Two Young Hearts: Book 1

Sophie Foster made the worst mistake late at night... or, maybe the best accident.
(Rated M for a certain chapter, which I have labeled as Mature. All the ret is good for everyone)


2. The Party

This chapter is rated M for Mature due to the some things mentioned (not bad words). Just... subjects


Sophie poured more punch into her foam cup and then took a sip of it.

Mmmm... Why was this stuff so good and... almost.. addicting? 

She made her way through the crowd of people in the house, trying to find any of her friends. The music was loud and blasting throughout the whole house, that it reminded Sophie of when Shen used to blast music through her headphones in the Forbidden Cities to block out human's thoughts. 

Suddenly, Sophie bumped into Fitz. He looked quite loopy. He brushed back a strand of hair from Sophie's face and whispered in her ear, "I had fun with you in that closet."

Sophie's face burned as she poured more of the punch down her throat. She giggled randomly and smiled dopily. "Yeah... It was so much fun..."

What did she just say to him? What had she done? Closet? Oh gosh! Get ahold of yourself, Sophie! What's happening?!

Fitz started to lean toward her and then Sophie giggled again and placed her finger on his lips. "Nu-uh. You've had your *hiccup!* t-time with me. You had plenty of time in that c-closet, too. Go have fun with another girl. Look, that one over there is eyeing you." Sophie shuddered, her words becoming slurred as she weakly pushed Fitz in the direction of the girl.

Goodness, what's happening?

Sophie hiccuped and then giggled as she meandered around randomly, until she came upon a glass sliding door that lead out to a small deck. No one was on it, so Sophie gladly left the packed and blaring house, closing the door behind her. The cold air stung her cheeks and Sophie wrapped her leather jacket more tightly around herself as she set her foam cup on the deck railing. 

Why had she chosen to wear such a short dress? It was cold. And it was winter. Why was she wearing a dress? 

Right... Biana... 

Oh, well. Who really cares? She'd be going home, soon, anyway...

Sophie heard the glass sliding door open and the close and when Sophie turned around, she was met with a head of blonde, floufy hair along with ice-blue eyes. 

Keefe grinned stupidly, but attractively. "How's it going, Foster? Looks like you're riding solo, now? I'm sorry about the whole Fitz thing. I told you he wouldn't stick around."

Sophie giggled. "I sent him over there, you idiot."

"Hey, now, now... Watch your potty mouth."

"I do not have potty mouth. Idiot isn't a bad word. I can say it all I want. Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot-"

Keefe covered her mouth with his hand and smirked, setting down his cup of punch. "What can we do?"

Sophie pulled his hand off her mouth. "I don't know. You tell me! There's a whole house full of people and things to do and yet you're talkin' to me."

"I don't want to go with other people. Biana's with Tam, Fitz is talking to that girl, Dex is with Lihn... I want food."

Sophie giggled. "You're confusing. There's food inside."

"Nah, it's run out. I want food, Foster. I'm going to die of starvation." Keefe whined.

Sophie play punched him in the arm. "Fine, you big baby. Havenfield isn't far from here so we can literally just walk. We've got food there."

Keefe smiled deviously and Sophie watched him with a confused expression. All of a sudden, he tapped her arm and yelled, "Race ya there!"



"I...I think I'm..."

Sophie took a deep breath for courage.


Biana sat there for a minute, silent. Sophie waited for her to react. Then, Biana's face broke out into a grin. "Haha! That's really funny, actually! You had me thinking you were legit serious for a second there. Yeah, I'm a 17 year old elf that's pregnant. Nice one."

Sophie looked her straight in the eye with a  'are you serious' look.

It took Biana a couple seconds to piece everything together. "Wait, you're not kidding...are you?l

"No, Biana! Why would I be lying about this?!"

Biana held up her hands in peace. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Sophie buried her face in her hands. "What am I gonna do...? Grady and Edaline are gonna be so disappointed a-and Della and Alden won't talk to me and you guys'll avoid me and..."

"Who's the dad?" Biana asked.

Sophie shook her head. "I think I know, but I'm not for sure. I went into the closet with Fitz and... yeah... and then stuff happened with Keefe, so... at this point I'm not sure."

Biana stuck out her tongue in distugst. "Fitz? In a closet? And Keefe? What's wrong with you?"

"Hey!" Sophie defended. "The punch got to my head!"

Biana waved her hands, stopping them before they got into an arguement. "Ok... We'll have to get a pregnancy test to see."

Sophie nodded. "And where will we get those?"

Biana sighed. "The only place I know we can."

"And that is...?"

"Slurps And Burps."


Oooooh. Is Sophie pregnant? If so, who's the daddy?


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