sounded like you reminded me of my dead dog." He laughed.

I laughed with him. "You're fine."

"So what were you doing at my apartment building this morning?" I asked, taking another sip of water.

"Oh I have a buddy that lives over there and I just went over to hang out with him for a while." He responded.

"Oh that's cool." I said.

I took my phone out and looked at the time. It was a little after 8.

"Oh I better get going, it's getting late." I said standing up, I didn't have to work tomorrow but I really wanted to get to bed early.

"No, just stay here tonight. I have an extra room with a bed and everything." He said standing up with me.

"I don't want to be a burden." I said.

"You're not a burden, just stay." He said, looking into my eyes.

"Are you sure?" I asked him.

"Positive." He responded with a smile.

"Okay." I smiled back.

"Um let me go and get you something to sleep in." He said walking down a small hallway to what I am assuming is his bedroom. 

He came back with a t shirt.

"Hopefully this works, I don't really have anything else." He said handing me the shirt.

"It's perfect." I took it.

"Here I will show you to the guest room." 

I followed him down another small hall that was opposite from the one that led to his room. He opened a door and turned on a light. The room had a queen sized bed with a big white comforter and some grey and light blue decorative pillows. It had a dresser with a tv hanging on the wall above it on the wall opposite of bed. There was also another door which I guessed was the bathroom. One of the walls had three pictures hanging on it. I walked over to the pictures and looked at them. They were pictures of beaches and palm trees.

"Did you take these?" I asked him, still looking at the pictures.

"Ya, I really like photography." He responded, walking towards me. I felt his body brush against mine as he stood behind me.

"You're really good!" I turned around to look at him. He was closer than I thought and I was inches away from him. He looked into my eyes which I realized he did a lot.

"Thanks. I am going to go get ready for bed. Come get me if you need anything." He said walking backwards out of the room.

"Goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight." He replied, shutting the door behind him.

I laid the t shirt he gave me on the bed and got undressed. I pulled the t shirt over my head and down on my body. It was big enough that is covered my butt and went just above mid thigh. I went into the bathroom and gasped when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I had hair sticking out everywhere and I had a little mascara under my eyes. I quickly pulled my hair back with a hair tie I had around my wrist. I looked around the bathroom to see if he had any extra toothbrushes and sure enough he did. I took the toothbrush out of the package and brushed my teeth and then quickly washed my face.

I walked out of the bathroom and turned off the light. I walked over and turned off the bedroom light before climbing into the bed. It was probably the most comfortable bed I had ever slept in. Even though it was early I fell asleep really fast. It had been a long day.




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