Two Young Hearts: Book 1

Sophie Foster made the worst mistake late at night... or, maybe the best accident.
(Rated M for a certain chapter, which I have labeled as Mature. All the ret is good for everyone)


4. Pregnancy Test

Sophie covered her mouth, trying to hold back tears.

This can't be happening...

Sophie swung open the bathroom door, almost violently and was met with Della and Biana. "I'm positive. It says I'm positive. Freaking (not f-r-i-c-k , for those of you who don't use that word) positive."

"It's ok. We'll help you get through it."

"Why are you being so nice?"

Della smiled. "You know, I was once in a similar situation."

"Wait... WHAT?"

"Yes. I thought I was pregnant just like you, but it in the end did turn out to be a false alarm, but, I still understand how you feel even though yours isn't a false alarm."

"What's this about false alarms?"

Sophie jumped at Alden's voice and wanted to hide when she saw Fitz was with him.

"Hey, it's early. What are you two doing up?" Biana asked.

"Says the person who can sleep in for hours and claim she was getting 'beauty rest'. I don't sleep in that long." Fitz defended.

Biana ruffled his hair. "Sure."

"Uh...." Sophie said.

"It's nothing,' Della interrupted.

Now all eyes were on Sophie, who was trying her best to act casual.

"Sophie, everything is ok... Right? Because you know you can talk to me if-"

"Girl problems,' Sophie blurted, but immediately after turned beet red. She had been trying to give him an answer just so he'd leave her alone, but....

"Like physical girl problems....?" Fitz awkwardly asked and Biana elbowed him in the side.

"Not cool! You do not ask that to a girl!"

"Sorry," Fitz mumbled.

Alden shook his head, coming out of the moment. "Why don't we get breakfast?"


Sophie was... well... hungry. Really, really hungry.

Who knew you would get so many cravings while being pregnant?

Let's just say everyone looked at Sophie oddly every time she asked for more food.

Sophie shrugged. "I've gotta feed one more per... I mean... I... Nevermind."

Della came and placed a piece of mallowmelt on a plate before Sophie and she smiled as her eyes lit up. "Yum! Wish I had some syrup..."

Ftz shook his head. "I've had syrup before, believe it or not, (great job, Fitz! You got a human reference!) and I can't believe you want some on mallowmelt."

"Maybe some sprinkles, too. And gelato. And crushed but Oreos. And maybe even oddly some ketchup."

Fitz gave a disgusted face. "That's sounds like something pregnant women would say or want to eat."

Sophie froze. "Uh... yeah... I... YOU know, it's been wonderful, but I think I have to go."

Della looked at Sophie worriedly.

"I'll just... see you all later."

With that, Sophie grabbed out her home crystal and leapt away.


So, Sophie's pregnant...

And I don't know if I should make Fitz or Keefe the dad...

And I don't know what I should name the child...

And I don't know what gender to make the child...

I don't know if I should make more than one child...

Oh boy.


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