The Summer That Changed Everything

I'm Christina. I was a normal, average girl. I wasn't popular or gorgeous or extremely smart. I had my group of friends and that's it. No boyfriends or extremely fun experiences. Until that summer, the summer that changed everything.


1. Chapter 1

Christina's P.O.V.


"And don't forget the homework due on Monday," The teacher shouts as all of my classmates run out the door. 

Oh wait I'm sorry, did i forget to introduce myself? I'm Christina Danes, I'm 17 years old and a Junior in high school. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. Average body type, no big anything or small anything, just average. I'm not extremely smart or dumb. I'm not popular or a loner. I'm not extremely gorgeous or hideous. I'm just average. My brother, Lucas, on the other hand.... Lucas is a senior so thank god he's graduating soon because I've had enough of the stupid things bitches said to me. 'Lucas Danes is your brother? He's so hot, do you think you can give a note to him from me?' 

My brother is extremely popular. He has brown hair and green eyes and he's a football player (surprise, surprise a popular football player, WOW, shocking). He is always having parties at our house, but I never bother to go to them because I have better things to do then watch a bunch of stupid teenagers get drunk and have sex in our bathroom. Anyways, as you can probably tell, me and my brother are VERY different. I obviously love him, but he can be such an ass sometimes. 

"Chrissie? Are you coming?" My best friend Olivia yells as she walks out the door. I run to catch up to her. 

Olivia is my best friend since fifth grade. She is extremely gorgeous and it really surprises me that she doesn't have a boyfriend. It's probably because of me. If she wasn't hanging out with me, she would probably be more popular. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She always tries to get me to be more social, but I can't help it if people don't enjoy my company. 

"So, I hear your brother is having another party this weekend, are you going?" Olivia asks me. 

"I don't think I will, what's the point?" I reply.

"Ugh Come on Chrissie. I want to go and you are the only way I can, so please go. Just for a few minutes Chrissie please," Olivia begs as she looks at me with sad eyes. 

"I'll go for five minutes and that's it," I say. Olivia squeals with excitement because I always say no. 
"Thank you so much Chrissie, you are the best friend ever. I can't wait. I'm going to come early and we're going to curl each other's hair and then we are going to wear the cutest clothes and oh my god we should go shopping today oh my god yes and the-" She says without taking a breath, I cut her off, "Liv, take a breath oh my god." She laughs. 

"Let's go to the mall!" She says excitedly. 

"Okay, but I have to tell Lucas not to wait for me, so he knows he can leave without me," Lucas usually drives me to school and home, so I have to tell him that I'm going to the mall. Olivia nods, "so hurry up already." 

We walk out and I see my brother surrounded by his jerk football friends. I walk over to them. 

"Hey Christina," My brothers friend, Dean says to me. I smile at him. Dean is the only one of my brother's friends who I actually don't hate with all my heart. I don't love him and we're not technically friends, but he's not an asshole and he's pretty good looking.

"Hey Dean. Luke, I'm going with Liv to the mall, so don't wait for me," I say once I reach them. Luke nods, but doesn't say anything because he's in the middle of a conversation with one of his other friends. I take it as an 'okay' and head to Olivia's car. 

We drive to the mall, singing to our favorite songs and having a mini dance party. Obviously, when we get there it is impossible to find parking, so we spend at least 30 minutes looking for a spot. We finally find one, and head into the mall. 

Olivia and I go into a few stores and buy a few things, but nothing really 'party worthy'. We're about to give up, until Olivia convinces me to go into one more store with her. We find the perfect outfits and head out satisfied. 

She drops me off at my house about an hour later, after we stopped for frozen yogurt. 

I grab my bags out of the car and she says, "see you tomorrow, I'll be here at 5. and you cannot back out so don't even think about it." 

I sigh, knowing that she's right because I made a promise to her to go to the stupid party for at least five minutes. How bad could it be though? 



Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of "The Summer That Changed Everything" and I hope you will like the next one. Please feel free to tell me any feedback you have for me. Mwah! 


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